My Best Friends are Monsters?

Chapter Two

When I woke up the next day, my brown hair was a rats nest, something that I don't want for the first day of school. My hair, once it was it's usual stick straight style, reached all the way down to my waist. I grew it out, since it was a great sheild from hiding embarrassing feelings that arise onto your face. Putting a light layer of light orange eye shadow on the lids of my brown eyes, I grabbed a comfortable pair of jeans and a baggy shirt. Never really cared for the shirts that stick so close to your body just to show of your knockers to the other gender. It's quite creepy if you ask me. But you did not, so I'll stop talking to myself...

Running down the stairs as I struggled to slip on my worn out tennis shoes, and stay standing up straight. "Danny, honey. Slow down. You have plenty of time to catch the bus, so eat! Eat!" my mom said, shoving a plate full of scrambled eggs, bacon, and french toast. "I know, but I like to be there ten minutes early," I said, stepping around my smiling mother. It was fifteen minutes till the bus was supposed to arrive, and it usually took me five minutes to pack my bag and feed Sam, Trevor, and Craig.

Five minutes later, I stood in front of the bus stop, waiting for the yellow bus picks up kids from there homes. While I was waiting, I started to freak about if the people there will like me, or hate me, or think of me as an invisable person! I hate going to new schools. because then, I'd have to start over making friends, learning different things that I hadn't learned in my former school, and I'd have to try new cafeteria food. Do you know how hard that is?

Anyway, by the time that the bus arrived, I was the only one that seemed to be at the bus stop. Boarding the yellow machine, I spotted many empty seats and only three people were sitting in the random seats of the bus. Two boys and one girl, the boys near eachother, as if they created a bond because of the school, and the girl seemed to be sitting alone in the seat near the front of the veahicle(sp?). The bus lurched foreward, making me stumble foreward, and nearly making me fall in the skinny isle.

I decided to be safe, and sit next to the girl who smiled shyly at me. "Hey," I said, waving my hand a little. The girl had soft red hair tied up into a high ponytail, hazel eyes surrounded by dark eyeliner, and her pale skin was clothed with a pink turtle neck, a light purple knee high skirt, and greek looking sandels. It made her look like the modern day version of Aphrodite, if she was in highschool, likes the color pink and purple, and still has her past life shoes, of course. "Hi. My names Ella. What's your name?" she asked, a soft voice exscaping her full, pink lips. "Danny. It's nice to meet you. Though I have a question for you," I said, setting my backpack on my lap.

"Yeah? What is it?" she asked, fiddling with some keychains on her own bag. "How come there are so few people on this bus?" I said, dead serious. I know that I am the last bus stop, no one else showed up along with me also, and there are only five of us on the bus: Ella, the two boys in the back, the bus driver, and me. "Well. Do you want the truth, or do you want a lie that sounds reasonable?" she said, fiddling with more keychains. "The truth sounds good," said I, the person with the normal looking backpack. "Well, the reason why there aren't many people on the bus, is because the school that we go to mostly has monsters. Ericson High is a co-ed school with humans and the mythical beasts. And to make sure that there aren't many attacks on us normal people, they made us take the bus, and have the creatures either drive or get driven to school, or walk all the way there," Ella said, looking at me as if I'd call her crazy and a lier.

"Sounds reasonable," I started, letting what she said sink in. Sure, going to a school with not noemal people is weird, but I should have seen the signs earlier. One, I've never heard of this city in my life, and I have lived in Washington my entire life, moving from Seattle to Everett to Forks to Tukwila. Even there had been some weirdos and strange places, but this city was just super duper weird and full of strange people. Second, I'm a geek, like I said yesterday. Nothing seems to faze me except weird rumors, zombies, paranormal activitie (I hate those movies!), and aliens from scary movies. I hat those things so much, that I obsese(sp?) over ways to protect myself from them if they do come to earth in a spaceship, virus, or strange attics/basements.

And thirdly, the only kids I saw playing outside in the sun, was the people on my side of town. When we passed through here from the ferry, I saw people slink in the shadows, close draps, and slam doors shut to keep out the light, as if they were allergic to it. "But," I continued, rasing my hand up to stop her from feeling rejected and spat out like already chewed up gum," why do these creatures never come out to the daylight on the otherside of town. I mean, if they live there." The red haired girl sat there and thought for a while, her index finger on her chin. "Well, some people think it's because they need better sunscreen then what we have. Or that they are allergic to it when their older and searching for a job to keep your house. Something like that," she answered, after a few minutes of silent thinking.

Now I know what your thinking. "Why is a girl in the second chapter of her life already excepting this weird turn of events? I mean, you just moved and you find out that you go to school full of monsters? How obserd! You must be some physco or some crazy person that believes what everyone says!" Well, I don't do that. If you were in my position, sitting next to this girl that looks like she'd been rejected hundreds of times by Simon Cowell, you would believe her story too. I heard some murmering behind me, and I looked back to see the two males from earlier whispering franticlly at eachother. They looked like brothers, probably faternal twins. They looked the same age, had the same grey eyes, but the only things different about them was one had dirty blonde hair while the other had auburn, the blonde had tan skin as if he loved the sun, and the auburn haired male looked like he was one of those people that hated to be in the light if it wasn't nessessary, and spent his whole summer indoors reading novels instead of out in the sun.

"Do you know who those people are?" I asked my new friend, as the bus turned to the right sharply, making her crash into me a little. "Oh! Yeah. Those two are Jason and Nilseric Carterman. They're sophmores, like me. What about you?" Ella answered, scooting over so I wouldn't be squished and having to fall back into the isle. "Sophmore too," I answered, as the bus stopped in front of the new school I was going to. "Do you know what classes you have?" she asked again, as we climbed off of the bus, and into the swarm of students. Before I could answer, a boy with green skin, warts, and webbed hands bumped into me, making me bump into Ella, who bumped into a wall. Which did not look comfortable.

"Sorry," he croaked. Litterally! It was like he was some type of frog or toad hybrid. "Anyway, yes, I know what classes I have. Their right here," I said, handing my schedule to my red headed pal. "No freaking way. You have second, fourth, and fifth with me," she said in her soft voice, which seemed to grow louder with excitment. It seemed as if she was one of those people that was bored out of school, but was excited in school. "Well, how nice, but I have to get to my locker first. How about we meet at lunch?" I asked her, as I tried to make my way to my assigned locker. "Oh sure! And since your okay with monsters, I want you to meet a few of them that are quite nice and friendly," she said, and she walked away to her own locker.

As I made my way to my locker, I saw different kinds of monsters. Monsters with blue, green, pink, and every other color skin, different color hair, or no hair. I saw vampires, werewolves in their human forms, some mermaids in tanks that moved like wheel chairs, and other monsters I don't think I could name. What kind of scared me was when I saw a few zombies. I have to remember to stay away from those creatures.

So? How'd you like it. I made the monsters come into this chapter! And I added Ella, Jason, and Nilseric, so tell me if you like it or not. :D :) :P