Samael didn't really speak much of how and when we were going to attempt to steal this secret weapon. He said that when the time came he would alert me and then we would make our descents into this underground vault that no other was supposed to know about.

I gave no objections, I was simply grateful that he was going to help me with this at all. Because if it were up to Nyx and I- The job would never get done. More then likely we would end up getting our heads lopped off before we even hit the door. Someone would definitely suspect us, Nyx had a suspicious look about him. And most rightfully so. I knew he was different from the moment I recruited him I just could never imagine exactly how much different.

I left Samael's room shortly after our last discussion and had no choice but to return to my own chambers, hoping that Nyx was wise enough to not venture out on his own. The last thing we both needed was for him to blab to the wrong person about his strange dreams and the want for helping people.

There was going to have to be a talk between us. I was going to have to explain to him that while he was here in this world to make a change, the ideas he was gathering from the dream to save lives instead of take them was a little misunderstood. While I couldn't have been sure what the voices in the dream had actually spoken to him, I figured that they didn't say those exact words. No, what they were probably referring to was assisting and saving the human souls that were being absorbed instead of being allowed to pass on. Hopefully Nyx wouldn't argue over something like that. Hopefully he would actually accept that this was his purpose. Because Samael was right. There absolutely needed to be death in this world. It's just that the way these poor people died was cruel and heartless.

When I finally returned to my room and explained these things to Nyx- To my surprise he didn't offer any arguments. In fact the only thing he did was sit there with the same calm expression he always carried and nodded every once in a while. He didn't look angry, and he didn't demand that he was some sort of human savior that was going to cure the ill and allow people to go on living.

"So you understand that what I've just told you is the truth?"

Nyx let his dark eyes wander about the room, focusing a few times on the portrait of Betelgeuse.

"It does seem to make sense. And the feelings I'm getting aren't anything negative. I do believe that you're telling me the truth. I'm still happy that in a way I will still be helping people."

"You will be helping them more than you can imagine. It is a great travesty that those souls are not being allowed to pass on to a better place. It's very wrong that our Masters are using them for their own selfish wants."

"Do you know why it is that they would wish to absorb human souls?"

I nodded, knowing now that since I was in this full force and was putting my trust into my apprentice that I couldn't hold anything back from him.

"They are trying to become strong enough to wield a particular weapon. One that was also created by manipulating human souls."

"What is this weapon?"

Taking a seat, I was surprised at how calm I was about this conversation.

"Something my Master called a Shadow Scythe. If I'm to go by his words then it is a very powerful and dangerous weapon." Pausing, I braced myself for Nyx's reaction to my next statement. "Something that he was adamant about yourself wielding."

He flinched slightly, but not nearly as much as I expected after hearing such news.

"And what am I to do with such a weapon? I haven't been trained in any sorts of weaponry. Yes, I might have assisted my father at his forge with creating swords and things of that nature, but I never learned how to actually swing one."

"We'll just have to teach you I suppose. If we can even figure out how to use it. From the sounds of it, it isn't like any normal weapon ever heard of."

He let out a deep breath, his dark eyes intensifying.

"Ambrosine. Are you absolutely positive that we can trust this Samael fellow?"

"We don't have a choice. Out of every reaper I've encountered over the centuries there are a seldom few that can be considered honorable and honest. Samael is one of them."

"But how do you know for sure? How do you know that he isn't going to try and steal this weapon away from us, or perhaps hand us over to the Masters?"

"Because like I told you before. He and I have an understanding. I did him a favor a couple centuries back and because of that favor we now hold a certain respect for each other. He hates our Masters almost as much as we do. There's no way he would actually turn us in. And as far as the weapon goes..."

I trailed off, getting lost in my own thoughts. No, I could never be one hundred percent certain that Samael wouldn't try to steal the weapon from us, but under the circumstances I hadn't a choice but to at least try to trust him."

"He wouldn't steal it." I finally went on. "Samael has lived by a certain code since he became a reaper. He harms reapers that only intend to harm him. He kills them and absorbs their powers. He wouldn't bother doing that with someone like you or I because it would be a waste of his time and energy. We aren't anything spectacular. We're not overly powerful. Besides, like us, he wants to get back at the Masters for lying to us. Believe it or not, but Samael actually is a decent man."

"This favor you did for him? What was it exactly? If it was something that would actually make someone as dangerous as him trust in you and consider you an ally, then it must have been something big."

