My precious Ruby

Is your blood

As red as your name

Or is it as colorful as your fantasies?


Oh, my precious Ruby

Your mind has weaved wonders

Beyond man's comprehension

A fantasy so beautiful, yet so horrible


A land of sorrow and of joy

A world of life and death

My precious Ruby has always

Fancied tragedy


My precious Ruby

How deceitful you are

Your mask so intricately made

Your mask you wear so well


My precious Ruby

You let them see

What you want them to

With no flaws on your part


Your silent screams

Have gone unheard

And your desperate pleas

Went unnoticed


But, that is what

You want is it not?

To fade into the shadows

To put on a show worthy of Broadway


Though I tell you this

My dear precious Ruby

Every mas is bound to break

And yours is starting to crack


So put on a grand encore

For all to see

What have you called it?

"The big reveal?"


Let them beg for more

As you shout your final goodbyes

Curtain call darling!

Smile and wave!


Take your bow

Up on your grand stage

And as the curtains are finally close

In this chapter of your life forever


Remove your mask

Let them gasp and awe

As the walls of deceit fall

And show them who you truly are


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