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Chapter 7



I was rudely awakened by the sound of her electric guitar sounding an excessively loud solo, so early in the morning. I had a pounding head ache and my stomach growled obnoxiously.

"God dammit, woman, it is way to early for that!" I shouted over her playing, she paused and I sighed at the blessed silence. I rolled over and closed my eyes again. I heard her place guitar down and let out her own huge sigh, hat only a true female could muster.

"Sorry, I didn't realize that the princess was catching up on his beauty sleep," She playfully sneered. Loosing it a lot, I sat up and fixed her with a glare.

"You will treat me with respect, I can easily change my mind and kill you now, there are ways to dispose of a body," I huffed and turned my back on her paling expression closing my eyes again, to try and go back to sleep.

"Right sorry," She muttered, leaving the room.

Sighing a rolled over trying to ignore her womanly smell that saturated her pillows and blankets, no such luck now that I was awake there was no way I was going back to sleep, her scent effected me to much.

Giving up I stood, desperately needing a cold shower. I walked to her bathroom and closed the door; quickly stripping I stepped into the freezing spray, hissing I washed quickly, eager to get away from the spray.

I stepped out and pulled on the same clothes I had been wearing for the last two days. They had started to feel a little itchy and uncomfortable to wear, I made a mental note to ask Angie, if she had any clothes I could borrow.

I walked to the kitchen, I walked in to see. Angie sashaying around it, singing a song I recognized. It was wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi. The ruff pull of her voice hypnotized me and before I knew what I was doing, I had closed my eyes and held my breath not wanting to disrupt her not even with my breathing. She stopped suddenly and I opened my eyes and our gazes connected, and I felt my arousal return with a vengeance. I groaned softly, when I noticed how little clothing she had on, she wore a tank top with a pair of shorts, that where covered by a small apron around her waist.

"You hungry?" She asked, clearly being extra nice, to get on my better side.

"Yes, what have you got?" I asked, choosing to sit at her kitchen table.

"Umm, I have some egg and toast," She offered,

"Any bacon," I asked, hopefully I was so hungry.

"Yes but I have to go to the basement to get it," She sighed and pulled her apron off, walking out the door and down the passage to her basement. I followed, wanting to make sure that she grabbed the biggest pack.

She opened the door, flicking on the light and walked down the wooden steps, I walked behind her. She walked to a large deep freeze and leaned down opening the lid. Giving me the perfect view of her ass, I swallowed thickly, resting the urge to attack her and fuck her. My rule that had been long forgotten, chimed in my head, I have to distance myself I cannot let her get to me like this or I may not be able to kill her when the time comes.

"Will this do?" She asked and I nodded.

…~~2 days later~~…


Stood in the living room waiting impatiently for Angie to come down and make diner, she had been in her, practicing guitar and it had gone silent a few minutes ago and I had expected her to come down and start preparing our food. I growled, lately I had been in an extremely bad mood; resting Angie had proved for more difficult than I had thought. Lately it had been getting almost unbearable and I feared that I would crack soon; all this pent up testosterone was taking its toll.

I walked into her room, ready to give her an earful, but the room was empty and I could vaguely hear the soft splatter of a shower. I stepped back wanting to run, if I saw her taking a shower it would be my undoing but almost against my will my gaze was drawn to the slightly agar door, it silently begged me to open it. Against my will I stepped forward but I stopped my inner war raging on.

I saw a movement in the corner of my eye and I gasped when I saw her reflection perfectly through the misty mirror that was on the other side of the room.

She dancing under the water her hands waving above her head, I watched the water flow down her body and I felt an almost instant stretching in the front of my jeans. She moved her arms and placed them on her chest and soaped up her ample cleavage, she did it so sensually it was almost as though she new I was watching. Gulping I gripped the door handle to stop my self form charging her.

It didn't work, when she stopped the shower and stepped out I couldn't stop myself, I was on her before she could react.

"What the f…" she couldn't finish as I grabbed her face molding her body to mine and I claimed her mouth with a searing kiss, one that I had been so desperate for. I ran my tongue along the seem of her lips and she groaned, a groan that settled in the pit of my stomach wreaking havoc to my insides. I kissed her like a starving man, pulling her closer my hands twisted around her waist and kneaded the delectable flesh of her supple ass. I groaned when she moved her hips against my throbbing member. Picking her up, I strode to her bed and dumped her down, I stopped for a second starting down at her beautiful body before I pounced and placed my hands on her breasts and kissed her neck, enjoying the feeling of her underneath me. I found a rather tender spot on her neck and I bit down on it and she gasped her back arching.

"Jack," She whispered and I paused not liking the sound of that name on her lips, I wanted her to say my name.

"No not Jack, Griffin," I said huskily.

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