Yet again my mind flitted off to that time so long ago in the seaside village.

"During my travels I came upon a tiny village, just beside the sea. It was quaint and charming and loaded to the brim with blue glows. I could tell there must have been some sort of illness going through the people of that village by how many glows there actually were. Samael was there as well. When I first saw him I figured that he would be angry and try to come after me, but he didn't. He came up to me and was in distress. There was a look in his eyes that I haven't seen in a reapers since." That day seemed just as fresh in my memory as if it had just happened. "Anyhow, he told me that there was someone in this village that required reaping, and he could not be the one to preform the duty. He asked me if I would do it for him."

"Why couldn't he do it himself? I thought that was a reapers job?"

"Normally it is. But it was for personal reasons as to why he couldn't do it this time. You see, the woman that was dying was a relative of his. His daughter. Turns out that she was born shortly before he became a reaper, she was just an infant when he was forced to leave her behind. She never knew him as her Father, and he never truly got to know her. But it seems that he had been traveling to her location for centuries, curing her of ailments and also halting her aging. After so many centuries of doing this people began to look upon her as some sort of witch. They were convinced she was using dark magic and that was how she was defying death. After that Samael realized that he couldn't do what he was doing any longer. He was only putting his daughter in danger. So, he stopped. And finally she began to age. When I came across the village his daughter was well into her eighties, and she was dying from a failing heart. He asked me if I could be the one to reap her. He hadn't the strength, he said, to do it himself."

Nyx looked to the floor quickly.

"That is horrible. To think that you would have to watch your only child die of old age while yourself remained the same."

"Yes, well... After I preformed the favor he asked is when he claimed I was his ally. He granted me one favor that I could ask of him whenever I wanted. I waited until last night to finally ask him that favor. I asked him to read through my Masters documents to see what was written there. Which is how we come to learn of the souls being harvested and consumed."

"I suppose you're right then. Maybe Samael can be trusted."

I hoped so. But I suppose there was only one way to find out. And that was when we would finally go after this hidden weapon.

Long after dark had come on our second night of being in the reapers world, I had just finally managed to drift off into a much needed sleep when there was a knock at the door.

Judging by the quiet stillness outdoors I knew it was late into the night and more then likely every other reaper had also retired. At least, all but whoever was knocking on my door.

Nyx had been resting as well, only he slept on the floor after insisting that I take the bed since it had been several days since I had actually had any sleep. I gave no objections of course, feeling exhaustion sweep over me faster than it had in ages.

When I rolled out of bed, stepping over Nyx who as well had been awoken by the sudden knocking, I hurried to the door and pulled it open surprised to see Samael standing there ever so smugly.

"Did I wake you?" He asked.

"As a matter of fact you did."

My tone said it all, and that was I was not in the mood to be disturbed.

"Well I hope you're actually alert, as well as your apprentice. Because now is as good a time as any to go after that weapon."

"Now?!" I shrieked, surprising myself at my tone.

"We don't want to hesitate. You know how dire a situation Betelgeuse made this out to be. The sooner Nyx is in possession of that weapon the better off we will be."

I took a glance back at Nyx, who was fully awake now and standing a few feet behind me.

"So you really do intend for me to take hold of this weapon." He asked. "When Ambrosine mentioned it earlier I thought I might have a little more time to prepare myself for it."

"You don't have the time, lad. We've got to be doing this now."

"Alright, and say we do actually succeed in getting the weapon." I chimed in. "What are we supposed to do after that? I highly doubt that Nyx will suddenly know how to wield it. And the Masters will probably sense some sort of disturbance. They will know instantly that their weapon has been taken."

Samael didn't bother to ask for permission and instead pushed his way inside our chambers.

"Think about it, Ambrosine. If Nyx, the dreaded rebel who is going to cause a revolt, the one they so greatly fear has his hands on that weapon do you really believe that they would be stupid enough to actually come after you?"

He did have a point.


"No, they wouldn't come after you. They would send other reapers to come after you." He added.

"And how is that any better?" I stomped across the room and retrieved my cloak. "If reapers such as Allastair and Belladonna are hunting Nyx and I then we're in as much danger as we would be if it was the Masters."

