There was a soft thud as she collapsed on the bed, proceeding to curl up on her side with the pillow hugged tightly to her chest. The young brunette was torn between anger and embarrassment, all because of a stupid boy.

A soft knock at the door went ignored, she just rolled over onto her other side and tried to pretend it didn't exist. Of course, that became difficult to do when she heard it open and shut again, though it was done quietly. She closed her eyes, feeling them burn as hot liquid dripped from them. It was probably her mother, she was never one to leave her be when she most wanted it. Maybe is she lay still enough, she'd think her asleep and go away.

"Katlyn?" okay, defiantly not her mother. The familiar voice was spoken softly, letting her know that her bad mood hadn't gone unnoticed. She sighed and wiped her tears away, before sitting up to face him with a strained smile.

"Hello, Miles. What are you doing here?" she let her gaze travel from his face down his body, taking in the clean, dark grey suit he wore. His black hair was combed back, away from his face. It was shinny enough to tell her that at least a little gel had been applied to keep it in place. It was something she'd gotten used to, as he was in collage to become a lawyer. He'd dressed like this since he'd made the decision three or four years before, after he'd gotten out of high school. She returned her focus to his face when he cleared his throat importantly.

"Your parents were pulled away for business, and have asked me to look after the house. And you." he straightened his tie(which only made it worse, really) and then folded his arms across his chest, "So, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." she said, then tried to change the subject, "How are your classes going?"

His lips twitched in an almost-smirk, "You're a bad liar. Needless to say, things are going well. I've passed most of my tests so far. Hopefully I'll get my attorneys' badge soon. But I ask again, what's wrong? You never come home looking like that."

"How would you know, you don't live here." she looked away, feeling her cheeks grow redder. She knew he'd get it out of her sooner or later. Miles was very good at it, after all. Still, she couldn't ignore the urge to try to avoid telling him anyway.

"We used to spend time together every day. Even before we became friends, I watched you come home, and never have I seen you like this unless something happened."

"Maybe I just had an off day."

"Maybe I'll spout wings and fly to candy land for breakfast tomorrow."

The playfully sarcastic response brought a half laugh from the girl, which made him smile, and in turn helped melt her mood a little. "Bring back chocolate ice cream, will you? With fudge and cookie dough."

"As you wish." he gave a small bow, then moved to sit next to her. She scooted over to give him room, the bed shifting from his weight. "So, want to talk about it? I won't force you. We can just drop it if you like." he put his arm around her shoulders, the pressure warm and comforting.

"'s okay. I just..." she sighed, trying to think of how to put it, "There's this boy. I kinda liked him, but he never noticed. At least I thought. At lunch he actually spoke to me, and it was kinda nice, for a little bit, at least. Then he...a few minutes before the bell rang, he kissed me."

"He kissed you, after only a few minutes of talking?" he asked, a slight edge in his voice. Where did that come from?

"Yeah. And, well, I've never had a boyfriend or anything before, you know. So I didn't know what to do. He got upset, I guess, and now everyone knows. they made fun of me all day." she pouted, "Nice first kiss, huh?"

"No." he said firmly, making her look sideways at him. He had an odd expression on his face. Not quite angry, but not happy either, "That doesn't count. You won't have your first kiss until you get someone who does it right."

"There isn't a right way or a wrong way to kiss someone," she argued, "You just need to not suck at it, right?"

He shook his head, "There is a wrong way to kiss someone, and he did it. It's not your fault. You just need to learn, which you can't do if the other person is going to be a jackass about it."

Wow, Miles swore. That was unusual...

"Anyway, he continued, standing up and starting for the door, turning when he reached it, "I wouldn't worry about the other people. You're graduating in a few months, yes? They won't be bothering you for long."

"True, I think...she trailed off, her thoughts wondering so something he'd just said.

"Good then. Are you hungry? I prepared dinner-"

"What's the right way to kiss then?" she interrupted, then quickly added, "Sorry, but...well, what is it?"

He gave her an odd look, as if searching for an answer. Shouldn't he know already? He'd had several girlfriends before.

"It','s hard to explain in words. You have to experience it." he messed with his tie again, but this time it seemed to be a sign of being uncomfortable, rather than trying to show off.

"But I don't want to do it wrong again."

"I told you, you didn't do it wrong."

"But I didn't do it right."

"There isn't-"

"If you can't tell me why don't you show me?"

