Little Lady

Little Lady

How do you feel?

Is your heart truly as

Numb as your hands?


With every masterpiece

That your fingers create

Does your heart

Create wonders as well?


With each stroke of beauty

And swirl of elegance

Did you know, Little Lady

That you captured their fancy?


Your works of beauty

Filled with emotion

I wonder if you understood

What you made


Your lifeless works

Have garnered the love of many

Does your heart crave

The same kind of love?


Oh, Little Lady

Don't you know

Drinking false happiness

Shall not take the pain away?


Oh, Little Lady

I beg you, stop painting yourself

I shall give you all the canvases you want

If you would only stop


Please, Little Lady

What can I do to ease your suffering?

What can I give to soothe your pain?

What can I offer to stop your longing?


Don't do it Little Lady

One more step

And you shall fall

This is not the answer


No one was there

At Little Lady's funeral

No one but I

For I had loved her past shallow means


I hope you enjoyed my poem and understood what I wanted to portray