Night Worker

The young woman shifted nervously in her seat then looked at the clock for the seventh time, licking her lips in a nervous gesture. Her eyes darted to the heavy oak door directly in front of her, but it remained tightly shut, mocking her. She sighed loudly and slumped back against the white leather couch.

She was just about to leave in frustration when the door opened and a dazzlingly beautiful woman wearing a smart business suit stepped out, smiling at her. "Raven Harris?" A nod, and the woman's smile grew wider. "Wonderful. Come in, dear, and we'll begin the interview process." Raven stood, and the woman licked her lips in appreciation. "I adore brunettes. Come in." She led Raven into the office, shutting the door behind her.

The office was the very picture of opulence, and Raven found herself wishing she had worn something besides her red dress. "Are...are you Celene?"

"I am. Why, am I not what you expected?"

Raven quickly shook her head, twisting her hands in nervousness. "Well...I are...a..."

Celene laughed. "A vampire? Yes, I am. I celebrated my 500th birth-day last week. My sire is currently in France." She smiled gently at Raven. "Have you ever worked as a Feeder?"

"No, but I had a checkup not too long ago, and I'm perfectly healthy, and.." Celene held up a perfectly manicured hand.

"I received your complete medical records already, Miss Harris. If they had been less than stellar, you would not be sitting in this office. We must have high standards. Now, do you have any family? Any special friends?"

Raven's eyes widened in slight fear. "I have a little sister. Our parents died a few years ago. Will I be able to see her?"

"Of course you will! If you wish, she can come live with us. And since you are my Feeder, she would come under my protection."

Raven sighed in relief. "Thank you, I'd like that." Celene smiled.

"Now, for a more personal question. Are you a virgin?" Raven blushed crimson, and Celene laughed. "I'll take that as a yes. You do know that my taking blood from you will be...highly erotic."

"I...I know. But I'm not a prude or naïve. And...for a 500 year old, you are damn sexy." Raven smiled impishly, and Celene laughed.

"It's genetics. Now, for the specifics of the job. I have a supply of beef blood that I use for everyday consumption, but I need a small amount of human blood as well. The amount will be minimal, and you'll have plenty of time to recover. It's your choice as to where you want me to bite. Neck, wrist, or...more intimate areas."

Raven gulped. "Will it hurt?"

Celene shook her head. "We vampires secrete a numbing agent in our saliva that deadens pain, and our fangs are thin but very sharp. You won't feel a thing. During the day, you will have free reign of the house and grounds. You may also go anyplace you wish, provided you are able to return to my home as soon as the sun sets. You said in your resume that you painted. What is your medium?"


"I will have an empty room converted into a studio for you, and provide you with any supplies you need."

"Thank you."

"When I call you to Feed me, I expect you to be clean."

"O...of course."

"Your salary will be $5,000 per week, with six months' paid vacation time. You may take all the days at once, or stagger them out. Medical and dental insurance is provided, as well as emergency care should it be necessary." Celene smiled and extended her hand. "Can you start tomorrow night?"

Raven beamed and shook her hand. "Yes! Yes, of course! Thank you so much!"

Celene grinned. "You're quite welcome."

Raven blinked against the sun as she stepped out of the building, then pulled out her cell and dialed a number.

"Robert, behave! Hello?"

"Maeve? You sound a bit out of breath."

"Raven! Well sweetie, Robert's trying his best to shred my clothes, so make it quick."

"I'm in." Raven's voice was much more confident than it had been.

"Great. Remember, Celene's a great source of info. Stay in her good graces. And remember..."

"Tell you about any jobs first. I know, Maeve."

"That's my good girl. Uhhh...Robert what are you...oh. Oh. ByeRavengottago!"

Raven shook her head in amusement, then headed for home to pack, her mind on Celene.

She just knew that she would come to enjoy working nights.