Chapter One

The Reason I'm Leaving...

"Lucas, darling, come here." Mrs. Garnet requested. The tiny, black-haired boy nervously glanced at his older sister. Luna caught this and gave him a reassuring nod. But she watched him carefully as he did approach their mother.

"What is it?" Lucas asked, feeling unenthusiastic when he looked up at the face of the woman who had birthed him. Mrs Garnet's smile flickered.

"Don't be rude, darling." She said, straightening out her son's clothes. "Don't be rude... Well, I suppose you get that from your sister, don't you?"

Luna stiffened, but said nothing. She'd heard it all before, really. Today wouldn't be any different. She watched as her so-called mother fussed over the young boy, finally realizing something. Their mother didn't quite love her brother, no, but she liked him very much. Luna might have gone so far as to say that their mother cared for him.

"I'm going to school. Will Lucas be coming with me, or will he be driven there?"

Mrs. Garnet just frowned and ignored her daughter, popping the collar of her son's shirt. "I want to go with sis." Lucas rather adamantly spoke up.

Mrs. Garnet clicked her tongue but nodded, "Don't get your clothes dirtied, then." She turned to Luna, "Get going, then! Don't let your brother be late."

But Luna brushed aside the comment as if she'd never heard it. "Come on, little brother... Let's get out of here." She said, picking up her school bag, which always seemed rather heavy for a elementary school student's bag. Lucas obeyed his sister's request rather more cheerfully than he had his mother's earlier one.

"Sis~!" Lucas skipped after his older sister, glad to be out of the claustrophobic house, even if for only a few hours. There was no one who he adored more than his older sister.

"Let's hurry, Lucas, the quicker and further away, the better." Luna stated, lightly grasping her brother by the elbow. She gave him a small smile, but he never believed in it.

"You seem bitter, today... More than usual." Lucas commented, trying to sound both cheerful and concerned. Being young, he sounded more cheerful and naive.

"Not bitter, Lucas, just... Uncertain. Lately it seems more than likely that I'll be kicked out, if I don't decide to leave on my own..." Luna sounded half dreamy, half hopeful on this matter. Indeed, in her brother's eyes her smile looked bitter.

"But... You can't leave me with her!" Lucas whined, pulling down on Luna's arm and looking up at with his bright turquoise eyes.

"Oh, you'd be fine. Dad adores you and maybe you haven't noticed, but... Our mother treats you well enough... For mom." Luna shrugged, "I'd keep taps on you and I'd come get you as soon as I could support myself."

Lucas frowned as he continued to stare, "You've thought about this a lot... You are leaving!" He accused. Luna avoided his eyes, as they walked along the streets of Seattle.

"The truth, Luke... Lucas, I want to go to MUA, but you know that mother would never... Well, she'd never allow it in her household." Luna regretfully admitted, shaking her head.

Lucas didn't reply for a while, "...If you want to go... Then I think you should..." The boy didn't sound happy about it, in fact, he may have been pouting... But Luna knew that he meant it and that unlike their mother, he meant well.

"You think? Well... I'll think about it."

At school, Luna sat, immersed in her thoughts, rarely raising her hand to answer a question she saw written on the dry-erase board.

If she were serious about attending the Magic-Users Academy, then she had to stand up to her mother and say so. Oh, but her father, spineless man, wouldn't stop her mother from throwing her out. Hell, by Magic-Users standards, she was practically an adult and he knew that... Luna frowned. He never told his wife what he did for a living... Because it was the one thing that the woman hated the most.

But yes, Luna would attend MUA. If it meant having to leave that house, then so be it. She wasn't going to be weak like her father.

"Ah, mother, father..." Luna hesitated in speaking up, fearing what she already knew would come. "I... I want to go to the Magic-Users Academy..." She mumbled, wringing her hands as if they were a wet facecloth.

Mrs. Garnet set down her cup with a loud thud, "What? Could you repeat that, dear?" She asked, attempting to glare down her daughter.

"Ah, Luna, honey, you know... This is quite serious-

"-Shut up!" Mrs. Garnet cut across her husband, "I will not be having a damned witch for a daughter! I won't have it in my family!" She insisted. Mr. Garnet lowered his head and stiffened awkwardly.

"So you are kicking me out?" Luna inquired, almost hopefully, at this point. Strange, that when it's actually happening you actually do want it.

Mr. Garnet flinched, and turned to his wife, "Jove, we couldn't possibly-... Our families would certainly frown on us if we even considered doing such a thing." He looked at his wife hopefully, but the woman's demeanor didn't change in the slightest.

"If you intend on being a witch, then yes, you better get out. I won't have it." Mrs, Garnet stated her words firmly, her eyes never leaving Luna's.

"Fine then." Luna shrugged indifferently, "I've already packed. You're so predictable that I'm all ready to go." She informed her mother, as she turned to return to her room. "I'll just grab my bag and be on my way." She felt oddly calm as she said this... Perhaps it was because she was finally getting out of this hell of a house?


"Goodbye, father. Take care of my brother, or you will hear from me."