"Well, that's why you're going to have to be extremely careful in your travels. Now enough chit chat, let's get this over and done with." He focused his attention on Nyx now. "Before we do this however. I just have to ask. Are you absolutely sure you're prepared for what this journey will bring? It isn't going to be a picnic, it is going to be a bloody and dangerous battle that could very well last you centuries. Are you sure you are up for that?"

Nyx hesitated answering, and I knew why. Whether he wanted to admit it or not he was afraid, and rightly so. Samael was right. This wasn't going to be easy. From the very second we had our hands on that weapon our lives would be in danger. It would be constant fleeing and bloodshed. We would have hundreds if not thousands of reapers coming after us. Two of which could very well be Allastair and Belladonna. I knew that if we did happen to cross paths with the likes of them then it wouldn't be two seconds and both Nyx and I would be dead. I highly doubted that after this Samael would want to follow us. Yes he might have been willing to assist us in stealing the weapon but after that I had a feeling he was going to wash his hands of the entire situation. Why should he endanger the lives of not only himself, but his lovely apprentices?

Finally Nyx nodded, allowing the fear in his eyes to fade.

"I know what it is I have to do. And even if it means pain and being hunted, I'm willing to accept that."

Samael only gave a crooked smile.

"Then let's get to it."

He headed for the door but I stopped him.

"Aren't we going to discuss this first? We cannot very well traipse down there and barge in like we own the place."

"That's the best way to do it, darling." Samael continued to smile. "Take them by surprise, ambush them. So they won't have a chance to respond. Besides it's not as if I don't know what we're getting ourselves into. Before I stopped here I took a little trip down to the lower levels of the fortress just where the vault is held. There are only five reapers patrolling the hallways. It shouldn't be a challenge to get past them."

"It's not like we can simply make ourselves invisible to their eyes and dance on past. They will sense us. Which reapers are stationed down there anyhow?"

Samael's smile faltered slightly.

"That is not important."

"I think it is. I would like to have some kind on inkling of what I am going to be running into, or who I might be fighting."

He pushed his hair back from his face and let out a sigh.

"Three of the reapers I'm not familiar with. I have a feeling they are newly appointed recruits. They would have to be in order for the Masters to ensure that they wouldn't ask any questions about what they happened to be guarding."

"And the remaining two? Who are they?"

He obviously didn't want to answer that question. But I wasn't going to let him get away with not telling me.

"Well. You might not have heard of either of them."

"Try me."

I crossed my arms over my chest and straightened my stance.

"Well, one is Hadrian." When I gave no response he went on. "And the second is Keir."

After hearing that second name my eyes widened as everything from the past suddenly started to crash down around me.

There was little I knew about Betelgeuse, he was reluctant to share anything of his past with me but he did tell me one thing. I was not his first recruit. In fact there was one other but it was only after he had made Keir his apprentice did he realize that he wasn't strong enough mentally to actually take his place. That was when he began to search again until finally coming across me. To my knowledge Keir was not a bad man. He wasn't an unkind and cruel monster. Which only made me wonder how in the world did the Masters manage to con him into something like this.

"Ambrosine." Samael interrupted my thoughts. "You cannot let this hinder you."

"Are you absolutely sure it was him?" I took a seat as Nyx tried to console me. "You couldn't have been mistaken?"

"It was him. I recognized him instantly. He was standing just at the vault door with Hadrian."

There was a point in time where I might have actually considered Keir my friend. Just after I was recruited I met him and he truly did seem to be kind. He wasn't the slightest bit resentful towards Betelgeuse for changing his mind about him. He wasn't angry that he was considered too weak to replace him. So he claimed, he was grateful for his life being spared and given the opportunity to live an eternity. How could he have changed so much? Did the Masters really have such an influence over him?

"We have to go." I said, standing. "I don't want to think about this anymore than I have to. If I dwell on it then it will stop me from doing what it is we have to do. Let's just go, please."

Samael said nothing more and led the way. Nyx was right beside me as we left the chambers and started our way past the east wing and eventually outside.

I tried not to think about Keir. It had been a long time indeed since I had actually spoken to the man but to my knowledge we were still on good terms. But I suppose that was all about to change now. I did not want to be responsible for ending his life, but if it meant having to kill him in order for Nyx to get a hold of that weapon then I obviously had no choice. If Betelgeuse was here I was sure he would tell me to throw out my emotions and focus on the mission. Besides, it's not as if we were best friends. In honesty we had only spoken a few times. But when it comes to reapers, if you happen to encounter one that wasn't evil or wicked you tend to consider them a friend or ally of some sorts.