He froze in his movements, his fingers clasped around red the fabric, with a look of shock on his face. "You...can't be serious." he finally said, giving up on his tie and lowering his hands to his sides.

She frowned, confused, "Why not? You said I need to learn from experience, yes? And you're experienced, are you not?"

"Yes. I mean no...I..." he avoided her gaze, and was he blushing?

"You've kissed girls before. I saw you." she said reasonably.

"Yes, but none of them were my childhood friend."

"But, since I am your childhood friend, you'll help me out, right?" she grinned, wondering how he'll react to that one. She could almost see the thoughts going thought his mind. Finally, she put in, "Besides, I'd rather give my first kiss to you, if that last one really didn't count. If I'd been thinking properly at the time, I would have said the same thing."

If she thought he'd been blushing badly before, this was a whole new level. He looked like he was starting to get sunburn, with how red he was. She forced herself not to giggle at him, not wanting to make him change his mind should he decide in her favor.

"Fine." he finally, reluctantly, said, "But only if you promise not to go around making out with every boy in school, just because you can."

"Hey, what kind of girl do you think I am?" she said, pretending to be offended, smiling all the while.

He put a hand to his face and sighed, "You know what I meant. Okay, first of all, we get rid of this." he stepped forward, grabbed the pillow out of her arms and tossed it to the head of the bed. Ah, this was so like Miles. Now that the decision had been made, he didn't seem so fidgety. "If your lips are dry, you might want to moisten them. Licking them is effective, but don't get them too wet."

"Okay." she said brightly, nodding to show she was taking in each word carefully. She experimentally ran her tongue over her lips, feeling them soften slightly.

"Good. Now lay down." he put his hands on her shoulders, lightly pushing on them. She squirmed a little on her back to get comfortable. He leaned over her, shifting so his weight was supported with one hand on the bed. The other he rested against her face, his thumb running over her cheek. He felt nicely warm, actually, though it quickly became extremely hard to tell because her cheeks heated up even further. At least it wasn't from embarrassment this time, it was from how very close they were. Of course, now that he'd actually agreed to it, she felt a little nervous. She knew he wouldn't make fun of her, but...

He kept his eyes on hers as he lowered his head, and her stomach tightened slightly at the feel of his breath on her face. "Close your eyes, Katlyn."

She swallowed thickly and closed them, every muscle in her body becoming hyper aware at the loss of her sight. After a moment, she felt a soft, almost non existent touch of his mouth on hers, and her heart quickened in her chest. His fingers skimmed along her skin, down over the vein in her neck. He slid his hand under the back of her neck and lightly pulled her up, and their lips pressed against each other properly. Her stomach twisted again, but it wasn't unpleasant at all, really.

Unlike the other boy who'd slobbered all over her, Miles was gentle. A little sucking here, a light nip there. She tried to mimic him, kissing him back clumsily. He was patent, understanding, and with each passing moment she figured a little more out.

He pulled away, and it was only then that she realized that she needed to breath. She drew in the air quickly, opening her eyes to look into his again. She blinked up at him, the light in the room suddenly seeming a bit brighter. How long had they...?

His own eyes were focused hard on her, like she were one of his law books. He too was out of breath, to the point of panting. "Miles?" she said, her voice faint to her own ears.

Again, he lowered his mouth to hers, his tongue slipping between her parted lips. It felt strange, to have another person's tongue brushing against hers. He tasted of mint, like he'd recently brushed his teeth. She sighed and let her eyelids close, relaxing into the sensation.

His hand left her neck, and brushed down her arm, down to her waist. She felt it slip under her shirt and start to kneed her stomach, which caused it to turn in that oddly nice way again. An involuntary sound came from her throat, and her arms wrapped around his chest, wanting him to be closer to her.

He pulled away, a chill going over her body at his sudden absence. She sat upright, watching him back away. His face was flushed, his eyes moving to look at everything but her. "Um, yeah, so ah...that's all there is to it, really. Hope you paid attention. The, ah, dinner's ready, so I'll m-meet you down there..." without waiting for an answer, he fled the room like it was on fire.

Katlyn tilted her head, a slight smile twitching into life. She thought she was the shy one? Laughing, she stood and started down stares, thinking that it might be nice to get Miles to give her more 'lessions' in the future. Perhaps later that night, if she could get him to relax a bit...