The Window Washers
To many washin' windows
Don't pay much…
But it pays to wipe away
The grime of lies that
Cloud the eyes of innocent
Lives that are being altered
Every day.

Being taught "Good" VS. "Bad"

"Righteous" VS. "Evil"

How can you be sure what is
Who or what is truly "Good"
Or what is truly "Evil" in this
Two way mirror society we live
In. Where we see only what is fed
To us from a screen.

The window washers wash away
The distorted image of years of
Lies, so you can look out and see the
Bright, glorious (and sometimes) truth.

There have been many window washers
Through out history:

Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
M.K Asante
Abraham Lincoln
And many more…

I aim to be a window washer, to spread
Truth and glory instead of lies and infamy.
As you sit there and read this poem,
Do you think you have the courage to
Grab a bucket and a squeegee, climb
On to a scaffold and become a

Window washer of tomorrow?