The first thing I did once stepping through the portal and entering a thick dense forest was clench my pendant in my hand- Scaling the area for a place to hide it. I needed to be rid of the thing as quickly as possible, and doing it now would spare me the agony of having to think about it any longer. It was going to be difficult leaving it behind- It felt almost as if I were taking a piece of Betelgeuse and killing it-Snuffing it out. It hardly seemed fair, or- Maybe it was just my mind working against me.

Nyx and Keir watched me scatter about the area until I found a particularly tall fir tree. I fell down on my knees at the base of it and began to dig under a halfway submerged root. Once I felt there was a decent sized cubby space there, I wrapped the pendant in a handkerchief and shoved it inside, recovering it with the dirt.

Standing, I brushed my hands on my trousers and nodded.

"Time to get moving." I said, leading the way through the trees.

Both men followed, even though I wasn't quite certain where it was we should go. For the moment I wasn't entirely sure where we even were- I wouldn't know until we left the forests behind and I could catch sight of some sort of recognizable landmark. Until that time came, the only thing we could do was keep moving. I wanted us to get as far away from my pendant as possible, which meant that we would be walking all nights long and well past the morning.

It wouldn't take long for the Masters to conclude that myself and apprentice was responsible for the weapon missing, so it also would not be long for Reapers to start hunting us down. Samael planned on gaining allies, but along with those that very well might wish to join our cause- There would be even more I figured, that would decide to fight against us. The two most dreaded ones of course being Belladonna and Allistair. I was not looking forward to facing them head on. Chances were they would suck the life out of Nyx and I before we could even blink.

For a moment I couldn't help but wonder that should either of them decide to absorb Nyx's life force, what would happen to the weapon? In my opinion, since it was so dangerous and could read the hearts of whomever was near it- I would think that they would instantly be killed. But, of course, I could have been wrong. Basically there was just no way of knowing how all of this was going to turn out. Our only hope for the moment was just to keep running- Running and hoping that Samael could actually do what he promised.

We were going to need all the help we could get. After all, four people couldn't very well ever hope to go against and entire fellowship of reapers. I don't care how powerful Samael might have been, even he had his limitations.

My mind just wouldn't stop racing. So much had changed over the course of a few short hours. To think that had Nyx died, had I never recruited him- That this entire prophecy might have never been set in motion. It was strange to think that long before I never even knew he existed, we were somehow fated to meet each other. No doubts though that was Betelgeuse's doing.

When we finally emerged from the forests, I noticed a dirt road before me. Other than the road, there was no signs of life- No farms, no homes, nothing but green grass and the star filled night sky.

"Do you know where we are?" Keir asked.

I examined everything near by, trying to find something that was recognizable. Taking a few steps forward until I was in the middle of the dirt road, finally something caught my eye in the distance. Had I not had such keen vision I never would have spotted it.

It was probably a good two miles away, but I could just make out a large rock-face that was in the shape of a tall pillar. Instantly, I let out a sigh.

"I know where we are." I answered. "If we head left on the road, eventually we will come across a village called Grenwire."

"Perhaps you should check the map, Ambrosine." Keir went on. "It's not that I don't trust your judgement, but..."

"That's exactly what it is." I interrupted. "If you feel as though I will wind up getting us lost, then you have every option to turn around and go your own way. I won't stop you."

Scowling bitterly at him, Nyx as well offered him the same expression. Obviously he didn't care for the man either.

"Forgive me for questioning you, Ambrosine- But you cannot exactly blame me." Keir said. "I can sense your mind is not as sturdy as it usually is. No doubts caused from the recent change in events- Nevertheless, I am still here and don't plan on running away."

"Well, too bad for us then." I snapped, starting down the dirt road. "Listen, Keir- You might have to be here with us, but that doesn't mean Nyx or I are going to like it. In fact, I dislike it so greatly that I'm tempted to say to hell with your teaching Nyx how to wield the weapon and send you packing."

"That would be foolish." His auburn hair glistened in the pale night. "If you sent me away then Nyx would never learn to wield the shadow scythe, and then where would you be? Constantly running, that's where. Nyx might be safe, but you- No, you are not. It won't take long for Belladonna or Allistair to find you and finish you off."

Nyx suddenly stopped and with a forceful shove, Keir was sent back to his backside.

"I've had just about enough of your squirrely little mouth." He barked. "Instead of making petty threats, or trying to spook us into allowing you to stay you should be thanking Ambrosine for not knocking your rodent sized head clean off your shoulders!"

I arched both brows, stifling back a chuckle. That was the first I had ever seen Nyx lose his temper so greatly.

"Well maybe I will just go on my own way then!" Keir threatened, pulling himself back to his feet. "If this is the sort of appreciation I'll get."

