Silk sheets are not as luxurious and comfortable as many make them seem.

This was the third night she had woken up alone and shivering in these black smooth sheets. Three nights of being held against her will in none other than the bed of the man that was keeping her hostage.

Her wrists were burned now, continuously pressed against the cold silver cuff that kept her linked to the bedposts. Her burns were nothing compared to the hunger she was feeling. It has been two days since she'd had a meal and it was only weakening her more. She couldn't help but salivate every time that the small human boy came into the room to pick up any mess left behind. She could practically see the blood pumping through the jugular in his neck. She'd sacrifice a young life to get rid of the thirst, but was reminded of her state every time she lunged for the boy and was stopped by her chains. She could hear her skin sizzling underneath the shackles, as silver was one of her kind's weaknesses. They discovered it was the only thing to keep her on the bed, as she broke four bedposts and several yards of chains.

Her vision swam and she was once again met with darkness.

She groaned softly as she rolled over, finally awakening from another exhausting sleep. All she did was sleep, yet she had never felt rested upon rising. She licked her dry lips as she surveyed the dark room. She had lost track of time days ago and was beginning to lose count of the days she spent in this hellhole.

The door across the room opened and before she could look, another figure's weight was pressed into the mattress. Her body tensed as his hand stroked her cheek and she turned her face away to escape his touch. She could feel his eyes scanning her face, trying to read her. As he did this, she made a move to throw him off balance.

With the three-foot range her shackles offered, she launched herself at him with the little strength she had left. Mid-attack, however, she saw him smirk. That fucking smirk that pissed her off beyond anyone's imagination. It was that smirk that told her that he found her amusing.

This was not amusing.

He grabbed her wrists and forcefully pinned her into the bed. Her body was already exhausted. His weight covered her, keeping her in place.

"Get off of me," She demanded.


He leaned in and she turned her face away once again. Ignoring the anger he felt at her dismissive behavior, he grazed his lips along her jaw line and down her neck. She stiffened immediately when he paused above the major vein in her neck.

"No. No, not again…" She whispered.

He ignored her request and pressed a gentle kiss the spot.

It was a mere second before she felt his fangs break the skin of her neck.

The pain was beyond anything she had ever felt before. She gasped as the waves of agony ripped through her body. He was committing a very unnatural act to her as he growled and pressed her harder into the mattress, draining her of her blood. This was the third time, yet it never got any easier. Her nails were digging into her fists, causing crescent shaped cuts into her palms. Her teeth were clenched so tightly together, she couldn't even begin to fight back or ask him to stop. She knew he wouldn't anyways until he was satisfied.

He wanted her and he was going to have her.

He finally pulled away and licked his lips clean. Halfheartedly, she tried to move away from him once again, but he stopped her and pushed her face to the side gently. He leaned down to the wound he created and carefully ran his tongue across it. Within seconds, the bite mark began to mend itself.

If she felt weak before, nothing could compare to how lethargic she was feeling now. She didn't fight the darkness or his arms circling her waist as she blacked out once again.

She woke up alone as usual, yet this time she could still feel the warmth in the empty spot next to her on the bed.

She shivered and brought a hand up to massage the side of her neck. This time, she was not confused when she felt normal, smooth skin underneath her hand. It was beginning to become a routine. He bit her, healed her, and left her.

He must have tasted the difference in her blood because when she did her usual scan of the room, she noticed two blood bags sitting on the nightstand. She did not waste any time before ripping into one and drinking every last drop. It was cruel to deny a vampire of blood. The second she tasted the first drop on her tongue, she could already feel some of her energy finally restoring itself. What an asshole to deprive her of the one thing that kept her alive. Her blood must have tasted like shit for him to finally feed her.

His name was Jared and he was a monster. Well, not exactly. He just was not normal. Jared was born a cross breed, hybrid, amalgam, or whatever one wished to call his species. It almost could not even be called a 'species' as he was the only one of his kind that has ever existed. Jared's father was a werewolf and his mother was born a vampire. The two species have never bred before his parents. It was believed to be impossible and the only time the cross breed ever existed was in folklore. However, Jared beat the odds.

She had fallen into the equation by mere accident. In fact, she did not deserve any of this. She was practically loyalty, after all. Her father ruled several of the major counties along side her mother. They were two of the most respected vampires in their district. Jared, however, now overlooked the district, as his parents had perished three years ago. Therefore, he was in even higher power than her parents. He had first laid eyes on her during a ball that welcomed Jared into his new power. His obsession grew, she assumed, for one year later, he captured her and did not plan on giving her back.

She rolled over, stomach full, and stared at the ceiling above her.

She'd be damned if she ever gave this man what he wanted.

