Recap: Kyra was struggling with insomnia when she notices a shadow lurking in her room. The shadow reveals itself to be Ash, a handsome, yet terrifying, man. However, Ash isn't alone.

"Ash," the voice scolds, "you idiot! You're not supposed to reveal yourself!" Another figure steps out from the shadows, a boy with shaggy brown hair. His eyes are a warm caramel color and resting on top of his head are a pair of brown…cat ears? My eyes widen and my jaw drops slightly. In shock or awe, I wasn't sure. I try to push this strange observation aside while the two strangers bicker.

Ash has his arms crossed, grumbling that the kid with the cat ears shouldn't have followed him. The kid retaliates fiercely that Ash is not responsible enough to be left alone, earning him a glare from the red head in the process. Was I hallucinating? A headache begins to form and I rub my temples.

"Will you two shut up?" I finally hiss in frustration, ending their annoying arguing. The two look at me as though they had forgotten I was even there.

"Oh, right," the cat chuckles softly, putting his hands behind his head.Suddenly the bizarreness of the situation catches up to me and I feel a bubble of laughter escape my lips.

The guys stare at me, dumbfounded, as I laugh. This only fuels my insanity and soon I'm clutching my already sore rib cage, doubling over in fits of uncontrollable giggling. I mean come on; I had a guy with red eyes and a guy with cat ears arguing in my room!

"What's so funny?" the boy with the cat ears finally asks me.

I shake my head. "Nothing," I say, wiping away the tears that had spilled down my face with my hand, "Just that my dad must have hit my head extremely hard for me to hallucinate something as crazy as this. That's all." They stare at me blankly. Ash begins to laugh. "What?" I ask.

"This isn't a hallucination you twit." He says simply, laughter tingeing his words.

My eyes narrow, shaking my head slowly. "You're wrong," I tell him.

The other boy steps forward, "Unfortunately, he's not wrong. This isn't a hallucination." He extends his hand, "I'm Wolf."

I stare at his hand, confused. "Wolf? So you're not a cat?"

Wolf sighs and Ash barks with laughter. "Neko, I'm a Neko!"

"Well, whatever the hell you are, what are you two doing here?" I ask, sitting up painfully in my bed.

"This idiot," Wolf jabs his thumb at Ash, "has been stalking you all day. When he snuck out of the house tonight I followed him. I wanted to make sure he wasn't gonna hurt you." Ash grunts, glaring at the Neko.

Suddenly I hear my dad shouting from the other room, "Kyra!"

"Y-yes?" I call back. My eyes dart nervously to my closed door, fear knotting in my stomach.

"Who are you talking to?" he bellows angrily.

I turn my head, glancing at the empty space that Ash and Wolf had occupied only seconds ago. "No one..." I said, loud enough for him to hear. How strange…