She knew she was dreaming. How she knew, she wasn't sure. She just… did. Something abut what was happening just didn't feel right.

Besides, how often does one see a hot boy with snow white hair and black eyes-and by black, I mean all black. There wasn't a single other color in them-standing right in frnt of them. Not very often, she assumed.

"When one chooses to play a game," the boy was saying, "They must first agree to follow the rules. Without doing so, the game is pointless. For, without rules, how does one expect to win? Each rule has a purpose, no matter how stupid you think they are. And one must agree to follow each and every rule before attempting to play the game."

The boy floated up t her, and grabbed her chin gently forcing her to look at him, "Well, my dear," and evil smirk crossed his face, "Do you agree?"

Chapter 1:

The only thing worse than being a fifteen-almost-sixteen-year-old girl who's never been kissed is being a fifteen-almost-sixteen-year-old girl who's never been kissed, and who's best friend has dated almost every guy in school. That's all Clover Harlow could think of, as she crossed her arms, waiting for said best friend to get out of class.

Not that she minded being single. Being single meant that there was no jealous boyfriend on your butt every single day of the year. In fact, she enjoyed being single. It was just… being almost sixteen and kissless really put a downer on people. She was supposed to be spending her Friday nights out with a ton of friends, partying. Not going to a sleepover at Margo's house.

Ok, so it wasn't like she was never invited to parties-she was! She just… never got into them. Parties were only for the social-which she most definitely was not.

Great, now she was going in circles. Why did that always happen every time she started to go on those rants?

"Hey, Chloe!" Clover jumped, and glanced up to see the black hair of her best friend, Margo Lockewood come bounding down the stairs.

"Took you long enough." Clover smirked, "Yu do know school ended almost twenty minutes ago."

Margo shrugged, smirking slightly, "It's not my fault. Mr. Mosbey kept me after."

"Why?" Clover asked, even though she could guess why.

"Apparently you're not allowed to use teamwork in school." Margo rolled her eyes, "I thought teachers were supposed to make us want to work together.

"Clover's eyebrows knitted together as Margo said that, "Did we have a test in English, today?" English was the class Mr. Mosbey taught.

Margo raised an eyebrow over at Clover, "Yeah, so?"

"Margo!" Clover shrieked, pushing the black haired girl, "You know better than to cheat on tests!"

"Well, what other choice did I have?" Margo whined, "I didn't know any of the answers!"

"It's called studying." Margo raised an eyebrow over at Clover as they made their way towards the exit. Clover never studied. "Okay, how about not falling asleep in class?" Margo crossed her arms, "Well, what do you want me to say?"

"I don't know!" Margo threw her hands in the air, before sighing and shaking hr head, "Look, Clover. I'm not like you. I can't slack off and still keep my grades at a B average without cheating. I'm only good at shopping… and planning parties."

Clover's eyes grew wide. She knew that tone of voice too well. It was Margo's way of trying to say something without actually having to say it.

"Margo," she said in a warning tone, "You didn't…."

Margo flashed a slightly nervous smile, "What if I did?"

"Margo!" Clover screeched, "You planned a party on the day I was staying over?" how could she do this? She knew Clover hated parties!

"Oh, c'mon, Chloe!" Margo whined, pushing the door open, "It's Friday night and I haven't thrown a party in forever! Plus, my parents are out of town so it's perfect!"

"But I don't wanna party!" Clover whined right back, "They're pointless and boring!"

"That's because you never open yourself up to them." Margo folded her hands together, then proceeded to give Clover her puppy dog eyes, "Oh, please, Chloe?" she begged, "Please, please, please can I have a party?"

Clover groaned, averting her gaze, "Fine," she sighed, "But they're all gone at midnight-" Margo glared, "Fine, 1:30 and I'm not helping you pick up afterwards."

"Yay!" Margo cheered, clapping her hands excitedly.

Clover sighed, glancing away. Seriously, sometimes she really wondered why she hung out with that girl.

She gasped as she bumped into someone who just seemed to appear out of the blue. Clover glanced up to see a boy with white hair and sunglasses.

"Oh, sorry," she mumbled.

The white haired boy barely spared her a glance before walking on. Something flashed in the corner of her eye. Clover bent down to pick it up as Margo gumbled something about that guy being rude. It was what looked like a business card with "" written in big black letters.

"What's that?" Margo asked as Clover stood up.

Clover shrugged, "Dunno." she slipped it into her back pocket and nudged Margo along, "Probably nothing."


Morgead smirked and brushed his white hair out of his eyes as he staired at the two retreating girls. He took out a walkie talkie looking thing and held it up to his mouth.

"Mission accomplished." he murmured into the device, shifting his sunglasses to the top of his head.

"Does she have the card?" a young girl's voice sounded from the device.

Morgead nodded, "Of course."

"Good. C'mon back, then."

An evil smile crossed Morgead's face, "Yes, ma'am."