Full summary:

Luna Garnet found herself wandering the cold, drenched streets of Seattle one day, after her mother had coldly thrown her out. At first, she thinks that she can handle it, but after accepting the help of a strange girl, she realizes that at eight years old she lacks the will to simply try to survive.

Vitani Starrlyn's parents died when she was a mere toddler, leaving her with their large estate and under the care of her two uncles; a potions expert, and a constantly drunk Fencing expert. When she's eight years old, things change slightly when her cousin comes to live with them. Then, things change even more when they attend the Magic-Users Academy at age seventeen.

Detective David Mercy hadn't understood the case from the moment he'd arrived at the murder scene. The bloodied shovel, instead of a quick gun… The victim that nobody seemed to like, the confessed murderer from some sort of secret government… Then the real reason he'd been given the case… The girl who had been "missing" for ten` years… The girl that he was supposed to find..?

A bit of murder, a touch of love, some fantasy, and even some laughs…And definitely some tragedy.


Say Goodnight

Mrs. Garnet tilted the spout of the tea pot over the man's cup, giving him a gentle smile as he observed her. No, surely he wouldn't suspect anything wrong in her household. "Is everything alright?" She asked.

The man nodded, "Fine. Its fine." He said, swirling the black tea as if it were a wine. "Exquisite." He lied, knowing that the woman had the poorest tastes a rich woman could have. After all, she only married into her money. It wasn't her that he was interested in, anyway. "Your daughter?" He inquired.

"Fuzukata-san," Mrs. Garnet began, looking fairly thoughtful, until the man shook his head in what seemed very much like disapproval.

"Woman, we're in Boston. Mr. will suffice." He growled, wondering just how stupid she could be. "Now. Tell me, how is she?" Mr. Fuzukata prompted again.

Mrs. Garnet stiffly nodded, "Oh, she's the same. Perfect grades and everything. Daddy's little girl." As much as she tried, her smile failed to look anywhere near sincere.

"Perhaps you have a picture tucked away somewhere?" Mr. Fuzukata sighed, growing more irritated as time wore on. He reminded himself that putting up with this woman would be worth it. It better damn well be worth it.

Mrs. Garnet nodded and stood, walking away towards the fire place, removing a frame that had seemed to have fallen on its face. "Our most recent family photo. She really is a doll, -and her little brother, Lucas, grows more handsome by the day." She commented, before handing over the framed photo.

Mr. Fuzukata nodded appreciatively as he looked down at the young female behind the glass. She was a petite girl, just barely eight years old. Her eyes were large and turquoise like tiny turtles and her long, violet, wavy hair was a bright contrast. She was a strange one, not quite complete, but when she was fully grown... Well, then she really would be the perfect daughter-in-law. But that was assuming that one of his sons would take a liking to her.

"A lovely family portrait." He lied again, knowing that with this woman's tastes, it was most likely done with some sort of disposable camera, like the one that their current Queen had outlawed due to fire hazards.

"You're too kind." Mr. Fuzukata didn't respond. She was right, he was too kind. He'd have to remedy that before she tried to take advantage of him.

"Perhaps." Mr. Fuzukata allowed. But he would be the winner at the end. One way or another, Luna Garnet would become his daughter...

The flames burned on the mantel, sometimes threatening to leap from the candlesticks. There was only candlelight in this room, focused on the picture centered above the abandoned fireplace. This room wasn't used for much, except for remembrance.

The picture on the mantle featured the young couple who had once slept in this bedroom within Starrlyn Estate. They were, in fact, Mr. and Mrs. Starrlyn, the same couple who had once built and owned the property.

But they were gone, now. Gone, but known... And loved. A young girl stepped into their bedroom. Their young girl. Her hair was red and shining like polished rubies, her eyes were a deep blue like the depths of the ocean. She approached each candle individually and silently put them out with a quick, smothering pinch. Eight candles went out without a fight, no longer illuminating the room. In the darkness, the young Starrlyn frowned. She hadn't thought it through all the way.

"Vitani?" The door opened again, letting in enough light to show the silhouette of the man who now stood in the only entrance.

The girl turned towards the shadowed figure, "Uncle Apollo?" She replied, sounding hopeful. It had to be one of her uncles, she only hoped that she had pinned the voice on the right one.

"Yeah, that's me." Apollo replied in a mildly teasing voice. Seeing as his brother-in-law was passed out in the downstairs family room, he didn't see who else he could possibly be. "You coming down for dinner?" He asked.

Vitani nodded as she walked over to the door, "Funny that you would be the one asking." She said, shooing him from the doorway.

"Very funny, kid." Apollo sighed, turning his back and leaving. But Vitani hesitated in the entrance-way. She looked back into the room and said one word to her parents.