Nyx and I merely stared at him, knowing fully that he had no intention of making good on that threat. Keir was a coward, and wouldn't risk his hind end getting kicked by our Masters just to spite us. But, he waited for us to comment- Waited for us to object, to beg him to stay. And when the both of us only stood there silent he cinched his mouth to practically invisible.

"I will leave!" He continued. "You will be on your own!"

"Fine, there's the road." Nyx said, pointing in the opposite direction. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

I nudged Nyx and we started off again.

"Try to stay out of site, Keir-" I said. "You never know when they will decide to show themselves."

We got a good fifty feet or so down the road before his frantic galloping could be heard running up from behind. I smirked slightly, rolling my eyes while Nyx didn't look the slightest bit amused. I suppose he wished or hoped that Keir actually would leave.

"Alright. I'll give you two dullards another chance. But, if you anger me one more time..."

"Shut up!" I snapped. "Just shut up. If you're going to travel with us then you aren't allowed to speak the entire journey!"

Taken aback by that, his hand flew to his chest as if he were truly insulted. But luckily for him, he didn't say another word and followed us silently. I knew it wouldn't last long, maybe by the time we hit the next village he would be talking our ears off and annoying the piss out of Nyx and I.

It had been decades since I had seen Grenwire, so long in fact that it seemed this village had suffered more than one hardship over the years. The buildings were run down, the streets practically barren of life- Luckily for Nyx and I the village shops were still intact, albeit depressingly low stocked with goods.

Nyx followed me like a shadow as we walked around what little supplies were shelved. I made sure to point out that we were to gather as many things as needed, and to do it quickly- Because as soon as my pendant would be discovered, it was only logical that whomever might have been chasing us would travel to this village- Since it was the only one within walking distance.

"Go to the shelves with clothing." I said. "Find something a normal traveler would wear, we can't traipse around the countryside in our reapers uniforms. It would draw unwanted attention."

He stopped slightly, eying me up and down.

"So, you're going to change into something else as well?" He asked.

"Yes, we have to blend in. When we enter other villages or cities along the way, we, as I said, have to blend in."

He nodded and went straight for the shelves, sifting through folded tunics and trousers. Keir stood off by the door, taking peaks out the cracked panes of glass as if he expected us to be ambushed. After letting out an annoyed groan I stomped over to him and jerked him by the arm.

"Would you stop acting so suspicious." I whispered. "You're going to gather unwanted attention acting like that. The people of this village are going to wonder who you're watching out for."

He continued to scowl bitterly at me, much as he had been doing the entire nights long.

"Well it seems as though you're not concerned if our Masters could be following us- So someone has to keep a look out."

I shook my head. "Just grab whatever supplies you want so we can get out of here. From here on our you are on trial. If you anger me one more time, or if you do or say something ignorant then Nyx and I will leave you behind. Now if you don't listen to me, then that is one penalty you will receive."

His jaw dropped slightly. "You can't treat me like this- It goes against everything our fellowship has taught."

"Considering that Nyx is the beginning of a revolt to our people, I don't think past rules and regulations apply, Keir. Now, you have ten seconds to move your ass away from that door and start cooperating with me. One, two, three." I paused and he fidgeted. "Four, five, six."

"Alright!" He scooted away from the door and joined Nyx at the shelf lined with clothes.

I observed for a few moments before also going to the clothing, only having to resort to female.

It would be inconvenient and uncomfortable to travel in a dress, we would make much better time if I could simply keep my trousers and boots- But, as I told Nyx, I needed to blend in. And women never roamed around in trousers, it was simply unheard of.

It had been so many centuries since I had worn such a getup, I wasn't even certain which would be considered in with the fashion trends now. Everything was what I considered either extremely bland, or completely outlandish with feathers and jewels sewn on the bodice. I finally settled with a pale blue gown, one that was considered plain and wouldn't look ridiculous to travel in. It was lower cut in the neckline than I considered appropriate, not to mention tight, but the sleeves were a reasonable length, stopping at my elbows, and the skirt loose enough that I could make a quick get away should the time call for it. I decided to skip pairing the gown with a pair of pointed toe boots, and instead stuck with the ones I wore already. After grabbing a deep green hooded cloak, which fastened together with a broach in the shape of a butterfly, I moved to the back of the store where a set of changing screens sat and quickly tore off my reapers uniform.

After I threw the gown over my head and stuffed my chest inside of it as well as possible, I cringed at the revealing neckline and how much of my cleavage actually shown. It might have been a lovely dress for normal women, but to me I felt like a trollop. I had been so accustomed to my black tunic and trousers, that anything other than that felt like under garments.

There was a full length mirror just behind me, so I turned and took a glimpse of myself- Momentarily stunned. For a brief moment, so brief in fact that it was gone just as soon as it arrived, I felt as I did so many centuries ago before ever becoming a reaper.