I suppose that was a mistake. But traveling for centuries with having no one to converse with and having no one to be close to I suppose anyone would be that way.

As Samael led the way through the open courtyard and eventually to a set of stairs that was almost perfectly hidden behind large hedges, I could feel Nyx's nerves starting to flare up. He was trying his hardest to keep a strong and sturdy disposition but I could tell that he was growing more afraid the closer we ventured to the vault. Unfortunately I could offer no comfort to him, for I was feeling my own nerves starting to get the better of me. Samael was so confidant and sure that we would make it out of this unscathed but of course I had my doubts. Especially since one of the reapers guarding the vault was Keir. Since there was no turning back and this had to be done, I just hoped that we could somehow get into that vault and successfully steal the weapon without actually having to harm or kill Keir.

But the chances of that happening were slim to none. I needed to be realistic. Anyone that was against Nyx and the changes he was going to bring for the reapers world would have to be disposed of. Since we couldn't exactly imprison such beings then naturally the only other solution would be to kill them. It was a violent world us reapers were forced to endure in but it was the life we agreed to live when we were recruited.

Past the set of winding stairs leading to the lower levels of the fortress, I wasn't surprised to see it nearly pitch black. Considering the gifts us reapers were blessed with when being recruited having torches or lanterns lit wasn't really needed. Although I would be lying if I said that I was completely comfortable in the darkness. Since we were essentially going to turn our entire fellowship against us I suppose the thought of lurking around in the solid black would unnerve anyone. There could have been a chance another of our brethren would be hiding behind a corner just beyond eye site and we never would have known he was there. But Samael didn't seem to be bothered. He was cautious as he walked of course, but there didn't seem to be anything about his strides that could be construed that danger was near. For the moment it seemed, the three of us were alone in this hallway.

But that all changed when Samael suddenly turned down another hallway, which was covered in cobwebs and with rusted torch brackets barely hanging on the walls. Judging by the thick layer of dust which caked the floors of this hallway it didn't seem to have been traveled down in quite some time.

"Where are you leading us? Are you sure this is the way to go?" I whispered.

"It's a shortcut." Samael answered. "A way for us to sneak up behind them. If we continue on this path we can avoid the three new recruits I told you about. That would only leave us with Keir and Hadrian."

I suppose that was slightly better than potentially having to battle against five reapers. Two might be easier to get past, even if one did happen to be a former apprentice of Betelgeuse's.

The deeper into the darkness we ventured the more silent it became. It was almost to the point where we couldn't even hear our own footsteps any longer. When we came to another set of stairs, I didn't bother to question Samael and instead simply followed. Nyx was just on my heels, not speaking a word the entire time. I could only imagine what was going on in his head right about then.

At the end of the stairs though the darkness began to fade as the faint light of torches began to illuminate the area.

Before us was another hallway nearly a mile long it seemed. I couldn't help but notice the faint sound of voices over the air. It was clearly the two reapers who was sent to guard the vault door.

"Let me go first." Samael commanded and I gave no objection.

As far as I was concerned he could handle the entire situation because he was the only one out of the three of us that had some sort of power. All of his centuries reaping and consuming other reapers energies he was stronger than both Nyx and I combined.

Nyx and I stuck close behind as he started down that hallway and finally into the pale torch light. Just seeing his tall dark figure in front of me was enough to send a shiver down my spine. Now was the time to know for certain whether or not Samael was truly on our side and not just setting us up for some kind of trap. For all Nyx or I could know, Samael could have alerted the Masters and they were just waiting there at that vault ready to kill us on spot.

To my surprise this long corridor split off into three separate ones. Samael turned down the second one on the left.

It was short, barely even the length of my chambers and standing there at the end in front of a thick iron door was Keir and Hadrian.

"Stay here." Samael commanded again. "Don't move unless I order you to."

Yet again, I gave no objections. If these two men before us were going to start some sort of a fight then there was no chance Nyx or I could take them on.

Samael didn't let his stance falter for even a second as he approached the two men who were clearly alarmed at seeing him.

"Halt!" Hadrian shouted. "You are not allowed to be here, turn back now!"

"Sorry, but I cannot be doing that just yet. For you see there is something behind that door that my friends must get their hands on."

I wasn't sure what I was more surprised to hear. The way Samael so blatantly defied Hadrian's order, or the fact that he actually referred to Nyx and I as his friends.

