Chapter 15: The College of Wizards

The next day after the creation of Arthur's wand there was another two meetings. The final plans of getting into the College of Wizards were drawn. Arthur would become a student of the college and, after a day or two looking around, in the night sneak Mari and Damon into the College to look for the tome. Simple enough plan, but there was more rumours that turned out to become true.

The Dwarven Kingdoms had been pushed from their underground Kingdoms by The Dark Destroyer's followers, now Dwarven refugees were fleeing to every city to get away from the fighting. That morning, after Arthur had fed Hawkeye a fat mouse, The Hatter and Arthur had disappeared to a location half a mile away from the College.

Once the Hatter and Arthur had cleared the woods they landed in, they came across the most spectacular sight. A mighty tower made of stone and higher than any building ever built to date, taller than any tree in any forest. Arthur stood there, his mouth wide open, speechless. The Hatter stood there smiling, "beauty isn't it?" and they walked on.

They both reached the front entrance, the Hatter knocked on it three times with his cane before it swung open. An elderly man stood there, his beard was long and white, reaching all the way down to his knees. He wore a magnificent deep robe with gold embroidery. "Can I help you?" his croaky voice asked, he must have been well into his nineties.

"Greetings, I'm Mr Hightop, this is Arthur. I sent you an Eagle with a message last night?" The Hatter said. The Old man looked at the Hatter, looking at him from top to bottom, and then scanned Arthur with his eyes. "Oh! I remember now." The old man took both their arms and shook them. "I'm headmaster Lawrence, is this boy the one who is willing to join?" he asked.

The Hatter nodded, then Headmaster Lawrence looked at Arthur, "and he's your…son?" The Hatter looked at Arthur then looked at Headmaster Lawrence, "Yeah…takes after his mother more than me I'm afraid."
"Not really, I can see the resemblance." Lawrence said. Arthur and The Hatter looked at each other, "Really?" they both said simultaneously. Lawrence opened the door wider to let them both walk in. The College must have had the same magic as the cottage because the place looked massive inside. They were in a giant room, with a single desk. There was cabinet with trophies in up against the stone wall.

A woman stood in front of the cabinet. Her robe was a very light blue colour, wrapped like a tunic with the hood down. She also held a book in one hand and a quill in the other. Her hair was blonde, and even from where Arthur was standing you could smell her sweet rose aroma. She was simply a stunning woman, no more than twenty years old.

The Hatter and Lawrence walked to the desk and began writing things on parchment. Arthur somehow found himself standing next to her, looking at the trophies. A full minute passé before Arthur could even speak, "excuse me? Do you study here?"

The woman looked up from her writing; her eyes were a piercing blue colour and she had the perfect face. "No, not any more unfortunately. I'm Alice Coffey, how do you do?" and she held out her hand. As Arthur shook her hand he noticed her pointy ears, "you're an elf?" Arthur asked, smiling. Alice smiled backed, "does that bother you?" and she withdrew her hand. Arthur shook his head, "one of my best friends is an elf…he also has one eye." Alice didn't seem to be listening; her eyes were transfixed on the Hatter.

"Who is that?" she asked. The Hatter looked up from his parchment and saw Alice; his pale, white skin turned a slight shade of pink, he quickly looked away to face the parchment and continued writing. "That's the Hatter, he's my…friend."
"Friend? He's…interesting." She whispered.

The Hatter and Lawrence finished writing and walked over to Arthur and Alice. "Hat…I mean Dad, this is Alice, and she's a…"
"…historian" Alice finished, holding her hand out to shake The Hatter's. The Hatter took off his top hat and bowed, took her hand and kissed it. Alice blushed slightly, "he's also a gentleman." She gasped.

The Hatter put his top hat back on and faced Arthur, "this is your new home now, I'll be back in two days to see how you're doing." The Hatter then winked at Arthur, "I must take my leave, good day Headmaster, Arthur, Alice." And then the Hatter left the College.

Headmaster Lawrence led Arthur to his new room, a very small room, smaller than the one at the cottage, just a bed and a writing desk. "Goodnight Arthur, your first lesson will be History of Spell casting tomorrow, you will enjoy it here." The Headmaster then closed the bedroom door, leaving Arthur to lie on his bed.

Then Arthur felt it, the small vibrations through the wall, matching his own heartbeat. The only other time he felt those vibrations was when he was near a Tome. Arthur knew what her had to do in two days, find that Tome in the College, and find it quick.