My long wavy red curls actually complimented the shade of blue to the dress, my skin, which was normally pale and colorless, actually seemed to shine. Needless to say I was a little uneasy that I actually appeared somewhat normal. It was an uneasy feeling because it had been so long since I actually had been normal.

"Can I offer some assistance, Madam?" An elderly woman said.

I had noticed her when we first arrived, she seemed to be the wife of the shop owner.

"Thank you. I couldn't seem to fasten the gown myself." I replied.

She hobbled her way over and with shaking hands began to tighten the crisscrossed laces on the back of my gown until the bodice was so tight I could barely take in a breath.

"That is a lovely color on you, Miss. Might I suggest you consider using the pearl hairpins that match it?" She motioned towards a small stand where hair bobs and other jewelry sat. "It would look so nice in your fiery hair."

"Thank you for the suggestion, but we are going to be traveling a great distance- I would hate to think I would lose them along the way." I answered.

She only smiled before limping away, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't notice the blue glow she carried. But, considering the situation at hand, it would be cruel of me to end her existence. With knowing where the souls were going now, I knew that reaping anyone during our time traveling would be irresponsible. For a moment, I actually let out a sigh of relief at knowing I would no longer have to endure such a profession.

When I finally worked up the nerve to emerge from behind the changing screens, I tried my best to ignore the glares Keir and Nyx were giving me. I already felt foolish enough in this get-up, I didn't want to endure their stares as well. As I approached Nyx, I arched a brow.

"No comments." I said quickly, raising my hand just as he was about to speak. "Go and get changed."

He gave a slight smile and snicker before hiding behind the changing screens. While he did that I went back to gathering more supplies, such as dried goods, blankets and things of that sort. When we were finally finished I actually paid instead of using my abilities to trick the old couple, and as Keir and Nyx carried our belongings, we entered back into the city street.

I pulled my newly purchased green cloak around me, thankful that it did a decent job at covering over this ridiculous dress.

"Why didn't you just take the items, Ambrosine." Keir huffed. "We haven't many coin."

"Because, you idiot- If you sit and think about it, I'm sure it would come to you. But since we don't have hours for your pea sized brain to conjure up an answer, I'll just say that we have to be careful how often we use our abilities. Anyone that might be after us would be able to track us that way. We would leave behind an energy trail that they could easily follow. From here on out, we're normal human beings- And only are going to use our powers if it's completely necessary." I answered.

We started down the street, heading in the direction, if I remembered correctly, of the village livery. I hated the thought of having to spend what little coin we actually had on horses, but it would be easier to travel by- And easier to make a speedy escape should the time call for it.

Both men followed a few steps behind me, Keir looking just as uncomfortable as I felt having to adorn commoners clothing. Nyx didn't obviously, since he had spent so little time as a reaper. Chances were he was actually more comfortable being back to normal.

I tripped a few times on the long skirts, cursing quietly to myself as we finally made it to the livery. After bartering for nearly twenty minutes with a fat bald blacksmith, we managed to persuade him into giving us two horses. As far as I was concerned Keir could walk, but before I managed to actually give him such news, he claimed a horse for his own.

"We can share if you'd like." Nyx said. "Or, I could walk."

"We can't afford to delay." I answered, saddling our own steed, which was a pretty palomino. "We'll share, as uncomfortable as it might be."

He nodded slightly, allowing me to jump on first before he followed. I took the reins and led to the exit of the village. Luckily we made good time getting in and out, and so far there didn't seem to be anyone on our tail- But I knew I couldn't count on that remaining so. More then likely before we knew it, we would be bombarded with angry reapers.

Hours passed as we rode in silence, and before long the day was more than half over. Sunset was approaching, and even though I knew both men wanted to stop for a rest- I wanted to at least get a few leagues farther away from Grenwire. For the moment, I had no idea where we were to venture to next. As far as I knew, the next city was two days ride from our position, a decent sized place actually- Filled with businesses, restaurants and Inns.

"Where will we go, Ambrosine?" Nyx whispered, making sure to keep his voice lowered enough that Keir might not hear. Little did he knew that it was pointless- Keir could hear our every word.

"Aganon is two days ride from here." I answered, thinking of the city. "I suppose that is our next destination."

"Should we really stay so close to civilization?" Keir asked. "Would it not be safer for us to simply stick to the forests?"

"Yet again, you aren't using that pea sized brain of yours." I glared at him, as he shifted uncomfortably in the saddle. "If we are mixed amongst normal humans, such as in a large city for instance, it would be easier to hide and more difficult for anyone chasing us to discover our whereabouts."

"I still think that it would be too risky. The more people, the more glows, the more glows, the more reapers." Keir shook his head. "Isolating ourselves in the forests would be better."

"If you think so, then go ahead and stay in the forests." Nyx defended me. "We aren't forcing you to remain with us."

