Chapter ᎢᏲᎥΓᎿεεπ: two links of the same chain

Gen sighed and leaned back, he was finally out of that hospital bed, he was still in Dr. Kleir's office, mostly because he had no other place to go. He examined the piece of armor on the table, despite what he had heard, the armor was not a pauldron, but a Helmet, and unlike the glove, was white, with blue running along it, it also had wings on it. It had been found in Fabio's hideout, and they had taken it with them, thinking it to be what Gen was looking for. Gen set it aside "that's strange." he muttered before standing up. He yawned and walked out. As he did, the blue on the helmet began to glow.

Gen stretched, he was currently wearing a pair of jeans, and a white t-shirt, and a pair of simple grey sneakers, seeing as his clothes were in no condition to be worn, due to having been cut up during the fight. He shifted the sword at his side, patted his back pocket to make sure the Sleight glove was still there. He was about to leave when Dr. Kleir stopped him "where are you going?" he demanded I his patient "shopping." Gen replied simply, and turned away, until Anne came running up "Danni! She's missing!" she exclaimed.

Danni hummed quietly to herself, she was walking through Jowel's marketplace, looking for a gift for Gen. She felt he deserved it, after all, he nearly died for her, the least she could do is get him a gift. She kept walking while thinking about a gift that Gen would want. She had been given new clothes by Anne, and was now wearing a denim skirt, and a purple tank top, with a pair of simple leather sandals on her feet, and her hair pulled into a ponytail. She continued walking, until something caught her eye, he stopped to look at it, it was a necklace, it consisted of a simple silver chain, and a four pointed star as a pendant, she pocked it up, it seemed manly enough that Gen would actually wear it, and sturdy enough he wouldn't break it. "excuse me," she asked the shopkeeper "how much for this?"

Danni walked back towards the doctors office, happily humming and carrying the necklace tightly in her hand. She giggled when she imagined Gen's face when he saw it, she kept walking, unaware of two shady people following her. Suddenly Fluffy, Gen's blue cat who had opted to go with Danni, stopped, causing Danni to stop as well "what is it?" she asked the startled cat, who replied by turning around hissing. Danni turned around startled as the two shady characters, both wearing heavy cloaks, tried to grab her, their attempts were stopped by Fluffy, who bravely threw himself at the figures, stalling them long enough for Danni to run, one of her sandals falling off.

Gen panted, he had looked all over and hadn't found Danni yet, he kept running, until he saw a blue lump on the ground, he stopped and knelt down, finding with horror that it was Fluffy "Fluffy!" he exclaimed picking up the injured cat "me-meow." Fluffy mewed painfully, pointing a paw to the direction Danni went. A tear went down Gen's cheek "I'll take him." Gen turned to see a red faced and panting Dr. Kleir. Gen nodded thankfully and gently handed his beloved cat to Dr. Kleir before sprinting in the direction his cat pointed, picking up the sandal that Danni dropped. Gen kept running, following his instinct, it wasn't long before he found another sandal, he was on the right track. Gen ran a little longer before he found a necklace, a simple thing really, just a four pointed star on a silver chain.