Last night he had entered the room and bit her again. Now, she was terrified.

"So all it takes is just one more?" She sat crossed legged, staring at the old maid folding the blanket.

"Yes, my lady. If you have kept proper count, then it is one more until he claims you as his…"

"Please. Stop calling me Lady…"

The old maid smiled. "I forgot, Paige."

Paige groaned and fell back against her…his pillows.

"You may belong to him soon, my dear, but you are not mates," the woman tried to comfort her.

Paige was tempted to smother herself with the said pillows.

After five bites, a female vampire would then belong to the male. This meant that Jared would basically have his name written all over her. She would be his and no other male would be allowed near her unless they wished to face the consequences. Fortunately, she would not be bound to him unless they became mates. That was the huge difference between claiming and mates. He could claim her as his, but would not share feelings or connections with her. She would still have a free will. They would have to "mate" to become mates. Even he, she believed, could not be capable of rape.

At least she had one thing going for her.

She jolted awake to the sudden presence she felt in the room. She had convinced the maid to sneak her meals, finally bringing her stamina back to what it once was. She was going to do all in her power to stop him from biting her the final time.

It had been five days since he visited her, but she knew he was here now. She could feel the silver cuff burning her skin as she strained against her shackles to get a better look around the room. She could feel him.

Jared's tall frame stepped out of the shadows, his dark brown hair disheveled and his almost-black eyes were trained on her face. Immediately, her canines elongated defensively as she held his stare.

"Someone's feeling better," He commented, noting her defensive state.

"Fuck you."

Jared chuckled as he approached the bed. He picked up a lock of her hair and smoothed it between his fingers.

"You'll learn to stop hating me one day. Maybe sooner than you think…"

She growled as he trailed off.

"Somehow I highly doubt that."

She pulled against her silver chains again, gritting her teeth against the searing pain shooting up her arm. If she could just hold out a little more, she believed she could possibly break it like the many other chains.

He shoved her back before she could, but this time she was ready. Paige brought her knee up into his stomach, completely catching him off guard. He grunted, falling back and gave her just enough room to slip out from underneath him. She used her slack chain to wrap it around his neck and pulled it tight. She watched Jared grit his teeth in pain as smoke from his burning skin began to emit from his neck.

Just when she thought he was beginning to grow weak, his head suddenly snapped up and her eyes widened at the deadly look in Jared's eyes. Using his right hand, he grasped the chain, ignoring the burning sensation, and yanked hard. Paige let out a pained cry when she felt her bone pop out of its socket in her shoulder. Finally obtaining his dominance, Jared flipped them so he was once again pinning her against the bed. She had been cradling her shoulder when she saw his hand coming down to move her head in order to expose her neck. Her good hand shot out, grabbing his and shoving it back until she heard his wrist snap cleanly. He reared back, giving her enough time to attempt to pop her shoulder back in place. She gasped as it painfully aligned itself. She looked up and saw Jared examining his wrist as it mended itself.

He was seeing red.

"I was going to be nice, but there's no fucking way I'm letting you get away with what you've done tonight," He growled.

She had promised to never show fear to this man, but at that moment, she whimpered as he forcefully pushed her face to the side. He pressed her painfully into the mattress as he bit into her roughly, ripping the skin of her neck far more violent than necessary.

He took too much blood; far more than he had taken the past four other times. She felt her limbs become numb and he suckled on her neck, sealing the wound.

It was when he pulled away that the two suddenly winced at the burning sensation they both began to feel. She reached her hand up to feel the heat building in her neck. When she looked at him, he was mirroring her posture. She looked a little more closely and saw a black mark peeking through his fingers. It was a five-point star, completely filled in and black. He stared at hers as well, just an outline of a five-point star with no color in the middle. It was the mark that claimed her and he had one to match.


Meals came for her every day now under his order. She was beginning to feel stronger. She never was weak, considering her bloodline, and therefore she hated when her strength was diminished. But these blood bags were just not the same thing.

With a little bit of persuasion, she convinced the old maid to lengthen her chain that kept her shackled to her bed. Now, she could walk a bit more around the room and even just reach the bedroom door. However, she could not step out.

It would have to do.

Just a little bite wouldn't hurt anyone.

A few hours later there was a small knock on the door and Paige stood waiting. A moment of silence passed before the familiar blond head of the young boy peeked into the room. She grinned a fanged smile at him when their eyes met. He barely had time to suck in a breath before she was on him.

Fresh human blood had never tasted so good in her life, but once she got started, she couldn't stop. No matter how hard she tried to pull herself away from the boy's jugular, her body would convince her otherwise. She had only killed when she was young and incapable of controlling her urges. But now, her deprivation had loosened her control on her instincts.

