"If you had the chance to grab everything you've wanted as it passed by, would you?"

I look at her quizzically, my eyebrows squishing together in confusion. Her silvery irises are locked on something past the meadow as her long curls flap carelessly in the breeze. "I don't know," I reply honestly, settling back down into the crook of her arm.

The wind blows again and the scents of grass and trees, surrounding us, blanketing us in its freshness. The tall blades lean over as if lying down to go to bed and the birds chirp quietly, singing the lullaby of the forest.

"I'd let it pass," she says, her sweet smell rolling off her like waves and crashing against my bare skin.

I sit with my eyes closed and face raised to the sun, my back resting comfortably on the soft ground. "Why's that?" I whisper, my lips barely moving.

She shifts slightly then answers with the calm certainty of a lioness, "Because then I wouldn't appreciate what I do have. If I was suddenly granted with everything I want what would I strive for? What would I do?"

I open my green eyes one lid at a time to see dark brown and light yellow hair band together and dance to the winds melody. I grab her small hand and rest it on my chest, breathing as time slows. "I have what I want," I say, letting the breeze catch my words and dutifully relay it to her tiny ears.

My gaze returns to her face as a perfect, white smile lights up across her defined features that her hair so casually frames. The silver lake glimmers and ripples as she looks at me lovingly.

"You're such a tease," she says smartly, closing her eyes and turning her golden face to the warming sun. Shaking my head, I follow suet as a few leaves say goodbye to their fellow friends and drift into the meadow for a new adventure.

The rays penetrate the air and bake my body to a comfortable temperature. Shivers run across my cheek as a pair of soft, round lips find its way through the maze to my skin.

I grin widely, flashing the clouds happily, "I'm the tease?" I laugh.

She nips my ear gently then parts her lips. Her breath warms my ear and sends tingles shooting down my body. "You caught me."

I sigh dreamily as she lies back down next to me, her sun-kissed mane soaring above, trying to coax the brown tree branches to dance in the open sky once more.