Keir didn't seem to be making a move against Samael. He probably knew better than to do something so reckless and stupid. Going up against a reaper with such a high status was like suicide and would guarantee instant death. He probably wasn't too keen on the idea of having his energies consumed either. While I had never seen it done in the past I had heard that it was very painful, almost like being filleted alive. You were absorbing their essence, their life force so of course it would be agonizing.

Before I could even blink Hadrian made a move against Samael. Either he was too stupid to know who he was going up against or he was too blinded by the Masters orders, either way he didn't stand a chance. But Samael didn't kill him yet. Instead he took a swing at him and sent him flying down the majority of the hallway until he landed just at Nyx's and my feet.

For an instant I froze. Unsure of what to do. Hadrian wasn't well known to me. Of course I had heard his name tossed around a few times over the centuries but to my knowledge he wasn't considered overly powerful. Of course I could have been wrong. Basically I didn't want to try to fight him because there was every possibility that it would result in my own powers being consumed. Nyx however, didn't seem the slightest bit fazed. Before I could even try to stop him he calmly stepped forward and grabbed Hadrian by the throat. With movements so swift he slammed him against the wall and stared him in the eye.

In that very instant the Nyx I had known for this short amount of time seemed to transform. While he still looked the same, his aura seemed to darken even more than it had been to begin with. When a deep black shadow began to seep out of every pore on Hadrian's body I felt myself take a step back.

That shadow then began to swirl around the both of them until their figures were practically hidden. It didn't last long before the shadow began to be sucked in through Nyx's mouth. It was in that instant that I knew Nyx was somehow absorbing Hadrian's life force. When it was finally over and done with and Nyx released Hadrian's throat, the man fell to the floor dead. What was left of him looked almost mummified. His skin was a dark gray and stiff, his eyes devoid of any sort of life what so ever.

I couldn't move, I couldn't speak- The only thing I could do was stand there wide eyed and staring at a man who couldn't have been the same one I had recruited a little over a week ago.

He turned and looked at me, his expression calm and flat.

"Are... Are you alright?" I finally managed to speak.

He seemed to snap out of whatever sort of daze he was in and nodded slightly.

"I think so."

Sometime during the moment of Nyx killing Hadrian, Samael had subdued Keir and had him in a tight vice like grip.

"Perhaps we should do the same to this one?" He asked, but Keir didn't even try to struggle.

"That's not necessary." He said. "I know why it is you have come here. And I am not going to stop you."

I stepped forward now, staring the man in the eyes.

"You know why we've come?"

"I do. Can you call your goon off please?"

"Goon?!" Samael snapped. "I take offense to that remark. I am by no means a 'goon'."

Ignoring that, Keir raised a brow.

"Please. I'm not going to harm any of you. In fact I've been waiting for this day to come for centuries. Betelgeuse said you would come and that I was to help you."

Hearing that Samael released him and and swung him around to face him.

"You say Betelgeuse informed you of this moment?"

He nodded, not looking like he wanted to talk to him but did despite it.

"It was shortly before Ambrosine was recruited. He told me that instead of taking his place that he had a different task for me. He told me of the disgusting deeds our Masters were doing and sometime in the future a liberator would appear. This man or woman was going to wage war against the Masters and when that time came to pass I was to assist in any way I could. He told me about the weapon and that this man was to wield it. It took me nearly a century to finally manage to get guard duty here at the vault. I've been waiting this entire time for you to finally come." He turned and looked at me now. "I also would like to apologize to you, Ambrosine. I very much wanted to tell you the truth but Betelgeuse was certain it wouldn't be wise."

Yes I was angry about Keir being privileged enough to know about this for so long while I was left in the dark but for the moment I couldn't harp on that.

"So do you know how to get into the vault?" I asked, ignoring his apology.

"Unfortunately there is a key to unlock the vault which Hadrian and I were not allowed to carry."

Samael suddenly reached into his jacket and pulled out a large skeleton key.

"Perhaps this is the one?" He sneered.

"How did you get that?" I approached and snatched it from his grip. "You're going to have to tell me one day how you manage to do so many shady things and not get captured."

"Well, as far as me getting the key- Let's just say someone owed me a favor as well."

"And who is this someone? How do you know that someone can be trusted?"

He took the key back.

