Chapter 18.


Had he just asked me out on a date? That man had a serious way of getting inside my head. It was like he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"What's up with you?" Annie asked wiping her hands in a tea towel.

"I don't even know." I sighed and rubbed my temples.

"Sit and tell me." She ordered and ushered me into the kitchen and up onto one of the stools.

"Oh Annie, there's nothing to tell." I muttered, chewing absently on my lip.

"Violet, you have been there for me ever since I was young, now I'll be here for you. Please tell me." She urged.

I sighed. I could barely even think about it to myself let alone say it out loud to Annie. "It's nothing Ann, I'll be fine."

She sat back and stared at me, then threw her hands in the air, frustrated. "Fine, whatever."

"Ann, it's not that I've nothing to say, it's that I can't physically say it!" I yelled in frustration.

"Why not? What could be so horrible that you can't tell me? Is it because I'm younger then you? Because that doesn't matter any more!" She huffed angrily.

"Well I don't know how to tell you! Fuck sake Ann, I don't even know how to say it to myself!" She was making me angry. She had never been happy with John and I as a couple and now she was trying to get me to confess my marriage was far from perfect.

"Say it Violet! Christ, it's not like he's having an affair!" She screamed.

There it was. What I couldn't even admit to myself was out there in the open. It made me ashamed to admit it.

"Ohmigod, that's the reason isn't it?" She gasped. She didn't seem to have been expecting that.

I struggled in a deep breath. "I can't be sure, but I've suspected it for about six months now, ever since his little bitch of an assistant, Martyna started working for him. He's been staying an awful lot later at an art college then he should."

She looked at me, her eyes unseeing for a moment. "What does she look like?"

"Martyna?" I asked hissing out the name. "She's short with dirty blonde hair slime green eyes, she's polish, with a ugly crooked nose and a horrible thin mouth."

She raised an eyebrow. "That's an accurate description yeah? Totally unbiased?"

I shrugged and started playing with the grains of sugar that had landed on the counter.

"Perhaps you're having an over reaction? John doesn't exactly seem like the type to cheat."

"They never do though." I muttered bitterly. "That's the point... You think you've met the most perfect guy in the world then some back stabbing bitch shows up! She fuckin' wiggles her Nicki Minaj arse and steals him from me!"

"Look honey, why don't you go lie down and I'll bring you some tea to settle your nerves, yeah?" She gave me a weak smile and hopped up off the stool.

I nodded and stood up to leave. I suddenly felt very weary and like I'd aged ten years.


When I heard stools scrapping against the kitchen tiles I ducked back into the living room and jumped onto the sofa. My mind was completely blown. Sixteen years ago she left me standing at the alter because she thought John loved her more. Now here we are and now who would've been the most faithful?

My mission for the night was glaringly obvious, I had to win Violet back by showing her what a stand up guy I'd become.

"What're you grinning about?" Mum asked coming in with a bucket filled with coal.

"Nothing. Just glad to be back home." Well it wasn't exactly a lie, there were things I had missed. I had missed the sweet flowery scent of my mum's perfume. I missed the annoying way Annie invaded everyone's privacy even though she was now twenty four! I missed the kitchen smells. The smell of baking and cinammon Then the smell of fairy washing up liquid if you got near the sink. I missed the smell and look of my bedroom. The thing that I had really missed though was Violet. It turns out that I'd missed absolutely everything about her. I missed the way her laugh sounded. To most people her laugh was unattractive because she'd developed a habit of snorting when she laughed, but sixteen years later and I was still smitten. I loved the fire in her eyes when I made her angry. I loved the way she had an air of authority and commanded a rooms attention without even realising it. What could I say? I loved everything about her. She was different and yet same in some way.

"Ah that's nice love," She smiled and pushed a loose strand of greying from her face. "Next time don't leave it so long between visits."

I realized that I'd not only missed alot of familiar things, I'd also missed the people. They'd all gotten older and especially my mum. Her once golden blonde hair was now going whitish grey and her skin was developing wrinkles. She was still unbelievably strong willed though.

