Get Used to It
Sequel to 'Get to Know Me'

Thought senior year was hard? Boy, was I wrong? Not only do I have to prove myself as an exceptional dancer to my new teachers at Julliard, I also have to make it to work at Salacious, a new, risqué, very Burlesque-like club, in order to make rent. And you can't forget about my newly obtained website, Alexa's Alley, where you can find the newest, spiciest gossip that is floating around Julliard. Don't think that's theatrical enough? Not only is Rick my partner, but a new boy who looks extremely familiar has joined to make our duet a trio—signal jealousy via Richard Romanov—and I think I'm falling for the bass player who works at Salacious—signal distrust via Hurley Champ. Can't I ever just have a normal life? Hell to the no!

Initiating Introduction
(Part One) Meet Ivy Green

Things have really changed since senior year of high school. New state, new teachers, new dances, new boys. And a hell of a lot more drama all thrown into a mix just for me—how sweet, God. Allow me to begin…well, at the beginning.

My name is Ivy Green. As of a few months ago, that is my official name. I had it changed for my eighteenth birthday. I go to school at Julliard in New York, where I study with the privilege of a full scholarship. I'm a great dancer; I'm not trying to be egocentric, but I've been dancing since I was four years old and have never stopped. When I was fifteen, I illicitly obtained a job at a very risqué club called Rendezvous down south where I formerly lived with my adoptive parents, Denise and Robb Brown. Now, I have moved north for four years of schooling at the most prestigious school for dancing that I am currently aware of. And, boy, is it tough?

I flew up here with my partner of three years, a very sexy, very attractive, Latino who goes by the name of Richard Romanov, or, more familiarly, Rick. Rick has a nice, lean face, with amazing bone structure, such as his high cheekbones. His eyes are like dark pools that I could easily fall deeply into and never want to come out. And his lips—please, don't get me started on that particular feature; I'll never stop. Let me just say, his lips are very luscious and extremely kissable. Okay, that's enough, no more about his mouth. But, his face isn't even the majority of what makes him hot. If you could see his body, you would be completely awestruck. His chiseled back makes me want to explore the expanse with my fingertips for hours. The intricate muscles move in such an amazing way that I never want to stop looking at it…that is, until I see his abdominal muscles. His deeply cut eight pack is so smooth and yet so rough at the same time that he is a walking paradox. His biceps aren't much different. Then again, he has to be strong enough to lift me and throw me in the air while we dance together on stage. Now, imagine being a fifteen, hormonal girl and getting paired with that hunk of sexiness… You'd swoon, right? Well, I just about did.

When I was seventeen years old, a senior in high school, during our last performance at Rendezvous, Rick came into my dressing room, and we shared a very intimate, very fervent kiss that rendered me completely speechless and confused. Why was I confused, you ask? Great question. You see, he is dating my best friend at the club, Daisy. And, at the time, I had another very sweet and caring boy at school serenading me with kindness. That sweet, caring boy became a boyfriend within a couple of months after Rick's and my arduous kiss. Because of these complications, I made it clear to Rick that it was impossible for us to ever hook up.

Another great question that might pop into your mind is: Well, if he is as irresistible as you claim he is, why don't you switch partners? What a great point you bring up, but we are literally physically perfect for each other. Our bodies move, correspond, and synchronize with one another so well that it would be nearly impossible to find another so faultlessly matched. And, Rick and I have created such an intimate and cherished bond with one another that it would be rather hard to simply throw my body into the air and trust another to catch me. I have been tossing myself at Rick for years—no pun intended—that I now rely on him very deeply; it would be unmanageable to find a better partner. But that's all we are—partners. At least, that's what I keep telling myself, seeing as I have a very devoted, completely loving boyfriend at home in the south. And I couldn't let anything jeopardize our relationship, especially after all of the complications we had to overcome in order to get together.

Besides the fact that I have to fight against the temptations I get when I see Rick in his manly glory, I also have to fight to win my professors' approval. I'm in with the big kitties now; no more easy peasy lemon-squeezy dances anymore. Now, it's hard, intricate ballet moves, such as adagio, fouette, pirouettes, adage, and petite and grand allegro. These are all performed in pointe. To dance in pointe, you need adequate strength in your arches, ankles, legs, and back. Dancing in pointe has been a rather difficult experience for me since, when I worked at Rendezvous, I was only familiar with quick, fast beat dances, like the salsa and the quick step, along with some sexy, suggestive dancing.

