I planned to do this song some months ago, when my cousin signed in for ONU and got on a mission way too far from my country... In the beginning it had nothing to deal with any song that I've knew, but now you can imagine Bryan Adams singing this with the expression he used on his song: Please Forgive Me.

I don't know if anyone will read this, but if there's anyone who will, try to imagine how tuff it is for a mom to call to her son, knowing that she's almost going to sleep and he is going to wake up or probably he is already working, imagening him doing dangerous stuff, getting hurt... But she still keeps calling him althrough she knows he won't be there to pick up... Hoping that someone could answer her and say he's alright.

What I've put inside ( ) after space-line is what I would like to make you see behind the lyrics, what would happen on a Music Video.

`*~Mom, don't you worry~*ยด

space-line-space-line ( A little boy having lunch with his mom)

I used to be, sitting...

On that chair next to you...

Talkin' about life,

And the things I wanted from you...

space-line-space-line (she smiles and pats his shoulder with tender/She has dinner alone)

And you used to smile me back,

While patting my shoulder...

But now as you dinner all alone...

We,both, know that time is over.

space-line (Mom calling to the station/ the phone ringing/ but the soldier is fighting under pownder and guns)

(Explosion)'Cuz, MOM, when you call

To the station,

You know I won't answer

'Cuz I'll be on a mission!

space-line-space-line( Mom alone at night and the soldier waking up)

And while you cry,

silently, falling asleep,

(Dropping and slowing) Mom, don't you worry,

I'll be waking up from a bad dream...

space-line-space-line ( The soldier working aside some tanks)

(Raising up) Sooner or later,

I promise you, I'll be at home!

(Dropping and slowing) So, mom don't you worry,

And promise me you'll be strong...

space-line(Bryan singing/ Mom crying)

I know, you've

Been asking to yourself,

"What's wrong with my boy?"

"Why did he left?"

space-line-space-line (Bryan singing/ Soldier running under a bullet's rain)

(Raising up) But that boy is a man now!



But that's how he came to war!


(Solo 1)

space-line-space-line(The soldier finds safety hid aside a tank)

Mom, believe me,

I had to do this for myself,

So promise you'll support me,

If it won't be you, it won't be anybody else... (Explosion)

space-line-space-line(Explosion on the ground next to him/ he runs/ combat)

(Solo 1 part 2)

Space-line-space-line(He falls on the ground, under a red shark/ looks at a picture)

All that I've now,

It's this photo and a gun...

(raising up) But it will serve me well!

Under, pownder and guns!

Space-line-space-line(Get's back up again and runs to kill all the ones on his way)

(Solo 1 part 3)

space-line-space-line(Bryan singing/ The phone is ringing on the station, someone picks it up and the mom sighs)

(explosion) 'Cuz, MOM, when you call

To the station,

We both know I won't answer,

'cuz I'll be on a mission...!

Space-line-space-line(She noddes yes and leaves the phone/ cries/ Bryan singing/ The soldier looks around to the men he killed)

(Dropping and slowing) And as you cry,

Silently, falling asleep,

Mom, don't you worry

I shall be waking up from a bad dream.

space-line-space-line( The soldier rans away/ The Mom cries almost falling asleep)

(Explosion) SOONER OR LATER,

I'll be at home!

(Dropping) sooner or later,

You'll show me love.

space-line-space-line(Bryan singins/ The door opend to let the soldier smile to the one who opened it)


You'll stop to cry.

Sooner or later,

I'll greet you with a smile.

Space-line-space-line ( The mom noddeds yes slowly and involves him on a hug.)

So mom,

Don't you worry,

We, both, will be

Just fine. =)

Thank's for reading! Reviews appreciated and advices will be loved!