Gender Bender

Hello I am Straight.

Hello Straight, I am Lesbian.

Hello Lesbian, I am Gay.

Hello Gay, I am Bi.

Hello Bi, I am Trans.

Because I am straight, I am considered normal.

Because I am lesbian, I am considered a whore.

Because I am gay, I am considered a sinner.

Because I am bi, I am considered greedy.

Because I am trans, I am considered bipolar.

I'm sorry; I didn't know love was wrong.

I didn't either, did you Gay?

I surely didn't, did you Bi?

I definitely didn't, did you Trans?

I most certainly didn't.

I am me.

I am me.

I am me.

I am me.

I am me.

And together we are one beautiful thing.

Love is love in every Shape,



And yes, even gender.

We are right.

It's you who are wrong.

And you will never make us believe otherwise.