His body was limp in her arms in a matter of minutes. His face was paler than usual and his mouth had gone completely slack. Whoops.

Paige felt a strong, large hand shove roughly at her shoulder and she accidentally dropped the boy to the floor. Jared stood between her and the body now. She almost growled instinctively, but stopped herself in time. Jared examined her face.

"You can't go killing my staff, Paige." He scolded.

She wiped the blood dripping down her chin, hardly feeling remorse.

"You can't keep me chained to a bed and eating old bags of blood like some sort of dog," She countered.

He stopped glaring long enough to grab the boy's wrist. He hoisted him by the arm and tossed the body to the guard standing behind him.

"Get rid of his body."

The guard nodded, stared at Paige in a look of wonder for a moment, and disappeared down the long hall outside of the bedroom.

Jared sauntered over to Paige and she found herself stepping back. He smirked.

"Are you scared?"



"Not anymore."

His eyes traveled up and down her form, "Then why are you backing away?"

"Because I hate you."

His smirk faltered ever so slightly, but she caught it before he could cover up his slip.

"You'll learn…"

She could not back away any further as the chain had pulled tight. She could barely hear the sizzling her skin was making on her wrist as she was too concentrated on moving right to avoid his advances.

She was stupid. He managed to walk her right back over to the king sized bed. Remember what she said about being his dog? It disgusted her how much control he had over her. He knew it, too.


She did not know why, but she could not look away from his eyes. She felt her knees buckle and she was sitting on the edge of the bed before she knew it. What the fuck?

He cupped her cheek gently and stroked his thumb along her cheekbone.

"You're beautiful, you know…"

He trailed off, letting his hand move to tuck the stray piece of brunette hair behind her ear. She tensed as his hand traveling down her neck, over her shoulder, and down her arm. He met the cuff that encased her wrist and broke it open. She went to massage the wound, but he stopped her. Together, they watched her skin slowly mend itself of its burns. She had forgotten her energy was back and could heal herself again.

"Now, be good. I've done you a favor."

"You've given me no favors," She spat.

He grabbed the cuff off the bed and she watched it sear his hand. He ignored the pain, his glare set on her face.

"I can put it back on as easily as I took it off…"

She scooted backwards onto the bed, giving him his answer. Against her liking, he climbed onto the bed to join her. She said nothing as he moved under the covers on the right side of the bed. She did the same, but as far away as possible. He may be an extremely attractive man, but she hated him more than anything.

She heard a grumble and realized he was not content with her actions. Good.

Her small victory was ruined when she felt a muscled arm snake around her stomach and pull her across the bed. Her back met the hard planes of his chest. She tensed and strained against his hold. He chuckled and brushed her hair back, exposing her neck. She didn't think it was possible for her to stiffen more until then. Not again.

"Relax…" He murmured into her ear. His husky voice sent shivers down her spine.

Paige stilled as his lips touched her star mark in a gentle kiss. In an instant, an unnatural warmth was sent down her body. It was a nice warmth – comforting. Against her will, her body relaxed against his. She didn't realize how tired she was until her eyes were fighting to close. Her body won over her mind's attempt to keep her awake.

She barely felt him burying his nose into her hair before sleep took her.

The maid told her that Jared had been busy lately with political issues in the district. That would explain the past few nights that he left her alone. What was strange was that she was beginning to feel ill. She wasn't quite sure what was wrong. What was even stranger was that these waves of sickness only came at night. Each night it was getting worse too. She asked the maid what could possibly be wrong, but the old woman was just as baffled as she was.

That night she woke up coughing up blood.

Mouthfuls of it.

Pain ripped through her body, worse than the agony she felt when Jared claimed her.

Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulders and her eyes snapped open. Jared was hovering over her, looking at her in bewilderment.

"Jared…" She coughed up more blood. "W-What's happening…to me?"

He didn't answer her, but roared at the guard to go get a doctor. He smoothed her hair and searched her face as if looking for an answer.

"Don't speak," He told her.

Her vision swam.

The next time she opened her eyes, there were three unfamiliar faces looking down at her. Only pieces of their conversation were registering in her mind.

"...She's claimed…"


"Two weeks…"

"Injection…Pain…She's waking…"

She blinked, trying to make their blurry faces clear. She tried to rip her arm away when she felt a needle piercing her skin, but Jared held her down.

Her body felt heavy as the drugs took over body. She whimpered as she reached for the one familiar figure in the room. Jared took her outstretched hand and laid down in the bed with her. He dismissed everyone in the room angrily, suddenly very protective over her.