One other change since high school is I no longer wear my scarlet wig as Ivy Green. I decided that since I would be attending school as Ivy twenty-four seven, instead of working simply on the weekends, there was no way I could wear a hot, itchy wig. I now flaunt my blonde curls around school. But when I walk into the dimly lit hot spot of New York, my red ringlets are firmly intact. What am I talking about? Well, the club Salacious, of course.

(Part Two) Meet Ginger Brown

When I first realized that I would no longer dance like a belly dancer at school, I immediately went out to find a place where I could. And the best place there is to be right now is the Burlesque-like club, dubbed Salacious. It very much reminds me of Rendezvous, plus it's a major secret that I have to keep from all of my Julliard teachers—just like old times, right? It reminds me of my old life, so I enjoy it immensely.

Here, I dance to modern songs, not the beautifully classic melodies of Julliard. I love both types of music, so I get the best of both worlds. But at Salacious I get to shake my hips, move my legs, flex my feet, stretch my muscles, and remember the good ol' days.

The funny thing about this situation is it seems like it's completely reversed since high school. During 'the best years of my life,' I went under the name of Ginger Brown at school and Ivy Green at the raunchy club. Now, I hide under the name of Ginger Brown at the sexy, hot spot and legally use Ivy Green at Julliard. Funny, the past seems to repeat itself.

Did I mention that there is a really cute bass player in the band at the club? I didn't? Well, I probably shouldn't have, because I have a boyfriend, so let's just forget that I brought anything up about a super tan, gorgeously green-eyed, perfectly puckered lipped twenty year old who has a way with his talented fingers on his bass guitar, okay?

Man, if Alexa Black knew about any of this, I just know that it would be on her gossip blog within seconds…

(Part Three) Meet Alexa Black

Welcome to Alexa's Alley
Hits: 1,215,420
Entry Date: Aug 15th, 2010

Arriving at Destination

So, you've made it to the hottest spot online for Julliard students, have you? Well, get ready for spiciest gossip you'll hear around campus. Not only will you receive weekly notifications about the coolest parties going down, but, each month, you will also be able to find the most embarrassing, rather humiliating, yet immensely hilarious Whoopsies and Uh-Ohs that occur during the school day...and night. If you happen to fall victim to one of these blunders, don't be ashamed! You just became twenty percent more popular around the university grounds—you're welcome. And, remember, we're not laughing at you; we're laughing with you…most of the time.

Turn right onto Buzz Boulevard

Madonna isn't the only one lying about her age in order to stay with the 'In' crowd these days; it turns out that during orientation Darcy Wynndym was caught in a lie about how many years young she is. Unlike what she told her best friend since preschool, she is not twenty; she's twenty-two. Who would have thunk it? Well, darling, you certainly look great for such an old grandma. ;)

Professor Adrian was caught in a very intimate position with none other than Danielle Rudimaker. Scandalous! What would your mother say, Danni? Well, at least she's legal. :)

Chris Darren is reportedly sneaking off campus every night to spend some quality time with an anonymous lover, just south of 5th in a small apartment with an unknown brunette. –Insert suggestive eyebrow raise-

Zayne Jacen allegedly canceled his one-on-one afterschool session with Professor Georgiana to spend some one-on-one time with a Miss Hailey Clay, who also ditched her four hour jazz class to spend it in the janitor's closet…you know, checking inventory and such. ;)

Rick Romanov and Ivy Green seem to be perfect dance partners, but is there trouble in paradise? After some speculation about their great chemistry, each has repeatedly denied that they are together, but have you seen the way the lights sparkle in their eyes when they are dancing together? Someone needs to call the fire department because fireworks are exploding, but I digress. They say they aren't together, but Ms. Alexa thinks they are hiding a secret…and secrets always get out ;)

Make a left to exit Buzz Boulevard

Well, my honey bunch's, that is all the juice I have squeezed from this week—and can you believe school only began ten days ago? This is going to be a very fun year if the scandals continue with this much velocity.

Until next time, my hungry mongrels!

Author's Notes: So...what do you think? Are you excited to get back on board and see what happens in Ginger's-I mean, Ivy's-life in the NYC? Let me know :)

~Chelsea Elizabeth