Hi, this is my first story on FictionPress, so don't expect much and enjoy!

"Skylar. SKYLAR! SKYLAR!,"Mrs Avery shouted.

I sped down the spiral stairs, to meet a glaring Mrs Avery. Mrs Avery is a short, plump lady with a round face. She had wispy, grey knotted into a bun. She was my "Youth Worker." What I mean by that is, she takes care of me. She takes care of all of us. She feeds us, buys us clothes and put's the young ones in bed. You get it, don't you?

I'm a foster Child.

I'm unwanted, unneeded and uncared for. I'm alone in the world. But that's all going to change. My mom did all the paper work. She's changed. She stopped drinking, she visits sometimes and we go out to eat in MacDonald's. We'll rent a house, we'll go shopping and we will be the perfect family.

But will it be enough?