oh, is this not allowed?
would it persuade you if my jeans could tent,
and there was a bump on my throat.
my knees leave marks on the rug,
stained dirty and wrong,
with my hands tied together
behind my back.
is it easier that way? please tell.
because these binds are digging into flesh,
biting, bruised dripping tissue.
tears stream down pale cheeks,
and dowse duck tape scars on an un-forgiving
mouth. im getting tired, and the only place
to go from here, is down.
my cousin is an alligator,
but im the inhumane one.


Day 3: Write a dialogue of two people to this prompt, either incorporating it into the text or using the idea: My cousin is an alligator. (Obviously, I'm changing these to fit how in my format.)

A/N: Dedicated to Paul.