Frederic leaned across the desk to Kyrie, "I don't want anyone other than my superiors to see what we're doing. I want this inventory of the clones as quiet as possible so that if we find that anything is wrong then nothing will be covered up."

"Well, you have something that you can take to your superiors," Kyrie told Frederic and handed him the list, "Inventory is done, four clones have disappeared. One each in sectors C, D, E, and J"

"What did the card readers say?" Frederic asked.

"I checked and nothing was unusual. Cameras didn't really say anything; I'm guessing that the clones were stolen when the cameras went down for maintenance."

"What if the person getting in and out was an electrician?"

"Like Able Stewart? Don't we have defenses against his kind you know…with those updated security measures you just told me about?"

"Debatable, there are several types of electricians with several levels of things that they can do. As scary as it is, there might be someone even more powerful than Able when it comes to abilities."

"Your electrician is getting away," Kyrie muttered while holding her knee.

"I know," Frederic turned casually, pulled out his 9 millimeter and shot the fleeing electrician in the back, "Don't worry about it, she'll be fine."

"Your work in the past couple of days has earned solid marks and disproved anyone who believed that you weren't up to the task anymore, sir," Kyrie smiled, "You get keep your 'best agent in the world' title for just a little bit longer."

Frederic's smile faltered, "Now don't get your hopes up. They haven't found the fourth clone that was stolen, and that'll be when I get my reputation back."

Kyrie tucked in her bad knee, "Well, he's probably long gone by now."


The room that housed the banquet hall had 50 tables with an assortment of red, white and black roses contained in enormous ceramic vases for centerpieces. Jane wondered how any human being alive could carry them.

On the ceiling were glass chandeliers more breathtaking than anything Jane had ever seen in her life and she wondered just how much one of those would get on the market.

And then she wondered why they would get anything at all. They were just glass and lights.

"Jane," Joseph snapped, bringing her out of her curious gaze, "You're going to be drawing attention to yourself. Keep your eye on things that matter."

Each table held eight people which brought the total to about 400 guests give or take, but it wasn't loud. Everyone talked quietly to each other and ate. She was thankful for that because she had to be on her guard and when she was on her guard loud noises annoyed her heightened senses.

"Ms. McGraw."

Jane looked up at the fake name. They probably wouldn't have bought the name "Jane Doe" as a legitimate name, so she borrowed her boyfriend's for the mission.

Boyfriend. It was still so weird to say that. She was still getting used to thinking it but she couldn't help but think 'boyfriend' like the way that Able and Joseph said it to tease her.

She looked up at the man that was approaching her, it was her superior. Or rather her boss for this mission, Mr. Graystone.

"Yes sir?"

"John Walker is arriving to the parking lot. Will you do me a favor and escort him inside?"

"Yes sir," she buttoned her security jacket and left through the side door. She didn't even look from her direct line of sight when Lisa put her napkin on top of her plate and stood so that she could talk to Jane when she passed her, "When?"

"Now," Jane said without looking at her and made her way to the parking lot.

The man that stepped out of the back of the car did not look like he was here to speak at the event that the hotel was hosting tonight. He stood about 6'4, with greying brown hair and a beard. HE had brown cargo pants and an olive green wool pullover sweater that was probably not in the best taste with the black tie event that he was coming to speak at.

"Alright Jane," Able said through the com in her ear, "Take it easy. Just hurry up and get him inside."

"Hello Mr. Walker, my name is Ms. McGraw and I'm here to escort you," she paled when she realized what that sounded like, "I mean into the hotel for your speaking event."

"Since when do I need security to go into a hotel?" he asked.

"Don't give away what we know," Able cautioned in her ear, "You're playing dumb muscle remember?"

Jane didn't need the coaxing, "The hotel provided it sir."

He gestured to her ID, "May I?"

She unclipped it and handed it to him, Graystone had told her that he'd been a bit paranoid.

He looked at it and then handed it to his agent who had also gotten out of the car, "What do you think?"

Jane looked at him in confusion, if she didn't know any better than it sounded like there was something deeper in that statement than just matching her picture to her face.

The plump redhead about fifty years old put on some thick reading glasses and examined it, "I'd say she's one of them."

"Well, alright then," he handed her the ID back.

"Jane, we got a problem," Able's voice said over the intercom.

She put her finger in her hear to hold the com in place, "What is it?"

"We got vans pulling up. Looks like government."

"I've got Walker, get everyone else out."

"Something wrong?" Walker asked.

Jane took her gun out and chambered a round, "We need to go."

His eyes focused on something behind her and she turned to see Mr. Graystone walking towards the glass doors.

"Get on the ground right now, Ms. McGraw," Graystone said drawing a gun.

She understood immediately, "Oh, Graystone is government too? Oh that is just great, how did we miss that?"

Jane knew that she had unarmed civilians behind her. Drawing fire was risky but if she didn't fight then she risked a getting all of them captured and the last thing the government needed was to get their hands on them.

It was dangerous, but she was faster than any human alive. She could get this guy down before he ever pulled the trigger.

She didn't even get the chance to reach for her gun before the man pulled the trigger and sent her sprawling back to the pavement.

Pain screamed n her shoulder. From her previous injuries, she knew that it went through and through. Her other arm was fine and she pulled the gun from behind the waist, aimed and fired above Graystone's head. She wasn't crazy, she wasn't going to shoot a government official. That would bring too much down on the heads of the group and they were doing well to stay under the radar.

A hand reached under her uninjured arm and pulled her to a sitting position. She fired twice more and climbed to her feet.

Walker yanked open the limo door and threw her in. He climbed in right after her, "Drive."

The limo's tires screeched on the pavement and she scrambled to the other side of the limousine. She saw that the shoulder on his sweater was bloody and it was in the wrong position of the sweater for it to be from her, "You're hurt."

"I knew something like this would happen," he muttered and pulled the collar of his sweater down to his shoulder, "It didn't get in there deep."

She watched as he dug his thumb and forefinger into the hole and pulled out the bullet. He hissed n pain and let the twisted piece of metal clatter to the ground.

Her eyes grew as the wound closed.

"Are you a clone?" she asked and stared at him in astonishment.