You hold your tounge, and the songs stay unsung

The lyrics all cease to exist

But it doesn't matter much anyway

This isn't a world where one can speak freely

Most cannot speak at all

Too weak to fight back

Too stupid to know what to fight for

They sit and they gamble

And they work in their factories

Never once asking "why?"

It seems to them that nothing is worth the trouble or time

Never seen the sun, most doubt it even exists

And it doesn't matter much anyway

Weak and defenseless, their minds turn to slop

As only the rich educate

The young are all starving, stupid and hopeless

But it doesn't matter much anyway

They push for a new world

Without knowing who's really sane

Hallucinations of glory cause uprisings but nobody ever wins

Not in this play

We're all spring loaded toys

Useless and easily broken

But that's just how they want us

But we don't care

And we just stay the same

Because it doesn't matter much