"What?" She gave me a funny look as she wiped the soot on her old apron. "Why're you looking at me funny?"

I shook my head and heat flooded into my cheeks. "I just realized how much I missed having you around."

Her expression softened and she came over to me, wrapping her arms around me. "I've missed you too. I told you not to leave it so long."

I hadn't cried once in sixteen years and now sudden hot rush of tears streaming down my face. "I love you mum," I said shakily.

"I love you too Jack. I have since the moment you were born and no matter what happens your always my son and I'll always love you." She sounded like she was holding back tears herself.

"Thanks mum," I whispered.

She pulled back and wiped her tears. "Now go on with yourself. There must be something for ye young kids to be up to."

She was right, there was. I had to get ready for my date. I had to recreate and rebuild my life.


I went up into my bedroom and headed straight for my laptop. I know that sounded like something every teenager does but I had a purpose, I needed to speak to Ethan. The only problem is when I logged into facebook and searched him he was none existence I was going to have to call him. I waited as I pressed 'Call Ethan' in suspense. He hadn't taken the news that we were leaving very well.

"Hello?" He asked passively after the fifth or sixth ring.

"Hey," I barely breathed. Even the sound of his voice was enough to send shivers up my spine.

"What's up?" His voice was emotionless, robotic even.

"Nothing... I was just calling to see how you were." I gulped. Had he completely gotten over me?

"I'm fine... Look Bella I gotta go mom's having a bit of a shit attack and I kinda need to deal with that." He sighed.

"Oh... Yeah... Sure... Bye." My voice was flat.

"Awh Geez Bell! Don't be like that!" He sounded frustrated.

"Like what?" I was confused and angry with him.

"Like a bitch! Like it's my fault!" He snapped.

"I'm acting like a bitch?" I hissed.

"No... Yes... Look I didn't mean that. I'm just stressed out okay?" He sounded worn out.

"Okay yeah." Why bother fighting with him?

"So I'll call you yeah?" He offered in compensation.

"Yeah, fine." With that I ended the call.

Sometimes I really didn't understand that boy. He went from hot to cold to back again. He was infuriating. Did boys take classes in how to be that annoying? I threw my phone at the wall then flung my arms over my eyes.

"What's up with you?" Mom asked from the doorway. She looked as if she were on the verge of tears herself so I had not desire to burden her with my weak ass boy problems.

"Nothing," I grumbled, rubbing at my tears.

"Well you don't look like there's nothing wrong. You always throw your phone at walls when nothings wrong?" She raised and eyebrow. "Yeah thought not. So what's the word humming bird?" She moved over to my bed and pushed the hair from my eyes.

"Ethan is being an idiot." I mumbled.

She smirked slightly but seemed sympathetic. "All boys are idiots Sweetheart. What'd he do?"

"He promised me that we could stay close, so I rang him to let him know everything was okay down here, but when he was speaking he was so robotic and emotionless. Then he said something about his mom freaking out, like he wanted to end the call then he started freaking out and told me he'd call me." I started knotting and un-knotting my fingers.

"You really like this boy don't you?" She sighed seeming troubled by it.

"Why?" I searched her closely trying to understand why this made her sad.

"Nothing honey. I guess I'd always hoped you'd get together with Matt." She sighed and ran her fingers threw her hair.

"Why him?" I wrinkled my nose. Matt had been well and truly friend zoned. More like a brother then anything.

"Well he's a mother's dream for her daughter." She smiled taking my hands in hers. "He respects your parents. He's good to you. He's a gentleman. He's perfect."

On paper he was perfect and I loved him but wasn't there supposed to be a spark? "Mom there's no_"

"No spark." She cut me off. "I remember a time when there was no spark so I left... Now the spark I left for is running dry."

I was going to question her further but she patted my leg as if to tell me not to say any more on the subject.

"I hear Angel and Rach downstairs. I better go. I'm going out tonight. but don't worry princess. Ethan will call. He's just confused, like we all are." She smiled and left the room. Leaving me wondering over her cryptic words.

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