No Sense in Direction


Jaycee's POV:

I stood there. Six feet away from the regular sized water bottle that was set on the counter of my night side table. I focused. I first focused on the cap slowly thinking about it twisting around in a circle and coming off. Done. Next I focused on the liquid inside the bottle. The matter. The water. I thought about the water floating up out of the bottle as if it had a brain. Coming out of the plastic container and moving around in dead mid air like a flying snake. I had finally done it, and thank god I remembered to finish my project before I did so.

Jaycee Cruz, Jay if you may. I'm fifteen, female. I was born in Redwood Heights, California and I was given the special powers of a shifter. I have the capability of moving things with my mind. All I have to do is think about what I want to happen and it's done.

I tried to open my eyes. Squinting at the clock, I saw the time: 7:48 am. I was going to be late! I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet, pulling out a random t-shit and a pair of black jeans. I picked up my backpack with my mind and sent it down the stairs.

My mom called from the next room over, "JAY! Don't forget to eat!"

I shouted back, "I know mom!"

I sprinted down the flight of stairs and pulled my boots on one by one while I floated an apple from the basket over to me on the floor. My mind let go of the apple and I caught it in mid air. I pulled the string on my back pack and ran out the door.

I made in just in time for homeroom, so I headed to my locker. I shoved the books out of my locker into my backpack and I became dizzy. As soon as I knew it, all I saw was a flash and I was out.

Liam's POV:

Dodge ball. The other team had 5 players left. We have one. Me. It's all up to this. All I hear are people screaming my name. I feel the pressure from my team mates and the weight on my shoulders. I can do this. The coach approaches the whistle to his mouth. GO! Seven balls thrown at me, all at once. They are all coming from different directions at one target. I'm that target. I slow them down mentally so I can see where they are coming from. I'm ready. Back bend. Flip. Dodge Right. Dodge Left. Turnover. Down. The seven balls lay on the ground, Scattered. I dodged them all. We won. I won. I did it.

Liam. Liam Vinceconte, but I prefer just Liam. Sixteen years ago I was born in Fort Eastmoore, South Carolina. I am a striker. I have the special ability of Preflex. I'm able to see things before they happen and react.

I'm known as your average high schooler jock; captain of the football team, good grades, always hitting on girls. Every guy wanted to be me and every girl wanted to date me. [Even though I didn't have a girlfriend for like a year now. (No one knew that though!)]

But I didn't see it that way. I just didn't understand why it was that way. Don't get me wrong- that didn't mean I didn't love it.

I came home that day after football practice and finished my homework. (That took forever!) By then it was already 8:40 pm. I rushed down the stairs hoping I could at least catch the last two innings of the baseball game. As I picked up the grey remote, I became dizzy. I pushed the round, red power button at the top of the device, saw a flash and fainted.

Normal POV:

Jay gripped the blankets with her hands as she pulled them over her head. Why was she in a bed? Why wasn't she in the nurse's Office or still on the dirty school hallway floor?

Liam reached for the TV remote, hitting nothing just the edge of the bed side table. Did he miss the game? Why was he in a bed not on his living room couch.

They both opened their eyes to the sight of a bed side table with a regular navy blue lap. They sat up. Their eyes were as big as a dragon's before a feast. Confused they looked around. It was a medium sized room painted a maroon shade of red with a navy blue border at the bottom and top of the walls. The bed was queen sized with a red and blue checked comforter and sheets of a pale white.

A black laptop rested on a maple colored wood desk on the opposite side of the room with a matching chair resting alongside the desk with a stack of books and binders on top and a backpack hanging from the side.

An announcement came on, "Good Moring New Freshman and New Comers. We would like to welcome you to Knight Academy. Your special abilities brought you here. We hope your fellow students will fill you in and make you feel at home.

They were both confused.