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I woke up, and it was still dark. I was freezing and still damp from the rain, but it wasn't raining anymore. Or rather, it wasn't raining on me. I could hear the pitter-patter of rain falling outside…Outside? I looked around, confused to find myself in a dark room, lying in a bed that was twice as big as my own.

I thought back. The last thing I remembered was a white hit flash, blackness, and then, nothing. I tried to move, and found my arms were covered in burns, my fingers tipped in black. I managed to sit up, wincing as I did, and screamed at the top of my lungs.

"WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON HERE?" I hollered, hoping my kidnapper had heard. To my surprise, a lanky young man with a dark mop top haircut stumbled in, shutting the door behind him.

"Shhhh! It's 3 in the bloody morning!" he hissed with a distinctly English accent, rubbing his eyes.

"Don't shush me! I'm not the one who kidnapped a girl off the streets!" I said, and I realized how dry my throat was.

"We didn't kidnap yeh!" He mumbled drowsily. I could've sworn I'd heard his voice before, but it was too dark to tell who he was. "Go back to bed; we can talk when it's not in the middle of the night."

"Fine," I replied hesitantly, and he stood up to leave, "But lock the door behind you! I don't want to find you in here while I'm sleeping!" Mystery Guy chuckled. I heard the click of the lock as he closed the door behind him, so I laid back down and tried to remember what had happened. The farthest back my memory would take me was waiting in the parking lot and going unconscious. I closed my eyes and let sleep come, hoping to pass the remaining hours till dawn so that I could figure out where I was.

I bolted upright in a cold sweat: I remembered what had happened after the flash... And I refused to believe it. I jumped out of the bed, running out the door and grabbing my bag from the floor as I passed. I looked up and down the unfamiliar hallway and chose the closest door: the bathroom. I scampered in, closing the door behind me and arriving at a low window. I unlocked it, pushing it up and putting one leg through. I was about to jump when I hesitated, looking at the closed door one more time. I shuddered and heaved the rest of my body through, hitting the ground running.

I ran away from that house, away from the impossibility, away from my own insanity. I ran until my chest burned and my sides hurt and I couldn't breathe. The burns on my arms and legs blistered. I stopped under a lamp post, hands on my knees, breathing roughly and taking in my surroundings. I was on an unrecognizable street, standing next to an old bus stop. I looked down: I was still wearing the pioneer dress I'd worn for the activity that night, and I shivered as the rain soaked it through. The stupid rain that hadn't stopped yet, that I doubted ever would. I crept inside the bus stop and sat on a creaky wooden bench, sliding my elbows onto my knees and staring out into the sheets of rain that were pouring down.

I hadn't realized that I'd fallen asleep until a knock jolted me awake. I looked through the wall of the bus shelter and saw a set of incredibly unamused, dark eyes under a shaggy head of hair. He, followed by three other young men, came into the shelter and sat down beside me on the bench. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my knees. Bad idea. I winced as my burns scraped each other, and let my legs back down. The guys on the bench all looked at me, as if trying to read my thoughts from my face.

"What?" I snapped, narrowing my eyes. Three sets of eyes disappeared, looking away, but one remained. I scowled at him, but he just stared coolly back, his chocolate eyes boring into mine.

"Most birds would be shrieking right about now," he informed me simply.

"From being kidnapped and followed? Sorry, my throat hurts a bit too much right now," I replied coolly. I wondered how far I'd get if I ran again, and if they'd follow me again. I decided the chances were in my favor, so before he could say anything else, I was up and out into the rain again. A moment later, I heard footsteps. A glance over my shoulder told me that they were gaining, fast. I ran as fast as I could, but they reached me. One caught my wrist and pulled me back, grabbing my other arm and pinning them behind me.

"I've already told you that we're not kidnapping you!" he said in my ear, "So why do you keep running?" I wriggled against his viselike grip, shaking my head.

"You. Can't. Be. Here," I told him through chattering teeth.

"And why's that, then?" he asked patiently. I could feel his body heat washing over me, which couldn't happen if he wasn't really there, could it?

"Because-" I stopped. I couldn't exactly tell him the truth: Because I'm from the future? Because you've been dead for ten years? No. Real or not, my mouth would stay shut for now. "Because I said so!" He chuckled at this, but didn't move. The others arrived then, rain evident on their clothes.

"So...uh. Hi," said one. I refused to look at his face.

"Can we go home now?" whined another, "I mean, we've got the girl, and it's freezing, so can't we go back to sleep until, like, breakfast?" The others nodded in agreement, and we began our march back to where we'd come from.

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