"I would like to know why you're so quick to side with her?" Keir quickened his horses pace to match ours. "You've barely known the woman, what's it been? Two weeks at the most?"

"She's my Master, of course I would side with her. Besides, I don't trust you as far as I could throw you. You have already proven yourself to be a slimy little toad by hiding information from us. If I had to pick which one of you would keep us alive, of course I would choose Ambrosine."

I let out a sigh.

"Listen. I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of hearing constant bickering. I'm settling this right now- I am in charge of our group, if you don't like it, Keir- Then you can leave. As I said, you're on trial and you have another strike against you. One more, and you're on your own. Nyx and I will tie you to a tree if we have to and leave you to rot." I said.

He grumbled slightly under his breath before shaking his head. "I don't understand how Betelgeuse put up with you for so long. I would have strangled you."

"Betelgeuse was my Master, I obeyed him, therefore I gave him no reason to want to strangle me."

"Still-" He continued to grumble. "You're infuriating."

"I don't exactly see anyone willing to jump up and down at your presence either." Nyx interrupted. "In fact, I rather agree with Ambrosine in leaving you behind."

I glanced up at the sky, noticing it streaking with colors of pink and gold. Sunset would be over and done with soon enough.

"Listen, since we have nothing else to do right now. Why don't you try to explain to Nyx how to wield the shadow scythe. Might as well get started on his training now, don't you agree?"

Nyx sat up tall in the saddle, staring at Keir awaiting him to begin. He was eager obviously, just as I was. The sooner he could wield that damned weapon the safer we would be. No one would dare go up against him if he could successfully manipulate the scythe.

"It's not as easy as just explaining it." Keir replied, finally. "Especially sitting atop a horse bouncing down a dirt road. We need a large open space, one devoid of any life, be it animal or human. He is bound to fuck up more times than once and with a weapon as great as the scythe, whatever might be near him would be destroyed."

"Lovely thought." Nyx huffed.

"He doesn't have to attempt to use it." I went on. "But you can at least explain to him how he can."

Keir let out a sigh, his shoulders slumping slightly- When he went completely silent both Nyx and I stared at him. It didn't take me long to sit up straight, my eyes widening.

"You have no idea how to help him? Do you?" I asked.

He kept his eyes lowered to the dirt road, still silent. For nearly an entire minute I sat there seething in rage, until I finally pulled my horse to a stop and climbed down from the saddle. Obviously he knew what I was going to do, because he quickly forced his own horse to block my attack.

"Wait a minute!" He screamed. "I can explain!"

"Explain what?!" I shrieked, lunging at him and grabbing him by the leg. "That you lied! That you claimed you could help him, only to save your own skin!"

"It's not that! I just..." His words cut off when I yanked him down from the saddle. He hit the ground with a hard crunch and thud.

I managed to get one punch to his jaw before he swatted at me and knocked me backwards.

"Let me explain!" He stood, scurrying backwards to avoid me. Throughout the altercation Nyx merely sat in the saddle smirking. "I didn't exactly tell you the truth, but I didn't lie either!"

"What kind of sense does that make?" Nyx asked.

"It means- That while I cannot exactly tell how to wield it, I do know what brings it forth."

I grabbed a handful of pebbles from the road and started pelting them at him. He yelped with each tiny stone striking him, shielding his face with his arms.

"I never knew I could loathe a being as much as I do you!" I shouted. "You are the lowest of the low, you are not worthy to be called a reaper! You deserve the same punishment our Masters will receive at the end of this war! I understand now why Betelgeuse claimed you weren't mentally capable of replacing him!"

Once out of stones, and he realized I wasn't throwing anymore, he lowered his arms.

"Betelgeuse actually said that about me?" He looked hurt. "I cannot believe that."

"Believe it." I began to pace, taking deep breaths and trying to calm down. "I should kill you for this, you know? But I haven't the power to do it."

"Good for me then." Keir flinched when I took a step towards him. "Ok, I know you're angry and you have every right to be- But it's not as though I'm completely useless. While I can't help him in actually wielding it, I do know what he can do to bring it out."

"That is not exactly helpful." Nyx retorted, perfectly calm. "If I don't know how to wield the weapon, then what use is it to actually bring it out?"

"Well, at least you'd have the option!" Keir continued. "And, even if you cannot wield it, at least you could use it to scare anyone away that might come after us."

Nyx let out a chuckle, his dark eyes rolling. "And, if I haven't successfully mastered it, would bringing it forth harm me, or anyone else?"

Keir fidgeted again. "Well- Now, I do not know."

"Lovely." Nyx held his hand out to me, helping me back up into the saddle. "Then I think I'll pass on bringing it out."

"Suit yourself..." Keir warily made his way back to his horse.

Why did I suddenly feel like a prison warden who was dealing with an unruly prisoner? I certainly would have beaten the spit out of the man if I could.