Introduction and Info

The story is part of the Terris Mundi series. Terris Mundi is what they call their "Earth", with their own cultures and languages-though, you may see similarities between our two worlds. But this universe, Terris Mundi has two moons, sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and their rules and laws are different as well as how their world progresses. Also, just about 90% to 95% of this world's animals, plants, fruits and vegitables are hybrids. Though, it's not 100%, so you will find familiar animals-but these animals are not so common in the Terris Mundi world.

In this story, "Anima's dancers", it will be in first-person like all other stories of the "Terris Mundi" series. In the Terris Mundi series, it will be written with the intention of portraying how they and the people of the culture and land speak. In the story, "Anima's Dancers", it will be just as so-but the Gemmians, people from the land of Gemma, actually refer to themselves in third-person, but it will be will be written as though Chrysolitus, the protagonist, is speaking in first-person when she is not. The Gemmians also tend to phrase things a certain way when they speak.

The Gemmians live in a desert, sandy land with the Sapphirus river that leads into the Sanguis Sea. The land is named after what the people desired the most and found in their land-gems and jewels. Their God, Anima, plays a major role in their lives and live to sastify their God-which you will learn about in this story. The Terris Mundi world is a world full of cultures-such as the rich and beautiful culture of the Gemmians.