The End Times

Chapter 1: The Wizard, The Elf and The Centaur

The mist covered the entire Plain of Tranquillity, a huge grassland covered in farms of golden wheat, near the time for reaping. On a normal day the farmers would be milking the cattle such as the mammoths or the two headed cows. Or maybe chopping firewood ready to sell and use in the winter. However, today was no ordinary day, the farmers were gone, the fields of wheat were ruined and dead, the fresh green grass was now gone and replaced with churned mud, and the muddy ground was littered with the bodies of the dead.

All the bodies wore armour, dead soldiers, most of them were Men, and some were Elves. Swords, bows and shields littered the arms and hands of the dead soldiers. Soon the dead bodies were disturbed once again by the sounds of men yelling, soldiers charged through the mist bearing their swords and shields. The armies of Thaldrum and Gamrok clashed together as the first lines attacked each other. Men screamed, other laughed, but all killed and fought with each other.

Then the Calvary charged on both sides, knights bearing spear and shield, clashing together. Horse fell; men fell off their horses into the muddy ground and were stabbed by the soldiers on foot. The armies of Thaldrum and Gamrok kept fighting, none of them giving up ground, those who died were replaced by the ones behind, and it was stalemate.

Then there was a bellowing roar, a roar so loud it caused the mist to clear, the birds to flee and the soldiers to stop fighting each other. "WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!" was all that was heard, the wind could not make a louder noise than that roar. Both armies looked at the hill above the battle ground, atop the hill stood three figures.

One figure was an Elf, like the stereotypical Elf he had a bow and a quiver full of arrows, but he did not look like a normal Elf. He wore an eye patch over his missing eye; he wore a red and yellow striped wrap tied around his forehead that kept his dirty blonde hair from blocking his one eyed vision. He wore a green cloak with the hood down and a patchwork shirt and waistcoat, along with the blue and white striped trousers and black boots, one which held a small Elven Knife. His name was Harnor.

The second figure looked like he was on a horse, rather he was the horse. At least his bottom half was, his bottom half was a white horse, his top half from his torso was that of a man. He had long black hair and bronze coloured skin; he wore a shining silver chest plate and had a giant sword in its sheath strapped to his side. His name was Flourence

The third was a man, a wizard in fact. He wore stained blue robes and a belt around his waist. He also wore a large pointed hat on his head with a feather sticking out from the side. Over his robes he wore a yellow moth eaten cloak. In one hand he carried a wooden staff with a golden crystal on top, in his other hand he held a small curved wooden wand, it look like it had just been snapped off a tree. His name was Galeron.

"HAVE YOU NO SHAME?" Galeron's voice echoed throughout the entire battlefield, all the soldiers stood side by side, even if they were fighting each other, and they looked at the hill with the three figures. "Why fight each other? You are brothers in arms; would you kill your blood brother? Would you kill your father? Why kill each other?" he asked angrily. Then one of the soldiers in the crowd shouted back, "War is for soldiers! Not wizards and magic uses!" Many of the soldiers burst out laughing, laughing at Galeron and his peace talk.

Galeron raised his staff and hit the floor with the end, the entire crowd of soldiers suddenly stopped laughing, more unable to laugh, like their mouths had been sealed shut with thread. "You shouldn't be fighting each other! The real enemy is right on our doorstep; we must have unity and face Him and his armies of darkness!"

There was another burst of laughter from the soldiers; the silence curse finally wore off, "Face Him? He doesn't exist, just a fairy tale to frighten children!" and the laughter did not cease. Then there was a scuffle from one end of the battlefield, a fight had broken out again, then once again the entire crowd was fighting amongst each other.

Galeron sighed and looked at Harnor and Flourence, Galeron sighed heavily at the fighting soldiers, then he looked back at Harnor, he smiled at Galeron and said "Go on then, you've wanted to do it all day" followed by a short chuckle. Galeron mumbled a small victory under his breath and raised his wand and staff. The clouds suddenly turned grey and it began to pour it down with rain and thunder heavily. Lightning strikes began to erupt from the sky and strike the ground; it began to hit the ground between the two armies and the soldiers were suddenly blasted back from each other. Finally a giant lightening fork hit the floor and both armies felt the shockwave, both armies were suddenly launched off their feet and hit the ground. Galeron lowered his arms and the storm ceased.

"NOW HEAR ME! HE IS COMING! SIXTEEN SOLAR CYCLES FROM NOW THE FORCES OF DARKNESS WIL RETURN! AND YOU ALL MUST BE READY!" Galeron bellowed the soldiers were all listening, all scared of the wizard. "NOW RUN! RUN HOME AND ABANDON THIS WAR!" and with that another lightening fork hit the ground, the soldiers from both sides scattered and ran away from the fighting. The War between Thaldrum and Gamrok was over.

The trio looked at each other, before Flourence spoke, "When shall we three meet again?"
"Sixteen solar cycles from now, near His return" Galeron spoke.
"What shall we do in the meantime?" Hadron asked, scratching under his eye patch.
"Gather allies and information, forge alliances if necessary. Me, I'll look at the stars and ancient scrolls and find any way to slow Him down. I must find The One." Galeron explained to his companions, stroking his greying beard.

They all nodded; finally Hadron raised his hand, "may the Time Gods watch over us" Then they parted, but not before Flourence asked "Galeron, how will you find The One?"
"What else do you do when you have no way of finding someone?" he asked rhetorically, his companions shrugged, Galeron smiled, "You leave it to chance"

And with that they all parted ways, Hadron headed back towards the forests and the jungles to where more Elves lived high in the trees, away from Human conquest. Flourence began galloping towards the mountains to find more of his own people. Galeron began the long walk through the woodland back to his small cottage in the village of Coldwind, if he willed he could have teleported back to his home, but he felt like walking today. Today he felt like taking a chance.