I sat on the hotel lobby couch, in my odd way that I often sat. My head rested barely two inches above the floor, my butt against the back part of the couch and my feet at the top. I held my kindle in front of my face, my eyes glued to the screen as I read the dirty fic that I had been awaiting the smut chapter from.
It had finally arrived, and now I couldn't stop reading.

He reached out to toy with what he had placed on the dresser beside the bed, relishing in his Shadowhunter's expression. "Oh darling," He chuckled. "Just because I'm not going to fuck you doesn't mean I won't use something else that will."
Alec moaned, eye lids fluttering against his will. It was a vibrator. A bright purple vibrator. …And it was fucking huge. He shifted his hips, eyeing his Warlock as he picked up the toy, twirling it in his fingers.
Magnus was beyond enjoyment now, he was straight into heaven. The image of Alec bound on his bed, cock erect and wanting waiting for him to make the next move was beyond any dirty dream he'd ever had of his Shadowhunter.
"God, Alec." He sighed; moving back onto the bed to crouch in front of his lover's spread legs. "You are a wet dream come true."

I tore my gaze from the kindle as I heard the sound of an automatic door sliding open. What I saw made me immediately get up from the couch and practically ran over to the group of people that had walked into the lobby.
There was a boy, who looked about fourteen - but I knew he was fifteen - with spiky rusty-brown hair, a young girl who looked about seven with short blond hair in pigtails, two other boys and then a man and woman that I presumed to be their parents. But, of course, I was only looking at the spiky-haired boy, the boy I had longed to meet for so long, who was now right in front of me.

Before I could catch myself, my arms were wrapped around him and hugging him tightly to me. He must have grown another inch or so since we talked, because we were almost exactly the same height.
He wrapped his arms around me as well, surprisingly, and hugged me tightly for a moment before we released each other.

Her smiled sheepishly, his crystal blue eyes alight.

"Hey." He said casually, holding out his hand. "I don't think we've properly met. I'm Red."

I smiled, taking his hand and bringing it to my lips to kiss one of his knuckles softly. "I'm Jason, glad to meet you." I said.

A blush had already spread across his cheeks as I released his hand, and I couldn't help but feel accomplished, though it was difficult when I could feel disapproving eyes on me.

I looked over and saw his father giving me a glare.

Shit. I forgot, his dad's a pastor. Dammit, that would definitely put a damper on my plans.

"Th-that's a nice name." He said, still looking quite embarrassed.

"Thank you." I said, turning back to meet his beautiful eyes. I had only seen him in a few pictures before, but I have to say, he was much more fun to look at in person, face-to-face. "You have a nice name, too. It suits you." I said with a subtle smirk.

I could see his smile widen just a bit, and found myself smiling wider as well. "What room are you guys in?"

"I don't know, yet." Tyler said, looking to his dad, who had gone over to the reception desk.

Tyler's mother stepped forward, holding out her hand. "I'm Ms. Smith," She introduced herself, and I shook her hand politely. "I've heard a lot of things about you. Daniel talks about you all the time -"


"Sorry, sorry." She said, though she didn't look so much sorry as amused.

Red was definitely blushing now, which made me smile even more. Moms can be so embarrassing.

I reached out suddenly, running a hand through Red's spiky hair expermentally. His blush deepened, his whole face beet red now.

I pulled my hand back, smiling sheepishly. "Sorry. I wanted to see if its as soft as it looks." I said.

"I was pretty sure you'd do that..." He said, looking at the ground. "So I didn't put mousse or hairspray in it."

"Aw!" I cooed, extremely flattered. "You did that just for me?"

He nodded ever-so-slightly.

I turned towards his mom. "Can I show him to my room? I want him to see the view, it's gorgeous."
She nodded, and Red bent down to say something to his little sister, patting her on the head before he turned back to me.

"Lead the way," He said, motioning for me to go.

I smiled at him, sliding my kindle into my small backpack/purse before I put it back on. I grabbed his hand and tugged him over to the elevator, where I pushed the 'up' button, then pulled him into the elvator as soon as it arrived.

I pushed the button to take us to the fifth floor, then stared at the little number near the cieling as it went up. 2...3...4...5.

The doors opened, and I quickly pulled him to the right. Then I remembered it was the other way and turned him around.

"Sorry. I have no sense of direction." I said with a sheepish smile as I walked down the hallway beside him.
I noticed that even though we were the same height, my legs were longer then his, so I had to slow my stride slightly so as not to get too ahead.

When we reached my room, 517, I slipped the card key into the card key thingy and then opened the door, practically dragging Red into the room before I shut the door behind us.

I tugged him by the wrist over to the floor-to-ceiling window at the other side of the room, then let go of his wrist to tug the curtain away.

My timing was impeccable. The sun was just barely floating halfway beneath the horizon, the beautiful blues of the sky giving way to a golden-orange glow. The sunlight reflected off of the river, the currents distorting the image into a swirl of reds, oranges, and yellows, with he occasional shadow casting a darker swirl of color.

"That's..." Red breathed, seeming at a loss for words, until he finally found a good adjective, "Amazing."

"Not as amazing as you." I said, taking a step closer to him. He turned, looking like he was going to say something, but before he got the chance, I leaned forward just enough for our lips to touch.

Oh yes, I thought, this was going to be a wonderful vacation.