July 29, 2012

Dear Readers,

Not long ago, I had a really bad nightmare about the Slender Man. In this, I will tell you about the dream.

I was sitting on my bed and it was around midnight. I was watching my television and my cat, Axel, was staring out the window. He does that every night, because moths are attracted to the light from my lamp. Axel rarely ever gets mad enough to hiss at something, but suddenly he staring hissing and growling. I looked at him and tried to pick him up to comfort him, but he freaked out and scratched me, then ran under my bed and continued to growl. I looked back at my television and it suddenly got very fuzzy, like the cable was going out. I changed the channel, but the static continued. I was thinking about checking the cable wire, when suddenly my ears started ringing. It was light at first, but it started to get louder. It began to hurt so I covered my ears. It didn't help any at all. The noise just got more and more painful. I looked out my window at the magnolia tree, and noticed the figure of a man. But the man appeared to have very long arms. His face, oh god his face, was horrible. I felt so cold, so terrified. All I could do was stare into it. And before I could even blink, it popped right in front of me, into my room and right in my face. I was so terrified all I could do was cry. The ringing in my ears was so loud, that when I pulled my hands away they were covered in blood. I began to scream at the creature, but it surrounded my whole body, almost swallowing me whole. Then, I woke up from the dream. I am not too scared or anything to admit it, but this haunted me for a while after wards. Every time I tried to think of the dream, it made me want to scream, like it was welling up inside me. And if I tried to talk about it to someone, it made me cry. This creature haunted me for a few nights. I couldn't look out the window, without the fear of seeing it, sitting in the tree, outside my window.

If you wish, you can tell me your own nightmares.

Sincerely, Jess