AN: This fic was a challenge between me and katie4dragons (Fanfiction). We were discussing one day things that would be hard to write, and we both agreed that we would struggle with a girl/girl pairing. And then we both betted we could do it.

Here's my story! I'm debating posting the second half; tell me if you would like me to.

The light shimmers off his head, making his golden locks appear like a fiery mane of a lion. His bright, silver eyes watch me intently, searching for a reaction. His gaze follows my every movement, almost like a hunt would for its prey. He crosses his tan, muscular arms, waiting patiently.

My mind blanks and shivers run through me, chilling my body to the bone. "I um love it," I say unenthusiastically.

Hurt flashes across his sharp cheekbones and pursed lips. Shock hits me when I fully realize what I just did. "Oh no! I' m sorry, I'm just kind of tired!"

Anger bubbles up in his chest and spills over to his features. I wince as he struggles with words and cast a long glance at the tiny figure behind him.

Huge, silvery eyes stare back at me sympathetically. Long, blond curls pile on top of her oval head and small, hidden lips sag down in disapproval. Despite her fragile appearance, she holds her head up high, making her neck extend and giving her a clean and sexy appeal. Fire blazes back at me and burns a hole into my pupil with intensity. Shadows dance across her body as her twin brother shifts irritably.

I snap back to focus and take a steadying, deep breath. The leaves rustle from the upcoming breeze and the birds quiet down to noiselessness.

Keeping my eyes closed and pushing my dark, auburn hair behind my ears I take a small step forward. "Look, I love your present, I really do. I'm just thinking about a lot of different things lately and I'm just sort of confused," I murmur. Someone sighs heavily as I continue, "You're the best boyfriend any girl could have."

Silence rings in the air as things come to a standstill. Cautiously I open my leaf green eyes and watch him expectantly.

He gives me a long look and opens his mouth to respond, "Then why don't you ever seem happy whenever you're with me? Please tell me what you want and I'll give it to you." Desperation bounces into his bold, breath taking eyes.

My eyebrows squish together as my gaze openly slides to s other half. Her back straightens under the weight of my attention and curiosity sparks deep within the black island of a never ending, glossy, silver lake.

"Tell me!" he demands, his voice growing thicker with the strain of patience.

She crosses her arms confidently and sways her head to the side. Her beautiful mane comes loose and a few bouncy strands of golden hair fall out of the tight hold and caress her cheek, framing it and putting softness to her dark lips. She looks at me through her closed eyelids and smiles sweetly.

Chills race over my skin and I bat my lashes in response. My long, wavy hair falls out from its place and sweeps across my face. My fingers twitch to move it out of the way, but I'm paralyzed by the authority of her presence. A lioness studying her chosen object with such interest it makes my heart skip a beat.

Her long legs stand elegantly against her brother's muscular, athletic ones. She holds herself tall, even though she only stands about five feet from the ground. I open my pale mouth dreamily and cock my head slightly.

"Callie! Answer me!" he roars. I flinch at the sound of his smooth voice, but my gaze remains steadily fixed on her, trapped in the silvery lake. "Stop looking at her and just at least glance at me," he pleads.

She looks at him, breaking the invisible hold she held over me. I stare at him and swallow hard in reaction.

His flowing curls are dishelmed and his bright eyes are searching my face franticly. He reaches out for me, but stops half way, unsure if that's the move he really wants to do. "Tell me what you want."

A knife stabs my heart as I reluctantly look back over to his twin. She blinks as he gasps in horror.


I choke back tears and look him dead in the eye, "I um…." My voice shakes and I slowly drift off into nothing.

Hurt clearly plays into his defined features as realization dawns on him. I close my eyes in hatred of myself and clench my jaw in order to prevent tears from falling freely.

Sucking up as much courage as I can, I open my eyes into slits. A blurry feminine figure stands in front of me with her arms crossed softly. I open my lids the rest of the way and take in her 19 year old self. "Where-

"He left," she interrupts. Her sleek, quiet voice hits me like a freight train and sends goose bumps rushing all around my skin.

I lower my head in shame and hold back building tears.

"He's always had a temper," she says to no one in particular.

I suck in a quivering breath and raise my head to meet head to meet her. I jerk back from her in surprise, my eyes caught in her the whole time.

She has moved forward and is now standing a mere couple inches from where I'm standing. Sweat starts to build up and threatens to spill over at any moment's notice.

Her hot breath flashes over me and I shove my hands into my pockets to stop them from shaking.

"He's never been right for you," she says casually throwing her arms around my neck, "I could always see how you looked at other people, especially girls." I nod eagerly, confusion marking a spot in my thoughts.

She tosses a rebel strand of hair to the side with a smooth whip of her head and returns her sights back on me. The space between our bodies vanishes and I find myself unconsciously raising my hands to her waist.

I fall head long into her huge, doe eyes as she parts her lips, "Me too," she whispers seductively and the open air between our mouth disappears quickly.