The Burn

By Chaz Lebel

It makes life livable, though it can take it away.

My salvation comes one pack a day.

I don't need drugs and I don't need hash.

I just breathe deep the taste of ash.

The smoke dances round as it leaves my lips,

Back and forth like a lover's hips.

I watch it bend, and I watch it curl

Into beautiful shapes as it unfurls.

Think it'll kill me? I wish it would do me the favor.

There's worse in life than a little flavor.

Think this is dangerous? You should see me drive.

I'm the guy on the freeway doing ninety-five.

No seatbelt on, but in my hand

Is a great fiery stick of the cheapest brand.

Four bucks a pack, my lungs don't care,

Just gimme my nic and my polluted air.

You want me to quit? Go to hell, no way.

I need my salvation, one pack a day.