"Daphne! Yoo-hoo! Earth to the Daphster?!"

Daphne blinked, glancing up at Jake who'd been calling her name. She narrowed her eyes, slightly irritated at him for interrupting her day dream.

"What?" she asked, venom laced through her voice.

"Jen has a question." Jake tilted his head toward his girlfriend.

Daphne followed his head tilt towards the brunette, "What do you want?"

"Um…." Jen mumbled, shifting her gaze towards her feet, "W-Would you mind changing seats with me?"

Daphne raised an eyebrow up at her, "Why?"

"Well, um…" Jen played with her fingers, which caused Daphne to be confused. What did she have to be worried about? She didn't think that she was that mean-especially when it came to her friends, "I sit next to Leo… and… it's just… I'm always scared he'll… lash out and get mad… at me or something."

Daphne sighed, shaking her head, "No, Jen. That's mean."

"Yeah, Jen," Vivian elbowed her in the side, "Don't ask the cripple to sit next to the psycho."

"Not that." Daphne rolled her eyes, "Guys, I keep telling you that he's not mean. I'm not trading with Jen because she needs to learn that-you all do."

Actually, Daphne would've been more than happy to switch. She didn't like being in the way back, away from everyone. Besides, why would she pass up the chance to sit with Leo? Aside from the fact that doing so may help him make friends, which was what he really wanted.

Jen bit her lip, looking around, before smirking slightly and starting to dig through her backpack which was set on Daphne's desk, "Well, that's too bad. Because I was going to give you…" she pulled out three huge boxes of Banana Nut muffins, "These."

Daphne's eyes grew wide. Banana Nut muffins were her favorite things in the world. They were like her crack. Give her a ton of them and she would do just about anything for you.

Daphne's eyes grew wide for a second, then she dropped to her knees, careful of her left hip as always, and began to bow at Jen's feet, "Ma~aster!" she started to chant as she bowed, "Ma~aster!"

Jen chuckled, "I thought that would make you-Eep!"

Daphne glanced up to see that Leo had just walked in the door and was staring-or, okay so glaring-over at them. Everyone else shied away from the intensity of his glare, but Daphne could see the slight confusedness in his eyes. He didn't understand what she was doing, and was trying to figure it out.

Daphne cleared her throat, before moving back into her seat and holding out her hand, "Sure, Jen. Give me them and I'll trade spots with you."

She snatched the boxes away from the brunette, opening them to make sure that they really were Banana Nut muffins. She would be seriously pissed off if she had been tricked. They were, though, so she was fine.

"Okay." she smiled, before waving over at the boy across the room, "Leo! I just traded spots with Jen! We're sitting next to each other, now!" she saw Leo's eyes grow wide in surprise, as everyone else's did in fear. To add even greater measure, Daphne held up one of the boxes, still smiling brightly, "Could you help me bring all these over?! I'm afraid I don't have much carrying capability!"

There were a few gasps across the room. Daphne immediately began to hear people whisper and murmur to each other about how Leo would probably get really angry, now. Someone-Daphne hadn't been able to pick out who-had even wondered aloud if they should report to the principal before he did anything.

But, a few seconds later, Leo had moved over to her desk- causing her four friends to cower away slightly-and grabbing the boxes. Daphne smiled up at him, before grabbing her backpack and following him back. They sat down and a few seconds later, people began to talk again, though it was forced and slightly nervous.

She opened up one of her muffins, before glancing over at Leo. He was staring down at his desk with a dark stare. He was obviously depressed over what was going on and what had happened before. Daphne didn't like that one bit.

So, she decided to distract him.

"These are good." she smiled, catching his attention, and holding up her muffin, "You want one?"

Leo glanced down at the dozens of boxes on her desk, "They are?" he asked, as if a bit unsure. He maneuvered his gaze so that he was looking into her eyes, "Do you like them?"

Daphne nodded excitedly, "Oh, they're my absolute favorite!" then she narrowed her eyes, shooting him a playful glare, "But you only get one. I don't share these with anybody so the fact that you even get one is considered a blessing." she pulled one out of the box and threw it at him.

Leo caught it, still looking confused. He turned the muffin around in his hand, before pulling open the package. He unwrapped the muffin, and then bit into it. His eyes grew wide, and a smile spread across his face as he ate it. As he did so, his face changed as it did on the roof. Daphne glanced around to see if anyone had seen his change, but nobody was looking at him. She pouted slightly, before turning back to the black haired boy.

"So, how do you like it?" she asked.

Leo turned his wide eyes towards her, "It's delicious! Can I… can I have one more?!"

Daphne's eyes shot wide, "No way in hell!" she grabbed all her boxes, holding them to her chest, and turning away from him, "My Banana Nut muffins! You had one and that's more than enough!"

"Alright, class-" the teacher walked in. Mr. Jackson had golden blonde hair and bright green eyes. That sound familiar? Well it should because… well… let's just say that Daphne's last name was Jackson, too.

Mr. Jackson took one glance at her desk, before shaking his head, "Daphne, what did you agree to, this time?"

Daphne rolled her eyes, "You should know, Jay. I'm in a different seat, aren't I?"

Mr. Jackson gave her a half hearted glare, "In the class room it's 'Mr. Jackson' you know that." he grabbed the boxes off her desk, "And I'll take these for now."

"Hey!" Daphne shrieked, "Those are mine!" she narrowed her eyes as he refused to answer her, "You had better not eat them! I don't eat your brownies!"

Mr. Jackson waved his hand above his head, "Don't worry. I'll give them all back to you after class."

"You won't!" Daphne argued, "I know you won't! And I'm gonna tell mom and dad when you don't!"

"Don't worry." he opened up a drawer, and tossed them in, and then closed it, "You'll get them back. Now please be quiet. Class is starting."

Sighing, Daphne turned to Leo who was staring at her with a wide eyed, surprised look on his face.

"Oh." she smiled brightly, "Did I forget to tell you? Mr. Jackson is kinda my brother."