The List


"... and hence it can be deduced that within curvature lies linearity, and vice-versa. Mathematically, this may not seem logical, but the equations as shown here prove the last statement's validity. While apparently self-contradictory and pointlessly confounding, this iterative formula does provide a means of methodically analysing variable-geometry systems such as time."

Professor Tee P.S., PhD (Mathematics), University of Beijing.


"The subconscious mind theoretically has greater capacity for focused thinking compared to the conscious mind. However, it is the conscious mind which possesses the actual manipulative capacity and facility for memory. Thus, if one was to attempt to optimise the quality of thinking, a balance between the subconscious and conscious minds should be obtained. Presently, this is not possibly accomplished through any voluntary means – the closest one could come to that state of mind would probably be a waking dream."

Professor Loren Kronkite, MBBS, MS (Psychiatry), FRCPsych.


"The existence of spirits is something that has been proven, time and again. Nonetheless, there exist those who doubt this. One only has to look at the world around us, and ample proof of spiritual presence can be seen, provided of course one knew the right way to go about looking for them. It won't be a case of believing in order to see, as much as the uninitiated may insist; on the contrary, if you wanted to see into the spirit realm, it really would be a case where seeing equates to belief."

Bridget O' Hara, PhD (Antropology), University of Dublin.


"It is nothing new, criminals getting away with lying during an interrogation. All known methods for detecting lies, such as body language, polygraphs, or even magnetic resonance imaging are all borderline reliable at best. And of course, the reliability of the so-called truth serums such as sodium penthanol is even more questionable. These uncertainties end today, with the launch of TriNex Pharmaceuticals' newest product – the Morphodex sedative."

Mishima Watanabe, PhD (Pharmacology), Kyoto University.