I faced the crowd…my heart pumping. They looked at me, anticipating my every move. I opened my mouth and a voice of flowing water came out. I sang like there was no tomorrow. This was my life.

My eyes closed as I sang. My voice poured out over the crowd's ears. They listened to my pained words and tears came not much later. When I finished, I bowed and they applauded. No matter where I looked, there were mile long smiles. They wiped their tears. I waved and walked backstage. My manager slapped my back and praised me. "Another concert well done, Ashley." I smiled in pain. My manager was too aggressive, but if I didn't have him, I wouldn't be singing to the world…I wouldn't be living my dream.

"T-thanks, Aaron." I managed to say.

He nodded. "No, save your voice. We have more concerts than just today."

I rolled my eyes. He was always saying this and setting me up with random people to upgrade my popularity.

"Oof!" I was so intent on thinking, that I bumped into someone. "Sorry...Ben?" It was the first person Aaron set me up with. I agreed to the first guy, because I didn't know that everything in showbiz would be fake and without feelings. Because of him, I realized true love was false.

"Haha, It's you, Ashley. How's it going?" He said, nonchalantly. He acted as if nothing had happened between us.

I growled. "As if you care."

His eyes widened. "You're still going on about that break up?"

I glared at him. "What are you doing here?"

He looked at me. "Didn't you hear? My company moved me to yours, and so now, we're doing a tour together."

"Huh? N-no. That can't be happening. I-I'm a soloist!"

He smirked. "Not anymore you aren't."

I pouted. "You're a jerk, a heart-breaker, and all things bad."

"You never had the guts to be mean to me."

I broke away from his gaze. "I'm still a better singer than you."

"You're a weakling. You still say that after all this time?"

I turned back and glared at him. "I can hold a grudge." Then I walked to my dressing room.

I heard him mumble something, but I continued to walk away.