Chapter 17.


"Oh hello my darling!" Her grandma ran from her house and wrapped her arms around her.

"Hey grandma," I sighed. It had been a long drive with her parents. They hadn't argued too much. Except dad had serious road rage and mom scolded him but other than that it felt like they'd been trying to hard.

"Oh my baby!" She released me and hugged dad. She started to sob against him.

"It's okay mum. I'm sorry." It looked as if he was going to cry to.

"Come on Bells. Let's go up and unpack our bags." Mom whispered to me and took my hand and brought me into the house.

It felt so weird being here. Well it felt weird being here with my mom and dad.

"I'll go put the bags up stairs." Mom ran a hand through her hair and started to run up the stairs.

"Hey beautiful," Annie stood in the doorway of the kitchen. She seemed thinner then the last time I'd seen her. She was my only aunt who wasn't married or tied down so she spent most of her time travelling and as grandma said, 'Not eating enough'.

"Hey," I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her impossibly small waist.

"Where's your mum kid?" She asked peeking over my shoulder.

I knew Annie really well, so well in fact, that I knew when she was asking me where mom was she really meant dad. Out of all my aunties she loved my dad most of all. Now that doesn't mean she doesn't love John, of course she did, she just didn't like him and mom's relationship. In her word it was 'Too perfect'.

"Dad's talking to grandma." I said as I released her.

She nodded and went back to whatever she was cooking. "They have a lot of catching up to do. She's so happy your here. Although she's not sure about why you came."

"Mom and dad need sometime getting used to being around each other again." I explained.

Annie laughed as she stirred. "I'm surprised they were even able to stay apart for the amount of time they did."

"What do you mean?" I asked settling myself down on a stool near the stuff.

She shrugged as she stirred. "Let's just say your chemistry between them isn't something that just goes away over a few years. I'm surprised they've managed to be apart this long." Annie smiled a secret knowing smile.

"You don't think mom loves John?" I asked her worried. I know I should be hoping for mom and dad to get back together but I'd only ever known her and John together.

Annie pondered the question before she answered. "She does of course. I just think she loves Jack much more."

"Why?" I was rather persistent.

"Look, they've got a long, complicated past. I doubt you want to hear it," Annie sighed. I wasn't sure whether she really thought I didn't want to hear it or if she just didn't want to tell it.

"I've a right to know my parents history!" I replied stubbornly.

She sighed and sat down on a stool across from me. "Okay you know we moved over from England hardly seventeen years ago." I nodded encouraging her to continue. "John stayed behind a little longer and then came over on his own because he had some trouble with the law."

"What kind of trouble?" John was so gentle, what could he have possibly done?

"He killed a young woman about my age and her grandma... Anyways your mum and dad met at Fuller's secondary school in town here. Well you know the classic story. They fell madly in love... And well out entire family fell in love with Violet, she was the best thing that came into our lives. Now I'm not really sure why they broke up because well to be fair I was only eight but they had a bitter break up. Your dad was positively miserable and so was your mum. Then she went into a party and met John... Emm long story short they dated for a while until she realised how much she loved your dad and then they got back together and she got pregnant with you... John went back to jail because your mum realised he killed her sister and then eventually things went weird and she got back with him..." Annie summarised.

It was a lot of information to take in. "John killed my aunt?"

She nodded sadly. "But your mum has forgiven him."

"Why would you ever marry someone who killed your sister?" I was horrified. If someone hurt Arianna I'd kill them.

"I think she just liked his dangerous nature... Now though he's a bit dull," Annie sighed. She never could keep up a conversation with John for very long.

I couldn't ask anything else because mom chose that moment to enter the kitchen. "What've you two ladies been talking about?"

"Just girl talk." Annie winked at me then got up and threw her arms around my mother.

"I've a feeling that isn't good." My mom laughed. "I'm going to do some work in the living room. Try not to fill her mind with too much dirty stuff." Mom left the room.

"Will you finish the story?" I asked softly.

She shook her head and went back to her large pot. "Nope not tonight. Besides there isn't much left to say. Why don't you go unpack?"

I sighed and got up off the stool. What was the point in badgering her? When Annie refused to tell you something you'd never get it out of her.


When I finally escaped my mum I said a quick hello to Annie then dashed upstairs and started to just unpack. When I couldn't spend any longer in my old room, I moved swiftly down the stairs with some work papers and headed for the living room. When I walked in I saw Violet sitting on the L shaped sofa with her laptop, notebook and iPhone at her side.

"Can I help you with something?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

I couldn't speak for a few moments. She was so beautiful. She had her short reddish hair pulled up in a butterfly clip and she was wearing her thick black framed glasses. Her blue eyes sparkled so I knew she was after hitting on a good part in whatever story she had made up. Her beautiful curved body was only covered by a tiny tank top and three quarter length track suit bottoms. It seemed so simple but she was unbelievably beautiful.

"Can I help you?" She asked again, although she seemed more amused then annoyed.

"Nevermind, I'll go into the kitchen." I mumbled and started to leave the room.

"Ah well you've gotten me to look up from my work now, tell me what you're wanting?" She smiled at me and took off her glasses.

"Ah it's nothing. Tell me what your writing." I asked sitting down on the edge of one of the arm chairs.

"It's about a woman named Viola Hummel. She has two children. One of them belongs to her husband who she has been with for about twenty years and the other belongs to a French artist that she'd had a brief fling with at the start of her marriage, her husband doesn't know that though. When she thinks her husband is having an affair with his assistant she runs away to a French village. It's there that she meets the man she'd had her fling with. Now she is conflicted as to whether to give her husband another chance, or go back to this French Adonis that ignites some strange passion inside her." She whispered it quietly and shifted uncomfortably.

I didn't say anything for a moment as I absorbed the plot. "Any of that based on a real life experience?"

"Of course not... What were you wanting?" She asked changing the subject.

"Emm it's nothing." I scratched the back of my neck uncomfortably. "I was just coming in here to work."

"Nothing else?" She asked me sceptically.

"Well I was wondering... If maybe you would like to go to dinner... I dunno maybe to catch up and eh see how well we can do with out getting into a screaming match?" I laughed nervously.

She laughed and it sounded almost like a wind chime. "That sounds fun. When?"

I felt like a teenager asking a girl out on date and for the life of me I didn't know why. "Tonight?"

She glanced down at her watch. "I'd need to get a shower."

"We could have a late dinner then get a drink?" I suggested.

She thought about it for a few moments before she finally closed her laptop. "Fine fine. I'll be ready bout half seven."

I looked up at the clock, it was only half five. "Why do you need so much time?"

"Because Angel and Rachel are on their way down so I've a feeling them and Annie are going to get involved." She laughed and got up off the sofa.

Angel and Rachel were coming down? I felt my heart plummet. Didn't that defeat the purpose of us trying to spend time alone? Could they not even give us a few moments peace. I wasn't sure why I felt so bad. I didn't know what I had expected from this weekend but I wished we'd be alone.

"Anything else?" She grinned.

I shook my head and left the room. If I spent any more time with her right now I might lose it and do something I'd regret.

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