"It was one of my apprentices. One that was blessed with the uncanny knack of breaking and entering. A gift that was what actually had set her death in motion. She stole from the wrong man and was scheduled to be executed. To make a long story short, I saved her life and she swore she would make it up to me." He swung the key in the air. "And tonight she did."

"How convenient." I replied. "Something doesn't seem right about all of this. This seems a little too easy don't you think?"

Keir raised his hand.

"That's my doing, Ambrosine. Like I said I've been waiting for this moment for so long, naturally I would take every precaution to be sure this attempt wouldn't be foiled. You see, Betelgeuse was the one to bring to the Masters attention of this so called prophecy. But what he failed to tell them was that this savior was going to wield the weapon." He paused and gave half a smile. "It was amazing how manipulative Betelgeuse was, how he was able to bend the minds of anyone around him. He could get anyone to believe anything he wanted."

"But how would he have known about the prophecy to begin with?"

He shrugged nonchalantly.

"He was a prophet, Ambrosine. Surely he must have told you that?" Yet again, I felt my blood boil. Yet another juicy tidbit that was held back from me. Noticing my expression Keir took a step back. "Well, regardless of what he kept from you- He informed the Masters of the upcoming revolt but stated that the weapon couldn't be wielded by the savior. He led them to believe that such a powerful weapon couldn't be touched by someone with ill intentions towards our fellowship. Little did the Masters know that they are the ones with ill intentions. They honestly believe that the horrible things they do with human souls is justifiable."

I didn't have time to process what he just told me before Samael stomped to the vault door.

"We have wasted enough time getting to know each other. Let's just get this over with."

He didn't wait another moment before he shoved the key in the keyhole and I heard the lock snap. Grabbing hold of the massive iron handle he groaned from the heft of the door as he slowly pulled it open.

All was dark inside but that quickly changed when Keir grabbed a torch from the wall and stepped a few feet into the vault.

I could tell already that besides protecting this dreaded weapon, the vault also housed a magnitude of treasure. There were chests filled with golden coins, tables lined with crystal, jewels and every sort of wealth you could imagine. It was crammed so full of valuable items it almost took my breath away.

"How in the hell does so much wealth benefit our Masters?" Samael asked.

"It all goes along with their plans." Keir answered. "But don't bother to ask me of it. That was the one thing Betelgeuse never informed me of. He always said he would tell me, but... He must have forgotten."

Keir led the way now through the maze of gold and splendor until reaching the back wall where a small pedestal like table sat.

Sitting beneath a glass dome on that table was a triangular shaped crystal with a dark mist swirling in a constant circle inside it.

"What is that?" I asked, for the moment dumbfounded.

"The weapon of course." Keir asked.

Nyx stepped up now and gave it a close look.

"But. I was under the assumption that it was a scythe?"

"As was I." Samael added, giving Keir a suspicious glare. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"I assure you it is no joke. This is most definitely the weapon." He reached over and carefully removed the glass dome which covered the crystal. "Only the savior must touch it though. If either of us were to try, we would die."

Nyx hesitated, he actually looked a little insulted.

"How am I suppose to use a crystal nicknack as a weapon?"

Keir only rolled his eyes as if we were daft.

"Not the crystal you git. The shadow inside of it. The crystal only contains it. You must break the crystal to obtain the scythe."

The three of us were indeed skeptical. Here we thought we would be getting an actual object, a sharp and deadly weapon and now Keir was stating it was a puff of mist that was this dangerous scythe.

"Alright then." Nyx said, his tone sarcastic. "I'll just break the crystal."

He didn't hesitate to grab the crystal triangle from its pedestal. He inspected the swirling mass of mist inside it for a moment before suddenly throwing the fragile glass to the floor.

It shattered into a million tiny pieces, sending jagged slivers every which way. The mist however merely lingered there for almost an entire minute before growing massive in size until it was nearly the height of Nyx himself. It just froze there, almost as if it were somehow inspecting him. Voices could clearly be heard coming from this frightening shadow. Hundreds upon hundreds of whispers all running together into one violent hum. They sounded as if they were arguing, but no words could actually be distinguished.

No one dared move. No one knew exactly what was happening. Even Keir looked to be surprised. But with an ungodly speed the mist suddenly shot towards Nyx and into his chest. It was half a second and the mist had completely vanished.

The last thing Nyx did before collapsing to the ground was let out a quiet breath of air and a small plea for help.