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This was a collaboration I did with two other people: Darrien Conners and Katlyn Glass (both are pen names). Those two have really collaborated for this story and think they deserved to be mentioned :) So I hope you enjoy the story so far (it'll be a work in progress for awhile:) R&R I really want to know what my readers think of this story!


For as long as I could remember, the war between my world and Ranion raged. The war officialy began shortly after my second year of life. Our planet's government told us citizens the war had begun because our neighboring planet, Ranion had been responsible for the deaths of three of our villages. 1, 085 men, women, and children total were bombed by Ranion's Soldeirs. As of expected of our leader, Ipero. He declared war on the vile Ranions. This became known in our planet's history as Retribution. But my people were vastly outnumbered by the Ranions. Compared to the Ranions we were considered "primative" by their standerds. My people have always been strong. Our body chemistries were built for taking physical endurance.

Eventually, our planet's defenses required more soldeirs. When my brother, Kieran was finally old enough to join the Army, he volunteered bravely, and never looked back. Our father would have volunteered but he was born with a slight limp. Because of that the Army never glanced at his eyes.

The Army lets people over the age of fithteen join the Training Camp. The Training Camp is where the Army trains you to be the best fighters. Training Camp trains you to fight in hand-to-hand combat, sword play, basic medicine, and precision shot*. Training Camp focuses on endurance, strength, and loyalty to the Army. Kieran left Training Camp when he was eighteen. Kieran's field was piloting fighter-ships.

The war was located in three places: Ranion, Tyris (my home planet), and the space that connected us above. My brother was a grand example on what it meant to be a Soldeir in our Army. Kieran was an excellent Pilot, loyal to his Army and to his family, and was even engaged to a local girl in our village. He was my brother, older than me by four years, but he always treated me like an adult, worthy of his attention and love. I guess Kieran was the reason why I had volunteered for the Army. I guess I just wanted Kieran to be proud of me, for following in his footsteps. In Training Camp, the Army placed me to the Role of ArrowShot.

Over the past fithteen years both sides have lost many souls.

Including my brother's.


I had been practicing my Shots when two Messengers pulled me out of my ArrowShot group. Immediately I felt that something was wrong. But the two Messengers that were transporting me to my family's hut stayed stone silent. I haven't been homw since I had enlisted to the Army. I was currently living at the quarters provided by Training Camp. I wrapped my arms around my knees, staring at the back of the Messengers's heads. I was sitting in a wooden box cart, pulled by two beasts. By midday we arrived at my family's hut. We had left late in the morning. I saw my mother first, she was picking herbs in her garden. When she saw me she smiled and waved at me. Apparently she didn't know why I was home. But as her expression turned to the Messengers, her expression clouded with dread. She murmered something about finding my father and she sprinted into our hut.


"The Army regrets to inform you that your son, Kieran is currently missing," said one of the Messengers.

A ShadowArrow immediately pierced my heart. My mother gasped in horror, started sobbing, and clutched her heart. She was feeling the same internal pain I felt. I turned to face my father, his expression turned from bewilderment to pure outrage in a flash.

"ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT KIERAN, MY ONLY SON, IS DEAD?" My father bellowed at the two Messengers.

The two Messengers remained stoic and emotionless.

"No, Kieran is only missing for now. So far we have not found any bodies," the other Messenger said.

"What other 'bodies'?" Father growled, his temper slowly becoming more controlled.

"Kieran's squad is also missing. The Army has assumed that they were captured by the Ranions or dead. The Army can not locate their transmitter's signals," the other Messenger said.

A tear almost escaped my left eye. Transmitters were placed into a Soldeir's body. The transmitters were designed to keep track of the Soldeir's location in the Army. A transmitter is surgicly implaced into a random part of the body. The only ways that a transmitter's signal could be destroyed is if the transmitter was removed, jammed by a Pill, or if the person had stopped funcutioning.

As in dead.

I felt my body shake and my insides tremble. I knew I was going to break down in front of everybody if I stayed in the hut any longer. So I ran out of my hut. Once outside, I started sprinting.


I ignored the pain in my chest. I wasn't going to stop sprinting until I reached mine and Kieran's brook. The brook wasn't really our brook by ownership, the brook was just mine and Kieran's favorite place in our whole village when we were children.

Once I was there, I let my private grief take over. I felt helpless, which in my opinion, was the worst feeling in the universe. At first the tears were falling softly but then as the grief sunk in deeper into my heart, I started bawling. Nobody could hear me for I was about a mile and a half away from the nearest hut. My face grew hot so I dunk my entire head in the icy cold water in a petty attempt to calm myself. The coldness of the water against my heated face caused me to feel sharp prickles on my skin. The water wasn't working so I pulled my head out. I snorted the water out of nostrils. I felt no calmer. The water that had gathered in my hair, dripped down my Training Camp issued dull gray blouse and jet black skirt. But I didn't care. How could I? When the person that I was closest to was . . .

I didn't want to think it. So I made a vow. Right then and there, at mine and Kieran's brook, that I would bring Kieran back. . . whatever it took.


Two months later Kieran and his squad was denounced from missing to presumed dead. I still remembered my vow. And I was planning on fullfilling it. I was only fithteen at the time Kieran went missing. I had at least two years before I could officialy join the Army and go to war. Starting the day after Kieran's and his squad's memorial, I trained and studied harder than I ever had in the beginning of my days at Training Camp. My instructors saw this sudden change in me and set me up with more difficult challenges.

The results of my hard work started to pay off. I was faster, stronger, more precise in my shooting, smarter, hell I even developed a six-pack. Shortly after my sixteenth year of life, my instructors brought me forward to their Superiors, soon to be mine too. There, in the Superior's main office my instructors informed them of my abilities and how they had full confidence that I was ready to graduate Training Camp and move on to be a Soldeir.

The Superiors wanted to see me in action so they put me through the Test. The Test was made up of a whole bunch of small tests, each specializing in an important part of warfare. First test was close combat. I fought ten highly trained captured Ranion Soldeirs with my ShadowBow and Arrows and won. Second test: since my Role was ArrowShot, I had to shoot a ShadowArrow at a moving target, which was simple as it sounded (or at least for me). Third test: apply medical attention to a trauma-injured patient. Fourth test: the Superior's head medic checked me to see if I had any mental problems. The final test was an extreme survival scenario.

I was placed in a darker than night room for the final test. I showed no fear, but inside I was frightened for what was to come. A giant glow that appeared from above consumed the room, no longer darkened. The glow transformed the room into a forested landscape. I glanced down and saw that I was wearing my own official female's ArrowShot uniform. The only top half of me that was covered was my chest. The silver armor covering my breasts. The top of the uniform connected to the small lengthed silver armored skirt I was wearing. Silver chains ornamented my armored skirt. An ArrowBow was strapped to my back.

I took in my environment. I was in my own squad, or at least I was a part of one. The final test was survival. Not just my survival but also the four electronic Soldeirs I was supposed to protect. The test wasn't easy, there was time I seriously thought I would lose someone, or even my own life. If I did die here, I would actually die, even if this was a test. I didn't lose anybody. We all survived.

A week later, the Seven Superiors announced that I had passed. I was the youngest Tyrisian to get enlisted into the Army at age sixteen.

"Chani of Tyris, we are proud to have you in our Army. Your Army now too," the Head Superior announced to me.

Like Kieran, I never looked back since.

*sniper, but with bows and arrows

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