"No way." Margo gasped, as she stared at the screen, "How the hell is this possible?"

Clover rolled her eyes, "It's not that weird."

"Not that weird?" Margo echoed, "Chloe, according to this, you have ten types of guys! I've never seen anyone have ten types of guys before in my entire life!"

"You have to admit," Taylor cocked her head to the side, "It is pretty odd. The bad boy, the smart boy, the rebel-isn't that the same as the bad boy? Whatever-the smart boy, the dumb boy, the class clown, the cutesy forgetful type, the dare devil, the animal type, and the best friend type." she raised an eyebrow at Clover, "Looks like someone can't choose what type of guy she's into."

"And the range between types is so large." Charlie put a finger to his chin in thought, "That's actually quite impressive."

"So what?" Clover threw her hands up in the air, "I'm just not sure what type of guy I want! I mean, think about it-" she pointed to the bad boy link, "The bad boy has some kind of thrill to him. Who knows what he's going to next? Maybe we'll get into trouble." she pointed towards the class clown type, "On the other hand, the Class Clown type will be able to make you laugh. There would never be a dull moment with him around." she shrugged, "You see my predicament?"

Her three friends shook their heads.

"Not really." Margo held up a finger, "I like the pretty boys, through and through. Brains have nothing to do with it."

"So wrong." Taylor chuckled, "Brains and niceness have everything to with anything. You want to marry someone who would be a good father, right?"

Finding a good father for her children was a big thing for Taylor. She'd grown up without one, so she made it her top priority to look at the attitude of guy rather than his looks. Looks had nothing to do with anything in her eyes. Clover supposed she could see Taylor's views, but she just couldn't imagine herself with someone who wasn't at least taller than her. She found it would just be awkward.

They all turned to Charlie, who held up his hands as if to keep them from coming any closer.

"Look," he said, shaking his head, "As a guy, I just want a girl who's pretty." he laughed at all the girls' narrowed eyes, "I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's just something that every guy thinks of."

"But what happens when you fall in love?" Margo asked, "What if she isn't… pretty?"

"Then, I suppose I'd just have to get over myself." Charlie shrugged, "If I fall in love, then it won't matter how she looks…" he paused slightly, as he thought about it, "I… think. At least, that's what all those chick flicks you guys have dragged me to taught me."

"You actually pay attention to those things?" Clover laughed, "You're a boy. You're supposed to pretend to watch those things, and actually fall asleep during them."

"Yeah," Taylor laughed as well, wiping a tear from her eye, "What are you? Some kind of girl?"

By now all three of the girls were on the ground, rolling around and clutching their stomachs in laughter. Meanwhile, Charlie just stared down at them, confused with his arms crossed, as he tried to figure out what was so funny.

The computer was completely forgotten about.


The party had been over for nearly a half hour, and the house still wasn't looking any better. Neither Charlie nor Taylor had stayed behind to help clean up, not that that was surprising. Any other normal teenager would've runaway at the mention of cleaning, as well.

Sadly, Clover wasn't any normal teenager. The cleaning up was probably the most fun she'd had during the party-even though it was after-well, besides the whole computer room thing. After everyone had forgotten about her supposed weird taste in men.

"Ugh!" Margo groaned, flopping down on the couch, which was pretty much the only thing they'd managed to get clean, "I'm so tired! Can't this all wait until tomorrow?"

Clover sighed, before glancing around, they would have all day to finish, so it really didn't matter. Besides, she was tired, as well. A long night of "partying" could do that to a person, no matter what age they were.

"Fine." she collapsed next to Margo, resting her head on the black haired girl's shoulder. Margo tilted her head, and rested it on top of Clover's.

They boy immediately fell into a deep sleep.