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The One

Chapter 1. The light

"Come here!" he shouted angrily at me, "Come here!"He grabbed my wrist and dug his nails in so I couldn't get away.

"Ow! " I cried out in agony, "That hurts!" I tried to get away, he tightened his grip, "Ow!" I slapped him and stood on his foot, he let go, I took my chance and ran off.

"Oh no you don't!" he shouted at me, "I've had it up to here with you! You're not getting away that easily!" he started to chase me, I ran even faster. I didn't run home (I didn't have my key on me). I ran towards the rundown part of town. He was still behind me, never going to give up. I ran into the warehouse, hoping the cover of darkness and maze of rusted machinery, long since abandoned - thinking that I would loose him in there. I couldn't be more wrong! He chased me into a room full of gadgets and broken mirrors. He closed the door. I turned to face him.

"Right then," he said menacingly, "You either do as I say or get hurt,"

"Never!" I shouted at his scarred (from all the fights he's been in) face.

"Fine have it your way." he picked up a small diamond shaped metal thing and lobbed it at me, I cringed when it hit my arm and started to bleed. The metal object fell on the ground, "Now be a good girl and come here and give your favourite boyfriend a kiss," he demanded.

"O-O-O.K," I hesitated, I didn't want to be in this abusive relationship but what could I do? If I dumped him he would probably cut me or or or something worse, I don't even want to think about it, it makes me feel sick. I went to walk when the metal diamond opened. A bright light shot out of the object and bounced all over the mirrors and the room. It started to suck me and Him in. He ran out the room and shut the door, leaving me to die.

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