The room was quickly emptied. Paige quickly gave up her tough exterior and pathetically curled up into Jared's chest. She was in so much pain; she would do anything for it to go away. He wrapped his arms around her securely and stroked her hair in attempt to soothe her. His presence was suddenly enough as some of her agony began to ease. She shuddered as his fingers traced patterns on her lower back. He kissed her mark and the familiar warmth coursed through her body.

Between the exhaustion of the pain and the sudden comfort, she allowed herself to fall asleep with her head resting on his chest.

For the next four nights, he stayed with her. The pain never seemed to return and she was definitely okay with that. She was finally beginning to feel like herself again

"I've learned some new things lately, my dear…"

Paige had grown to really like the old maid. She was a sweet woman who treated her kindly no matter how nasty Paige had been in return.

"Tell me."

"You are going to die—"

"Excuse me?"

"…if you do not drink his blood in return. You must become a hybrid in order to live. Hybrids can only mate and claim other hybrids."

"When were you going to tell me?"

Jared ran his hands through his hair in frustration as Paige fired endless, angry questions at him. He said nothing as she continued her rant.

"God, Jared. Did…Did you know I could die if I did not accept this?" She stared at him, her voice beginning to waver. "Was this your way of making me stay with you? I don't want to be like you. I don't want to have werewolf blood in me!"

"I may be cruel at times, Paige, but I would never intentionally put you in a life or death situation. I am the first of my kind and completely alone. How could I possibly predict this could happen?" He countered.

"I just hate that I have to depend on you now. If you're not with me, I feel like I'm on the verge of death. I am on the verge of death! I have four days before my two weeks is up to decide if I want to live or not! I-I can't…" She trailed off.

She was too mentally and physically exhausted to object when she was completely engulfed by Jared's arms. She knew he was sorry, but she really didn't care. She pressed her face into his chest and held back any tears that threatened to spill.

He rested his chin on top of her head and just held her silently for a moment. He had never expected someone so defiant to show so much weakness. He was not surprised, however. He did ruin her life, but he couldn't help it. He wanted her. He needed her. If he couldn't have her, nobody could.

"Let me stay with you tonight."

She nodded, allowing him to scoop her up bridal style and place her in the bed. The second he moved next to her in the bed, she automatically curled into him. He could keep the pain away. He made her feel safe. She couldn't hate him for that.

She also didn't exactly hate when he brushed her hair out of her face and placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

What she hated, however, was waking up to a dog in the bed next to her.

He had forgotten the full moon was that night and had unknowingly changed into his wolf form while he was sleeping. His clothing was in torn pieces, scattered around him and had been comfortably curled up against Paige. He was suddenly awoken when he heard a sharp intake of breath and felt Paige fumbling to get out of the bed.

Vampires hated werewolves.

He wasn't invited to sleep with her the following night.

Her last night.

She was not surprised when she woke up in pain. She was more surprised at the amount her body was suffering. She was definitely dying.

The room was dark and empty. She was alone with his black silk sheets tangled around her legs as she shook violently. She couldn't make herself stop either. Pain was ripping through her body and she felt as though blood would begin spilling from her every pore. There was not a single part of her body that was not in agony. Her mouth felt like sand paper and tears began streaming from her eyes.



"J-Jared," She gasped.

She didn't know how nor did she care how, but Jared was by her side in a second.

For the first time since she met this man, he looked scared.

"You can't expect me to watch you die, Paige. I can't," He murmured, brushing her tears from her cheeks.

Another wave of torture ripped through her body and she bit her tongue so hard she drew blood. She clenched her fists, trying to concentrate on the feel of Jared's hands cupping her face.

When it finally passed, she opened to her eyes to Jared staring at her in pure fear and struggle. She knew he was tempted to force her to drink his blood. Every inch of him must be telling him to do so, but he wasn't. He was actually letting her choose. He owed her that much.

Her pupils dilated, turning her entire eyes a pure black. Her natural instincts took over as her fangs elongated and she grabbed Jared by the back of his neck and brought him down to her. He didn't fight her at all when she dipped her head and pierced the skin of his neck. His cool blood poured into her mouth and she drank greedily. Already the pain was beginning to ease from her body. He was unlike anything she had ever tasted before. She finally pulled away when she had enough.

His look of fear was replaced with amazement.

Her pupils shrank, revealing her blue eyes and her fangs retracted back into normal canines. Paige blinked back at him, slightly out of breath.

He said nothing and leaned in, crushing his mouth against hers. For the first time, she kissed him back with as much passion.

He pulled away for just a moment and growled.

"That scared the shit out of me. Never do that again."

"Not a chance," Paige rolled her eyes, feeling completely like herself again.

"Good," He nodded and tackled her into the bed.

She definitely did not fight him off this time.