This Diary Belongs To

Wren Cooper: Part Time Student, Full Time Community Theatre Actor.

If this piece of junk ends up on the internet or something, I swear a few heads are gonna roll. That's a warning to you Don Carlos. Mad Matador my butt. Why the hell am I even writing this? It's not like it ever will end up on the internet. Will it?

Dear Diary

My mother says that it's good to keep a diary. She says it lets you release your feelings. I'm not buying it. Whatever. She gave me a diary and I can't refuse. Well anyway I'm a theatre kind of gal. If I want to be in any production, I have to audition. That's where the problem lies. I have an endless history of bombing said auditions. I don't know. Nerves get to me sometimes. By now they shouldn't. I've been going at it for like twelve years. Why bring this up? Because stupid diary, I totally bombed yet another audition today. I prepared for this one for like ever. I went in there, took a deep breath and sang. I was thinking 'Hey. Maybe I won't bomb this time. Maybe I have a shot'. Then it happened. I cracked, diary. Can you believe it? Can you believe I'm talking to an inanimate object? Because I can't. Right after they cut me short and excused me. If I'm lucky, maybe I might have a chance at being chorus. Not holding my hopes high but hey. Things could happen. Then again with my luck, who knows. Until later diary, much later.

The Audition Bomber Extraordinaire

Wren Cooper