I'm so lonely like I'm covered in cling film
And I can't reach out my arms to hold anything
I eat people I've never even met
Seriously, fuck head office

Agriculture fucked us, big time
Xxxxx said he hopes they started milking the animals after they began keeping them penned in
And that anything else would just be impractical

Head office is an urban myth

If you order the ultimate burger you deserve everything you get
You deserve it all, anyway, regardless.
Head office loves you and wishes you well, thank you for that eight years of your life we just stole from you, here's a fuck

My sister fell from a tree once as a child and was taken to hospital, I wasn't there
That was the first time I remember being out of the loop

Head office is a room full of frightened children
A ghost collective
The only control they have over me is that I wear black trousers
Head office is dead

From the age of 13 to the age of 16 I regularly lived large sections of my daily life according to what it said in the horoscopes section of the Mirror and/or the Sun.
That's how I lost my soul
That and sniffing deodorant through sports socks

Head office is all forgotten when the clock hits 8
We don't even close until 11:30
Head office is farming animals somewhere over the rainbow and skinning them with a giant can opener like machine that twists the skin off from the neck down to the ass hole

Head office is looking a loved one in the eye and telling them that you are evil personified.

Head office is all of the lessons we never learned from all of the wars of the last three to five hundred years.

I think I'll enjoy gardening some day, in fact I know I will, but
for now I just want to work with animals

There is a fracture running through everything

There is a disconnect between everyone
It has me grinding my teeth and slouching in my chair
The woman representing head office asked me if I was trained so I shot her in the face with a double barrelled response blast of "Yes" and a 'warm smile'

5 top tips for craicing customer service
5. Give the customer a genuine "goodbye!"

I'm so mad