My name is Ignis and Today I turn 16, the big one six! I have been waiting for this day for a long time, knowing my independence starts now. I can now take control of my life, and steer myself in any direction I choose without being held back by anyone. From this day on the decisions I will make will be my own and won't be made for me by someone else.

Throughout my life I have tried so hard to not be sucked in to the village life of Greenyard, and this is how I have come to attain the title 'Hero'. The first time I was called Hero was back when I was 10. Like any other day I was working on the fields, doing the same routine, checking the crops, taking away the good ones, washing them and finally replanting them. My adopted family were the local farmers and provided the village with most of the bread for the majority of the year, and I was grown up to inherit the trade and carry on the family business.

When I was finished with my daily chores I had headed over to the hut which we call home. Usually my mother would greet me with the warm smell of fresh bread but something was not right, she wasn't there. When you have grown up with a routine each day you notice anything that seems to be unnatural, and as I was searching for her in my own house, which is not that big by the way I had noticed the scream of my mother "help, anyone please help!"

It was coming from the field. I had rushed knowing that something was not right. As I reached her she was being held to the ground by 3 Men. I had been engulfed in rage, and I had acted purely on my impulse. The 3 men had not seen me coming, and I managed to take the first one out with a punch to the back of the head. This was not a smart move; the other 2 men had noticed me. The bigger of the 2 squared up to me whilst the other one had pinned my mother down. I acted quickly, to take him by surprise; I took my left elbow and landed it straight to his gut leaving him immobile for now. The other one knowing his 2 partners were down had fled the scene into the woods. I watched him closely, and as he reached the woods I noticed for the first time, the figure in the black robes. I cannot describe what he looked like because everything was covered in the black robes. I had asked my mother if she had seen the figure in the black robes but she dismissed the idea and made it out like I was seeing things.

Six years later I still do not know how I managed to take care of the 3 men; I was only 10 and had never been trained in close combat. I can only say that it felt natural, and it came to me when I needed it the most. Funnily enough this isn't the only thing that has happened to me in the minute village of Greenyard which only houses a population of 400 by the way, so you could say that 2 bad things in the space of 6 years could be considered to be more than a coincidence. The text time I was honoured to be branded hero again was actually quite recent, a month ago to be precise.

So 5 years had passed since the incident when I was 10, and I was still busy doing my usual chores and routine, checking the crops, taking away the good ones, washing them and finally replanting them. Like I said, my life was pretty ordinary and it was going that way throughout the day. I had headed towards the boundary of our farm, to collect the final crops. In the corner of my eye, I had seen... The figure in the black robes, at first I was struck with surprise, I stood still and my eyes met, well my eyes met darkness, no eyes, just the blackness of his cloak and with this I felt fear strike, not my own fear but the fear it seemed of the world hung on my shoulders. I had run after the figure, knowing if I could catch him, I could question why he was there. He had instantly turned around and headed in the opposite direction until I could see him no more, I had stopped and waited until he revealed himself to me but my hopes had soon faded when I realised he had gone. I headed back home. As I headed back, I felt as though something was watching me. I had begun to run. But the trees, they moved violently, and out of the trees came a sound, an ear-splitting roar from an animal which I had never heard before. From out the trees, the man risen on a beast. The beast was large, its skin as dark as night and its body strong. It had two gleaming purple eyes that shone and beautiful wings. Its body darted with spikes, and its teeth as sharp as they were vicious. I had staggered as I had realised the legends were true, it was a dragon.

By this time I had Begun a flat out sprint to my home to warn the upcoming terror that was about to unveil, but the dragon was too fast. He had overtook me, I already knew what I was about to face. By the time I had managed to reach home, it was too late the house had already been set a flame. Like last time, I had acted without hesitation and manoeuvred myself into a position to save my family which were locked inside the engulfed cage. Whilst inside the inferno, I discovered an ability which I never knew I had, it had been hidden inside me, locked away and this scenario was the key. I am Immune to fire, to be more precise, fire does not harm me. With this new discovery, I had easily managed to save my family but they do not know how, I am afraid to tell them of anything I saw that today, as the man in the black robes is watching.

Not knowing what to believe anymore, I remain locked in the routine of village life unable to tell anyone of what happened a month ago, but today that changes as I am now 16 and ready to tackle the world.

"Happy birthday Ignis!" both my parents came rushing into my room interrupting my deep thoughts. We exchanged hugs and of course I received my birthday presents. My dad towered over me and was staring straight at me, obviously ready to give me one of his many speeches.

"Ignis, for my sixteenth birthday and for my dad's sixteenth birthday and so on, a special bracelet was passed down. It's your turn to have it" The bracelet was made from the finest silver. It was thin, encrusted in the middle was an amber stone.

"Dad this is beautiful, thank you"

"Ignis, this also arrived for you today, it was left on the doorstep" My mother had a knack for butting in. But she handed me the envelope, it was sealed and had my initials on the front. I opened the envelope; I pulled out the letter expecting another birthday wish. I was wrong, the letter read: You are ready

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