Almost Paranormal


I felt like I had being stalked for weeks and now I realized I had been. Now here he stood, are first outright confrontations, his short brown hair moving softly with the wind. He stared at me. I didn't move his piercing blue eyes didn't blink or show emotion. I didn't try to run he would catch me. I've seen him stalk me; I've seen him in my dreams. He exists

Weeks before this I was worrying about school and my mom's crummy boyfriend. Now I was facing my stalker. I didn't know why he was stalking me. If he was about to kidnap me I was going to find out…or whatever he was about to do…

Authors note:

Hey weirdo's. This is MY FIRST ORIGINAL, no help from my friends, and all about MY life story plus what I'm dreading to come. My other story has help from my friends. If this is copied and published I will TRACK YOU DOWN. My other story isn't important. This is a short side story to Dark Little Secrets that I will never upload here in fear of someone copying it. I sincerely hope that you're all nice respectful people. Don't judge me I think I am being stalked. So if you feel these kinds of feelings you might be being stalked. BTW all paranormal sightings won't start for a while.


I watched the television with no real excitement. I actually wasn't interested in the talking characters on the screen. I heard a thud. I straightened up from my covers. My brown hair was slightly ruffled. I glanced at the staircase that connected to my basement room that led right down to my room. Yup it's very convenient for killers, kidnappers, or thieves. They could come down here and see a small skinny innocent 16 year old. If there men or a man…they might have some dirty thoughts…which equals bad.

I was about to relax when I heard a small click. The same click that means the back door was being unlocked. I slowly pushed the covers off of me. My pajama shorts and tank top were slightly pushed to the side from lying on my side. I heard another thud. I slowly crept up the stairs. I was glad the back doors window had built in blinds I mean literally the blinds were on the inside of the door. All you have to do is slide the little thing to move the blinds. At the moments the blinds were closed. I thought of an idea. I turned on the outdoor light. I heard another thud. I noticed the bottom lock had been unlocked and the top lock was partly unlocked. I put them back in place and opened the blinds slightly to look out. There was nothing there except a bobby pin lying on the ground. I crept back down the stairs. I was slightly freaked out.

My ferret stirred slightly in her cage her little tail sticking out of her warm igloo. I walked back over to my bed and pulled the covers down and moved my stuff animal aside. I stared back to the TV. One of my favorite shows was on. Soon all worries were forgotten and I forgot my paranoia. I watched my favorite characters battle an evil camera. I was such in a lull I did not feel the soft breeze that drifted into the room from the other basement room. I did not notice the door opened slowly. I never noticed the strange boy creeping into my room. I was such entranced when the boy slipped in front of me I was shocked. He took one look in my eyes and his words were like honey. I had to listen to them and follow what they said.

"You will not remember anything from the moment I opened the other basement door to the moment this show ends. You will assume that you fell asleep for a little while." He said.

His word washed over me I did not want to dare disobey them. They seemed so sweet. (BTW show is 15 minutes through she won't remember anything in that 15 minute period ahead.)

"I will not remember anything from the moment you came to the moment you left." I repeated.

"Good, good." He smiled.

"Now don't make a sound or struggle." His voice sung.

"Ok." I replied.

He leaned forward his fangs extending and he brushed the hair away from my neck and leaned in. He bit not to kill but to feed. He sucked in her blood. It was sweet to him, delicious. He wanted more but he did not take more. He could not kill her. He had 7 minutes. He licked the cut letting his vampire saliva going into the bite and heeling it to never being there. He inched his mouth down to her upper arm. He had to now make the claim bite. Vampires claimed humans if they liked them. It means that another vampire cannot drink from her. He liked her she was pretty and intelligent so he saw. He knew her but she did not know him. He stalked his prey like any predator. He bit her upper arm but left it so it would be a scar. She wouldn't notice no one ever does. He crept out and looked back and smiled he would drink from her in a month. It's not like victims ever cause trouble.

I woke up my head was a bit dizzy. I saw it was 5 minutes unto the episode after. Hmm must have fallen asleep. I straightened up and watched the TV. Ug this show sucked. I bent over and grabbed my book from the floor and flipped open the book to my bookmark and began reading.

At 1:00 A.M. I decided that it was bedtime. I turned off the TV and lamps and turned over and went to bed.

Author's Ending Note

I know this was extremely short but I'm distracted by the TV that's on and I am hungry. Plus it's a prologue.