I hope you enjoy this new story I started. Please tell me what you think.


I ducked and rolled as another flaming ball came flying at my head; thankfully I landed on my knees. The ball burst into tiny sparks as they hit the ground hard. Quickly, before he could throw another one of his flaming fireballs, I pulled one of my arrows from my quiver, knocked it into the string of my blazing red bow, pulled back the string, and fired. The arrow went whizzing through the air like a bullet from a gun. The boy saw the arrow coming, but he didn't have enough time to defend himself. The arrow pierced his chest, on his right side. He fell from the air with a thunderous thud, landing on his back.

Slowly, I got up from my knees, wondering if I had killed him. If I did, I didn't mean to, I just wanted to injure him to the point where he couldn't battle anymore.

I pulled my silver sword out of its scabbard to defend myself in case he was alive and was playing dead as a joke to scare me. Moving slowly towards his body, I kept my sword pointed at him. My mind kept telling me he was dead, but my gut told me he wasn't.

I was a few feet away from him when his hand suddenly jerked up shooting a flaming hot fireball. I instantly backed away, but in the process I tripped and toppled over my own feet, landing first on my bottom and then my back.

I groaned as I got up from the ground, and realized I didn't have my sword; what was more frighting-the boy who I shot was lurching after me!

I quickly looked for my sword, which was, as I had guessed, a few feet away from me. I grabbed my sword and scrambled up to my feet just in time to defend myself. He ran right up to me, and I heard this odd sound as though someone was being stabbed. I looked down in horror and saw bright red blood oozing out of the wound I just made in his stomach. My sword was still in his body when he fell down to the ground, on his back. I could hear him trying to gasp air into his lungs, but I knew it wouldn't work; he had already lost so much blood.

I walked up to him with my legs and knees shaking so hard that I thought I would just collapse. As gently as I could, without causing him anymore pain, I put my left hand over his stomach, near where my sword was, and pulled with my right hand. He wailed and tears come from of his eyes.

With my clean sleeve, I gently rubbed away the tears from his eyes. I didn't want this to happen at all. I didn't want to kill him. All I wanted to do was injure him. I did do that, I thought as I watched the escaping blood from the two major wounds. I did wound him enough to the point where he can't battle, . . . but can he walk, I thought to myself, remembering the last couple of minutes.

Before I knew it, the boy, was dead.

I sat there for what seemed a long time, staring at the boy's motionless body. The bright red blood still coming out of the wounds and drying on his clothes. I just couldn't believe I killed him. I mean, I've never killed anyone before.

Tears started to well up in my eyes and blurred my vision. A waterfall of tears fell down my face and onto my pants.

All I wished was that I had never come here in the first place; had never gotten these stupid powers, had never killed this boy, and had never gone to school to take those stupid, asinine final exams. Now that I think about it, it was because I was at school to take those stupid final exams. That's why I'm here.

I'm Josephina Hawkins and this is my story.