The Adventures Of Shirakuma And Setsuti

(Setsuti): the older brother of Shirakuma [they're brothers]. He's a baker. He has the power of sparkles; it's manlier than it sounds… Can fly, but not very high. He's not as risky as Shirakuma

Appearance: reddish-brown hair spiked up like a foot tall, held up with a headband. Bandage on his nose. Long sideburns. Wrist-bands and ankle-bands. Sleeveless shirt. 17 years old. Japanese anime.

(Shirakuma): the younger brother of Setsuti. Assistant baker and martial-artist. Has the power of fire. Can fly but not very high. Very risky and daring.

Appearance: reddish-brown hair pulled into a pony-tail with bangs and a headband. Bandages on cheeks. Wrist-bands and ankle-bands. Sleeveless shirt. 15 years old. Japanese anime.

(Chris): the friend of Shirakuma and Setsuti. Serious gamer and loves action video games (on Nintendo D.S. I don't own Nintendo) Has no special powers.

Appearance: dark dark dark blue mixed with black colored hair, cut with long bangs and a backwards hat. Blue and white jersey with basketball shorts. 16 years old. American anime.

(THE EYEBALL WITCH): the ultimate enemy of all three of the main characters. Has the power of eyeballs, chucks eyes, flings eyes, hits people with eyes, has an eyeball staff, eyeball crown, floats around in a magic eyeball, etc.

Appearance: long black hair, long black dress, black shoes, infinity years old, Japanese anime.



Setsuti was kneading bread on the counter of the bakery. The bakery was located in a small town, it wasn't very high-tech. The town was made up of the bakery, a small training dojo, a real small one room school, a few scattered fruit markets, and a lot of fields. It was mostly inhabited by elderly folk.

The two brothers usually trained at the dojo with the other teenagers that also went to the same school. But anyway…

Setsuti was kneading bread on the counter of the bakery.

"Setsuti," Shirakuma whined, "Can you hurry up? I'm hungry!"

"Shirakuma!" Setsuti put his hands on his hips, "This is for Mr. Hinata! I told you that about 15 times!"

"I know!" Shirakuma replied, still in his whiney tone, "But I want you to hurry up so you can make another for me and Chris!"

"Ugh… Anyway, where is Chris?" Setsuti said as he placed the dough in the oven. He had just bought it, brand new. He was extremely proud of it and wouldn't let anyone touch it. It was called Heater-Upper 3000.

"Oh, Chris is over there." Shirakuma pointed to the corner of the bakery.

Chris was squatting in the corner. (NO, he's not going potty!) He was mumbling madly while twitching.

"L-level 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999... G-got-ta b-beat it…! S-so close t-t-to the b-boss level!" Chris said to himself.

"Uhhh…?" Setsuti said aloud.

"So, can you please start with our bread now!" Shirakuma sassed.

"No! Do it yourself! I'm starting on homework."

"But you remember the first time I tried to make pastries?"

"Ohh…!" Setsuti walked over to the table that displayed family photos. He picked up the photo of the 6-year-old Shirakuma holding his first baked bread. Tentacles, bones, arms and tails were coming out of the bread and grabbing onto Setsuti.

Setsuti shuddered as he set the photo down.

"Alright… I'll make you something… but you have to get Chris off his D.S."

"Okay…" Shirakuma wandered over to Chris. "Chris! GET OFF YOUR GAME AND GET A LIFE!"

No response.

He shook Chris's shoulder.

No response.

Shirakuma went to grab Chris's face to slap 'im a bit, but Chris suddenly turned.

"I d-didn't make it. The Goombas got me… You're right… I should've gotten a life when I had the chance… I mean there was one just above the ledge, but I already six lives… so I ignored it… but I actually needed it…" Chris said, he was crying.

"Gaw… were you playing Extreme Super Dangerous Dario again?" Shirakuma asked.

"N-no. It's actually Extreme Super Dangerous Mario. An American version of Mario games…" Chris replied, still crying.

Just then, Setsuti emerged from the kitchen.

"FOOD'S UP!" He said with a ta-die-for smile, while hanging up his waist-apron and winking.

Chris's eyes sparkled and he popped up, forgetting all about his game loss.

"CINNAMON BREAAAAAAAAAAAD!" Chris screamed with anime hearts in his eyes.

Setsuti sliced it in half and chucked at the other boys. They started stuffing their faces when came a knock at the door.

"Must be Mr. Hinata!" Setsuti said as he grabbed the loaf of bread and opened.

"Hello Mr. Hinata! That'll be a total of-" Setsuti started to say.

"MWHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I have come to drain you of your Japanimation power skills! Surrender now or dieee!" A woman dressed in black screeched. She was floating in an eyeball.


"SHIRAKUMA! CHRIS! RUN!" Setsuti screamed.

The boys looked up from their bread. "Huh?" They said with mouths full.

"THE EYEBALL WITCH IS HERE!" Setsuti screamed running toward the back door.

"AHHH!" They screamed.

Setsuti and Shirakuma flew out of the bakery while Chris was stuck jogging away from his enemy.

"OH! Curse my Americaness! Only Japanese anime people can fly!"

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