My Best Friends are Monsters

Chapter One

I moved to a new town and a new state. My father and mother wanted a new scenery, something more country or more... lively. So we moved to a town I've never heard of, and I can't even remember it. But I do remember the state, Washington. We were probably in one of the floating islands that are in Puget Sound, near that one city, Friday Harbor. It was windy, cold, and wet everywhere, and apparently, this is where my parents wanted to settle in. Setting a brown box into my new room, I looked around the now purple walls. Each room in our house was given a specifac color to set the mood. Norman, Anna, and I picked the colors for our room, while mom and dad chose the colors for the recreation room, their room, living room, and the basement.

For my room, a light purple, close to a dark lavender color. Norman chose his room to be a dark midnight blue, so he could put his glow-in-the-dark planets, stars, and consilations all over. He was a science geek, something that the whole family is proud of. We're the Royal Geeks of the Geeks in our oppinion. Anna chose her favorite color for hers, pink. And now, she covered those poor pink walls with posters of My Little Pony, Barbie, and Disney princesses. "Honey? You have more boxes in the truck," my father yelled from downstairs, and a rustling of silverware could be heard afterwards.

Walking down the bare hallway, I made my way to the Uhaul truck, unloading the last load that we made from our old house, to this brand new house with wood floorings and not soft carpet. The boxes that I held in my arms were for my dog and frogs. Sam and Trevor, being the tempermental African Dwarf frogs of the family, was stationed on my desk, humming away and trying to be dominant. While a small dog bed sat on the end of my Full was for the Saint Bernard named Craig.

"Mom, Dad! I finished my room!" cried Norman as he barreled down the wooden staircase, only to trip over a happy labador. We have three dogs in this house now, one for each kid in the family. A labador retreiver for Anna, who named the male puppy Bubbles after her favorite fish in Nemo. You already know Craig, my Bernard of age three. And then there's Emma, Norman's beagle, who always wore her collar proudly, as if stating that her geeky owner will once rule the world. But we all know that won't happen. Nerds will, and promote us geeks to be their second in command.

Bubbles began to lick the fallen face of my little brother, making happy yapping sounds after a few licks and pants. "Bubbles! Where are you?" Anna, a six year old girl who was about to enter first grade, yelled, bounding down the stairs more gracefully then her tweleve year old brother. Anna, I guess you could say, was as cute as a button. She had golden blonde curls that she enheirited from our family, which seems to reach only one person in our family. Clear green eyes from our father, and pale skin our mother always kept clean and smooth. "Hey Danny? Do you know where Bubbles is?" she asked, a lisp to her voice. "Yeah. He's licking Norms' face," I said, continuing to make my way to my new room.

As you can see, my name's Danny. It's not short for anything. My parents thought I was going to be a boy, but I came out as a girl. But they also thought Danny was a great name for both genders. "Oh there you are Bubbles!" I heard, as I entered the box littered room that I claimed was mine. The bed was by the window, making me see the front yard if I ever just stayed up late in the middle of the night. it was covered with stuffed animals: cows, whales, dogs, and even a rabbit from one of my favorite animes. In the corner across from it, a desk sat, with a frog tank closest to the wall, a laptop in the center, and a box of pencils, pens, erasers, and crayons by a black lamp. The blue dog bed by the floor of my sleeping space sat a brown, black, and white furry dog sleeping like there was no tomorrow.

A dresser was in the closet, and a nightstand held an alarm clock and a red radio. soon, things would be scattered all over the floor, stuffed into the closet, and piled onto the bed. Setting down the animal box, made Craig jump up and wag his tail, sticking out his tounge and panting like a dog. Which he is one, of course. I sat on my bed, thinking of taking a nap and saying that I would unpack after my first day of school tomorrow. Sleeping anywhere wasn't a problem for me, but finding a blanket to cover me was, since it was stuffed in one of the stuffed animal boxes. But once I found one, I was taking a trip to dreamy land, my second favorite place in the entire universe!

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