Chapter 27: The Funeral Pyre

The next day was gloomy, grey clouds covered the sky as far as the eye could see. No ray of sunshine would break through the clouds today, not today, the funeral of High priest Phillip of the Time Gods.

Harnor, Argamir and The Hatter built the pyre from the remains of many Coldwind houses, after Cornelius' betrayal and the death of Phillip remaining villagers had left overnight. Coldwind was now a ghost town. Mari clutched Arthur's hand tightly and the last piece of wood was placed on the pyre, Arthur's eyes were red with tears and tiredness.

The Hatter, Alice and Hawke then took their place around the pyre and drew their wand, cane and staff and held them vertical. Harnor took out his flute and began to play a sad, sorrowful song, one that Arthur had no name to give it.

Flourence walked up the hill first, his great-sword drawn, he walked slowly towards the pyre. Behind him, Argamir, Damon, Mr Nord and Mr Patient carried Phillip's body. It was completely covered in tightly wrapped white cloth, all except for his face, which was pale, the smile still etched upon his face, gold coins covered his eyes.

Harnor kept playing his flute, somewhere off in the distance Hawkeye sang, a sad tune that matched Harnor's flute. Harnor lowered his head in respect as Phillip's body was brought up the hill. Arthur's eyes began stinging more as tears began to form, Mari gripped his hand tighter, seeing the expression on his face.

Flourence broke off from the funeral escort and joined the group, Argamir, Damon, Mr Patient and Mr Nord walked slowly with Phillip's body until they reached the pyre. They lowered Phillip's body onto the pyre, making sure to lower him straight, before they took their places in the group.

Argamir stood in front of the group, Phillip's chant book in hand, and began saying various prayers and chants, giving Phillip his last rites before his body passed from the world into the arms of the Time Gods.

After Argamir had finished reciting the chants, he closed the book and nodded to The Hatter before taking his place. Harnor stopped playing his flute, Hawkeye stopped singing. The Hatter lowered his cane to the bottom of the pyre, Alice crouched down and placed her wand on her side, Hawke then did the same with his staff. Small sparks shot from the end of the cane, wand and staff and started the fire. Alice, The Hatter and Hawke then joined the group.

The Hatter took off his top hat, and lifted his can high before the tip lit up blue, Alice and Arthur copied with their wands, as did Hawke with his staff. Flourence, Argamir, Damon, and Mari drew their swords and held them vertical, the tip pointing to the sky. Mr Nord held up his woodcutting axe and Mr Patient bowed his head in respect, and Harnor began playing his flute again.

Arthur watched as Phillip's body was quickly devoured by the magical flames, the High Priest of the Time Gods...Phillip, was now gone from this world and into the next. Arthur looked at the flames with a burning hatred of Cornelius, "you could have stopped him" he kept repeating in his mind, more tears rolled down his cheeks.

But Arthur knew a lot more people would die if he didn't stop Galeron...The Dark Destroyer. Arthur realized Phillip's death was only the beginning.