This was based off a video I saw on Youtube. I wanted to write something angsty almost. This is my first time dealing with Angst so critiques are always accepted. Anyway, enjoy!

Running Away

I walked down the long corridors, they felt endless. I didn't turn around, didn't even dare try it. I just kept my face lowered and hands in pocket. My lips stayed shut and my eyes stared at the floor.

Nothing would make me believe it. Why should I believe it, just because others said it? They didn't have any facts to prove it. This wasn't any science class were facts were just that, facts. They said it was a fact but it was their opinion not actual info. I didn't except it though; I didn't want to. They didn't deserve my respect for there so called... Facts

Many would say I was … running away but I wasn't. People said I was in denial, I'm not in denial. Why can't they just leave me alone?

"So your still running, I see…" I bit down on my tongue, turning it red. What did it want from me? "Hey, why don't you just shut up and leave me the hell alone!" I didn't even bother to look at it. "Hey no reason to be feisty!" It said comically, I could sense the smirk on its face. I ignore the rude comment and kept on my way down the hall.

Yet it trailed behind me, following me. "Hey, ya' wanna know something funny?" It said. From what I could tell, I really didn't have much of a choice. "Do I really have much of a choice?" It chuckles from my response and those chuckles turn into a full blown laugh.

It lasted for a good few seconds until it slowly died into dead silence. The silence was eerie, scary almost. "No." Was all it said. Cold and plain. It was shocking but I should've expected much from it.

"You're a coward, you ran away from your problems and that's a fact!" Me … a coward? No way, I'm no coward. Then it has the audacity, to say I'm running away. I'm not running away, doesn't it understand!

Anger, that's what was boiling in me. Just pure anger. I spun around and send my fist crashing into it only to realize something. There was nothing there in the first place. I had crashed my fist into the wall, only to hear it echo off the walls.

Was I just imaging that voice in the first place? I had to be if there was no one there. Yet it sounded so real, like it was near me.

I didn't understand what just happened. Was I losing it? I doubted it. Maybe I just needed a rest. Just to forget all of this. That was the best medicine for me right now was sleep. I wouldn't need to focus on those facts or that voice. I just needed sleep, I just needed to get away.