Whatever Nerphy injected me with, it didn't make me loose consciousness it just paralyzed me. I couldn't move a muscle. Nerphy scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder so that I had a good view of his ass. He is breaking me out of prison. . . Why?

The guards that were guarding me opened fire. Nerphy turned around and stunned the guards with a weapon he had pulled out from underneath his shirt. Nerphy was going to get us both slaughtered by the time we got to the end of the hallway at this rate. Imbecile. Within seconds an alarm went off, signaling my escape.

"Oh no," Nerphy groaned.

If I wasn't paralyzed right now I would give a retort he wouldn't forget. Nerphy started sprinting as fast as he could to distance us from the reinforcements. Unfortunately, this caused my chest to bang against his backside. But then he abruptly stopped sprinting when we reached the prison's medical center. By this time I regained the ability to speak. Nerphy laid me down onto a nearby gurney. Then he took off his belt in front of me.

"What do you think you're doing?!" I snapped as soon as I could get the words out.

Nerphy grinned at the sight of my expression. Then he turned his back on me, facing cabinets containing medical supplies. His hands were flying all over the place, picking up bottles of different kinds of medicine, reading the labels, then tossing it over his shoulder.

"I'm getting you out of here, Shades. That's what I'm doing," Nerphy replied.

He grabbed a bottle of green pills, the ones that could change your whole body. He put the bottle (which was very bulky) into a pocket on his belt. He found another bottle and placed it into the other belt pocket. I estimated that he had about three years worth of pills in those two pockets.

"What are you going to use those for?" I asked, inclining my head towards the pill bottle in Nerphy's hand.

Nerphy didn't reply right away. He fastened his belt back on before he explained,

"So that Ipero will never find you, Shades."

For a flicker of a moment, I saw a. . . certain softness in Nerphy's expression when he said my code name. The softness disappeared as quickly as it showed up as we heard the heavy clammer of footsteps pounding the floor outside in the hallway. Without hesistation, Nerphy scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder once again (to my dismay). Nerphy took off sprinting, he ripped open the door, and sprinted down the hallway. I could feel his chest rising and falling as fast as his legs were pumping. Nerphy's direction was towards where the escourt ships were, an exit out of this prison. He was actually planning on taking me off of Tyris.

If I stayed, I would be executed for my assault on Nerphy. If I went wherever Nerphy was planning on taking me, I had a good chance of living. Or death. What if Nerphy had just broken me out so that he could kill me on his own terms? But back in that room, Nerphy had been really, unusually gentle towards me in his own way.

If I live, I would be able to investigate into the death of my brother and his squad. I chose living.

By the time Nerphy and I made it to the landing platform, where the escort ships were, I could finally start to feel my neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, as I looked around, we were completely surronded by prison security guards. I glanced at Nerphy's face. His expression had turned from annoyed suprised to an intensity that made my soul quiver. His soft-looking pale colored lips were tightened around his mouth and his eyebrows were scrunched together as though he was deep in concentration. The prison security guards had their weapons out and aimed right at our chests and heads. I could feel Nerphy struggle to keep a hold on my body.

I am not exactly what caused me to say to Nerphy at the time, but at that moment I snapped,

"You know it would have been sooo much easier on us right now if you hadn't injected me." I even mimicked Nerphy's tone of voice.

Nerphy glared at me with his piercing blue eyes. I tried to look like his intensity didn't effect me, even though it did. He glanced away when one of the prison security guards jabbed Nerphy on his chest with his weapon.

"Release the prisoner or suffer the same fate as the prisoner!" The prison security guard yelled at Nerphy, the security guard still had his weapon pointed at Nerphy's chest.

Nerphy seemed to soak in the threat silently. Then-

Nerphy set me down on the spin-chilling, block floor. I gazed up at Nerphy, wondering how he was going to get us alive in one piece.

We had no chance of escape. Maybe Nerphy had a chance if he left me behind. Nerphy looked at our situation. There was eight security guards swarming around us, advancing slowly. Nerphy looked at the guard that had jabbed him. The guard stared at Nerphy, looking him deep into his eyes. A challenge was set before them. And Nerphy never backed down from a challenge.

In a flash, Nerphy grabbed the guard's weapon and shot the guard in his chest. I watched as Nerphy went into his personal Role Mode, Gunner. Now that Nerphy was armed with the deceased guard's weapon, his stunner, and his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat skills. He was standing in front of me, as though he was protecting my self-immobile body. In that moment I highly doubted that he wanted me to live. Though he did break me out of my cell. . .

I felt helpless just observing instead of fighting beside Nerphy. Even though it was his fault that I was useless in this situation. Another guard on Nerphy's left was about to open fire but Nerphy saw him in time to shoot him before he had the chance. Two guards down. Six guards left. The guards dropped their weapons which landed on the floor with a heavy thunk! One of the guards addressed Nerphy,

"Stand down, Pilot Gunner Nerphy! We don't want to turn you in, we just want to return the prisoner back to her cell while her fate is being decided."

Nerphy turned his head to take a glance at me. He looked at the guards after a split second. Nerphy took on a fighting stance, he clenched his fists together and kept his legs strong in place.

"She's dead anyway if I hand her over to you," Nerphy retorted.

"Indeed," the second guard said. "But now you can die alongside her."

I felt a little more panicky than I was a few seconds ago.

"I thought my fate was being decided now," I spoke up.

"Orders just came in prisoner," one of the guards replied. "Orders are to execute the prisoner and the traitor once captured."

"Too bad you won't get the chance," Nerphy muttered as the second guard took a left hook swing towards Nerphy's face.

"If we get out here," I thought. "I'll never get the urge to smack Nerphy in his jugular. . . Unless he gives me no choice."

Author's Note:

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